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  1. I love that stretch of river and the stretch from the Berney Arms up to Reedham.
  2. There will be a tourist boom everywhere in the UK this summer. Those who would normally go abroad are going to be holidaying in the UK instead (for the most part) We have picked what will possibly be the busiest year in the UK for buying our motorhome
  3. We had to slow right down through Horning and the other villages with the Sealine. Even if we were within the speed limit it was often making unacceptable wash for passing moored boats. We normally just slowed right down to tickover which created very little wash.
  4. They will probably have been looking at your wash and wake rather than judging your speed.
  5. It very much depends on the boat and the set up. The cruiser we had with duo props reversed very well, so well in fact that you had to watch for water coming over the bathing platform at times! Broads hire boats with their flat sterns and single props just don't reverse so well and will also suffer from prop walk which pulls the stern to one side.
  6. Wouldn't fancy being towed over Wells Bar
  7. Just to finish off this topic we picked our van up last week. We managed to get away for four nights, three off grid and one on a site to give it a good shake down and once over to make sure everything was working. We are so far very impressed with it. We had been slightly concerned about the amount of storage, but actually with our gear on there is still loads of spare storage. We do need to put some shelves in the wardrobe and an outside locker to make the best use of the space though. That is a job we will tackle in the next few weeks. We had also been concerned about only having
  8. Cal

    Fuel Prices

    You don't have to have heating to claim domestic use on your fuel. Your engine is also generating your electricity and providing hot water. These are also domestic use. Our new van will certainly have a bigger tank than Water Rail At 90 litres it feels like filling the boat up at the petrol station
  9. With our own boat we always declined offers of help after a couple of well intentioned people pulled on the bowrope and smashed it into the bank damaging the boat. After that we never accepted help. Even with hire boats!
  10. Our Hyundai I30 will do about 70mpg on a long steady run. Not quite as good as our previous Mini One D which topped 80mpg on a run to Brittany. Mind you we are evening that out now with the motorhome which will do 25-30mpg if we are lucky
  11. Cal

    Water Depths

    Our cruiser drew 3ft and we never had a problem with water depth anywhere on the Broads. In fact it made for a nice change whenever we visited to not be clouting the bottom all the time
  12. Oh dear. Sorry to hear that. Not a great start to the season!
  13. Yes they can and do.
  14. Oh dear. I doubt you will be the only one to break down though. Lots of boats that have been sat around for a long time and won't take too kindly to being asked to wake up again. Fingers crossed it is nothing too serious.
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