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  1. Cal

    Water Tanks

    We have drained and flushed through our water tank a few times in the last few weeks. It had been sat ashore with an unknown quantity of water in the plastic tank for almost a year. We completely drained it and then added plenty of sterilizing tablets to the tank and refilled it making sure we pulled the water through all of the plumbing and taps. We then let it sit for 24 hours before we redrained it and refilled with fresh water and a few more tablets. This was then left for a week before we drained it down again and refilled with just fresh water. There is still the faint chlorine taint to the water that we run off but we are confident that the water system is now cleaned through and we will start drinking the water again now. We only have a small water tank onboard so it is filled up on a regular basis under normal circumstances and flushed through with plenty of water.
  2. I look forward to your write up as well. It is something we have always fancied having a go at but have never got around too it.
  3. We have both said that we would have probably got fed up with the Viking and sold it within a couple of years. Naughty-Cal has enabled us to do far more and go far further than we ever thought we would by boat. She is far from ideal for some of the cruising we do though. We are planning a trip up the river Soar later in the year which involves a fair amount of canal cruising and she it rubbish at that. Our slowest speed in tick over is 4mph!
  4. May I ask what you will do with boats if they arrive late and there is no room for them or time for them to head to the next moorings before dark?
  5. We managed to almost double our budget when fate led us the way of Naughty-Cal many moons ago. We were on our way to place an order on a brand new Viking 20 for about £20k and called in at a marina for a quick coffee break about half way there. Said marina was having a used boat show and we suddenly ended up putting a deposit on a £38k Naughty-Cal instead Funny how these things happen
  6. They may touch your ropes when stern mooring and sharing mooring posts. They may touch your boat if a mooring goes slightly wrong. They may touch your rope if they help you moor up. There are many times someone not onboard your boat may touch it. You can't avoid that. Avoiding double mooring just seems daft especially at Yarmouth when there are very few alternatives within reasonable distance for hire boats.
  7. If they are allowing stern mooring at their sites again then I am not sure why they are not allowing double mooring. The boats will be the same distance apart.
  8. https://www.tingdeneboatsales.net/boat-spec.php?BoatID=7484566 https://www.tingdeneboatsales.net/boat-spec.php?BoatID=7451005 https://www.tingdeneboatsales.net/boat-spec.php?BoatID=7454250 https://www.tingdeneboatsales.net/boat-spec.php?BoatID=7467354
  9. This looks good value for money. https://www.broadlandyachtbrokers.co.uk/boats/782
  10. I always liked these and that does look nice and tidy inside.
  11. No the Breakaway we hired from the same yard had a similarly low rating when they were hiring it as a holiday cruiser rather than a day boat, in fact I think at one point it had a no star rating, and that was an alright budget boat. In fact it got us into boating so it can't have been that bad! NBS also have for sale a Hardy/Barnes ex hire boat which if you like the sedan style boat is a good boat for the money. Again this has hung around unsold for a while. It just depends what people are looking to buy at the time.
  12. It has been in the fleet a long while but certainly every time we have seen it out and about it has looked as well turned out as any other boat from that yard. I'm fairly certain there is a deal to be done on that boat that would bring it under the OP's budget and it has the makings of a lovely little boat with a bit of cleaning and tidying up. It is perhaps being overlooked because people are buying bigger older boats for a similar price. You have to be in the market for a smaller boat for it to appeal.
  13. Have you considered something like this one: https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/used-boats/sheerline-24-brink-of-peace-2-608.asp It has been for sale for a long while now so I strongly suspect that you would get it within budget and it will hold it's money well. No bow well but it does have good stern access.
  14. We opted for an aft cockpit cruiser with canvas so that we could remove the hoods in good weather and be in the fresh air and fold the arch to achieve a low air draft of 6'6" for inland use. The covers also provide good shelter in wet weather and with the diesel heating on can be used even in cold weather although the air draft of 8'6" with the hoods up does mean that we occasionally have to get wet when we need to get under a low bridge As someone else has already pointed out what is right for one person is not right for another.
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