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  1. Yes. Two minutes from Gay’s Staithe.
  2. I think it was Ronald Reagan who came out with the classic: 'It's not rocket surgery.' In the days when vinyl records were not trendy, just the main source of recorded music, collections of two or more were often sold, literally and grammatically, as Boxed Sets. I don't see why metaphorical digital sets these days can't be 'boxed' as well. I suspect it's a case of people jumping on the bandwagon without being able to play the instruments.
  3. Thank you JawsOrca and Ranworth Breeze. In amongst the German small print I spotted the name Davey (already suggested by Spider). I think I may carry on looking as the wallet began to feel unwell. My plan B is to use a brass circular lamp, readily available at modest cost. Many thanks for your suggestions.
  4. Many thanks, Spider. That’s very helpful.
  5. I am aware of the superb work by Grendel on the BA models! I am looking for 1/1 scale.
  6. I’m looking for one cabin light fitting to match others on our 1958 boat. On line and boat jumble searches have failed so far. Photo attached. Advice welcome.
  7. Thank you for your replies. Our boat is Eve, built by Porter & Haylett in 1958. Her wheelhouse is not original but similar to the hardtop version of P & H's Astroline (see Eve's entry in Craig's list). I am attempting to include a photo: hope it works.
  8. Good evening everybody. As a guest, I have found the forum very instructive, informative and entertaining. I'm not sure if I have much to contribute to the accumulated wisdom of members, but I've joined anyway. After years of hiring we now have our own boat, moored in Horning. We look forward to meeting many of you. Our home is in Cumbria now, but my wife is a Mancunian, and I am a Yorkshireman; and we both love Norfolk!
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