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  1. Yes you can. We often use our slow cooker while cruising as well.
  2. Cal

    Mooring Advice

    We have enquired about a mooring at Reedham Marina. Thank you for the suggestion. It would seem to be an ideal base for us if they have space for us. Fingers crossed they can squeeze us in.
  3. An evening nosed into the reeds on Sutton Broad having a few beers watching the sun go down.
  4. The two mooring lines doing the work (depending on which way the tide is flowing) will hold the boat against the bank side. As the tide changes the opposite pair of lines then do the work and keep the boat alongside.
  5. Cal

    Mooring Advice

    Thanks. We are a good 7 or 8 hours in either direction to the sea at the minute so almost anywhere on the Broads is quicker than that!
  6. Cal

    Mooring Advice

    We are about a days cruising from the sea where we are based at the moment so as long as we are about a similar distance or time away from the coast then that is fine. Which probably covers most of the Broads. We are not put off by a long days cruising to get to the coast. What we would like is to have a good choice of places to visit for a lazy weekends cruise on the boat. At the moment we are pretty limited on that score and it is wearing thin. So a location with plenty of choice of places to visit within say an hours cruise of base would be great.
  7. Cal

    Mooring Advice

    We have found that since we have moved house that our use of the boat has changed greatly. We no longer use it every weekend, it has gone to maybe once every few weeks. That has also meant that we are now just trotting up and down the same stretch of river every time we visit the boat which is becoming a bore. Time for a change and a new cruising ground. Although we know the Broads quite well we love it and it seems the right choice for us at the moment. Thanks all for your mooring recommendations. We will look through them all and thin them out a little.
  8. Funny old thing selling houses. We have had to move our Belgian hire boat holiday from this Easter to next year. We suddenly found ourselves moving home unexpectedly after trading our old house against a new build. Four weeks from reservation to moving in. But the moving in date was the same as the start date of our holiday! Le Boat have been really good and moved the holiday for us at short notice with just a £50 admin charge.
  9. Cal

    Mooring Advice

    We have decided that it is finally time to move our boat. We have had 11 happy years moored at Burton Waters, Lincoln on the Fossdyke but it is definitely time to move on. We have looked at alternative moorings on the Trent and other local waterways but nothing seems to tickle our fancy. So our attention has turned to maybe looking for a mooring on the Broads. We have always been put off mooring on the Broads by the drive and travel time to get there. But now that we are not using the boat every weekend we think that we could cope with moving it further away from home. So we are looking for some recommendations for moorings if you don't mind please. We are looking for a mooring with electric preferably on the northern broads but we would consider something on the south. It doesn't have to be an all singing all dancing marina with lots of facilities provided there is an electric supply that will be fine. Location we are flexible with. The boat is 25ft x 8ft with a minimum air draft of 6'6". Thank you in advance for any recommendations you may have for us.
  10. Is that Haines 26 that has been hacked about and a shed put on the back? https://www.nya.co.uk/haines-boats/haines-26-aft-cockpit/ It certainly isn't going to win any beauty prizes!
  11. We were in Grimsby one morning tucked up in bed after a terrible run down the Humber the previous evening. We had decided to have an extra day in port to recover a little from our bearing the day before. We knew the tide was early so it wasn't a surprise when the big old fly bridge boat next door fired its engines up at 3am. What was surprise was that the owner then sat there for 45 minutes warming his engines up before he set off! Needless to say there were several very unhappy people the next day who had been rudely awoken from their slumber!
  12. You would hope so wouldn't you but people tend to be overcome and have very strong Rose tinted spectacles when buying boats!
  13. I would say yes. They are fooled by most sales blurb!
  14. CRT have a no engines running between 8pm and 8am rule. Not that some people take any notice of it mind!
  15. https://www.topsail.co.uk/boat.php?refnum=2046#images ETA: Have to say that the boats all look very clean and tidy in the sales pictures. Much cleaner and tidier than whenever we have passed them in the yard!
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