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  1. So onto the review of Swan Ranger. First things first she is a lovely boat. Very warm and dry and in many ways ideal for winter boating with the lack of drafty sliding canopies but in other ways not so ideal with the very limited visibility from the lower helm. In fact driving from below really cant be recommended although we did on rainy days and managed well enough. She handles very well, in fact easily the best Broads boat we have hired on that score and the prop is well matched to the hull and engine. Slightly under propped perhaps but that is for the best with a hire boat. There were just the two of us onboard, and little Sydney so we had loads of room onboard. We used the bow cabin to sleep which had ample room and storage and stayed nice and warm and dry. The galley is a bit tight but perfectly manageable. Sunday lunch was tackled and successful. The saloon was comfortable and offered good views out and again stayed warm thanks to the radiator heating. This is the first boat we have hired with radiator heating and we were impressed with it. While it is slower to react than blown air it heats the space well and keeps its heat well after the unit is turned off. The aft cabin we used as storage was spacious with a large double berth and en suite with bath and shower. By far the best feature was the upper deck which offered far reaching views of the Broads not seen from the lower boats. It is cold up there in October but well worth getting wrapped up warm for. I have struggled slightly with getting on and off when moored side on this week but that is not a fault of the boat, the water levels have been higher than usual. Although stern on mooring made getting on and off much easier. The stern is well designed for that. Overall this has definitely been our favourite boat we have hired so far and despite a few small problems at the beginning of the week we had a great time and will certainly hire Swan Ranger again some time soon.
  2. Just had a beautiful breakfast with the produce we bought in Wells yesterday. The black treacle bacon, old English sausage and duck eggs were delicious. I will write a proper review of Swan Ranger when I get time later today.
  3. Ring them. They are one of the few yards that hire put in February and November. Think it is only selected boats though. Not the whole fleet.
  4. We timed it just right to have them at midday. By the time we had walked the dog on the beach and done some shopping it was dinnertime.
  5. Despite the grey day Sydney loved his morning on the beach and then it was time to head back for fish and chips at midday. And no visit to Wells is complete without a visit to the butchers to stock up the freezer We are almost home now. Just a quick supermarket stop for provisions.
  6. We have just handed the boat back to the yard and had a very swift and efficient hand over. We surprisingly got £40 of our fuel deposit back which we had not expected given how much the engine and heating have been running this week. Time to head to Wells next the Sea now for some fish and chips.
  7. They send a few van loads of staff down to weigh the boats down and get them through. They had to do it last week as well.
  8. Yes lots of water at Reedham. That wasn't high water either. The meal at the Bridge last night was excellent. Perhaps the best we have had so far this week. Looking forward to a curry tonight.
  9. We did wonder how they were going to get back. We were almost three hours before high water when we edged under. There were boats moored waiting for bridge height then. We decided to edge up and have a look as the highest point is quite far back on this boat. We ceramic wouldn't recommend it to people who dont have a decent amount of boating experience but in this case it worked for us and got us where we wanted to be tonight. I think Richardson's have a fair few staff at the bridge at the minute!
  10. And pictures from today. Acle back to Stalham. We had hoped to get moored on Stalham Staithe but that 24 hour mooring is full of the same scrap boats that were there last Saturday when we picked the boat up. So it is a night in the boat yard tonight and a take out curry from Oasis later. We have been into town for a few beers in The White Swan then back to the boat. Watching a turn around day is fascinating. They have a great team here at the yard. We also had wander around the museum of the Broads which is a great dog friendly attraction. We have had a great great last day despite the weather. Bridge clearance at Ludham was interesting again. Gauge said 7'6" boat is min 7'9" we edged under with about 6 inch clearance with half a tank of fuel and half a tank of water.
  11. Pictures from yesterday. Reedham Ferry to Acle. The meal in the Acle Bridge was fantastic last night. No complaints at all.
  12. We dont usually eat out as much but it has just turned out we have this week. We are at the Bridge Inn, Acle tonight. Not been yet this week so decided to go here instead of Stokesby again. We try our best to support the local pubs. They are what make the area special and need our support to keep them going. Struggling with internet reception today so the pictures will be posted tomorrow.
  13. Dont worry about the drift of topic guys. It's making interesting reading. Although I do disagree with some of the points of view and agree that hirers really should report any problems they have had with the boat when they hand it back at the end of their holiday. The yards can not possibly check every last thing on every boat in the few hours they get between a boat coming in and going back out again. As for the food at Reedham Ferry. Well where to start? The pub is shut on a Monday and Tuesday. We got there 4pm Wednesday to find it doesn't open until 6pm. The menu is very limited to say the least. We both struggled to find anything we wanted to eat. In the end we were saved by a group of locals at the next table who were offered steaks (not on the menu!) Liam had a steak and I had the beef cheek. The food was nice but it was expensive for what it was and the beer was atrocious. A shame as we have in the past always enjoyed a stop here. We probably wont bother next time! We are heading back across Breydon today and up to probably Stokesby.
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