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  1. Cal

    Broads Sea Consortium

    I'm not quite sure how Yarmouth stops people visiting. Certainly for us Lowestoft is the better entry anyway.
  2. Cal

    Boat Survey

    When we had ours done, which admittedly was ten years ago now, they did a short river trial prior to the boat being lifted.
  3. Cal

    Marina Quays

    Unless they have a valid objection, which in this case it appears they don't, then they are just moaning. But the planners will be used to that. They get it with every application!
  4. Cal

    Marina Quays

    There are always people moaning about planning applications regardless of where they are located. Unless the complaints are valid ones, which in this case they would seem not to be, then the planners will just glance over them and dismiss them.
  5. Cal

    First Ever Time

    We used Oasis. Delivered to the boat and it was excellent. Will definitely use them again next year when we are down.
  6. Cal

    First Ever Time

    That's the one we used and it was very good also.
  7. Cal

    First Ever Time

    We do a big beer shop before we pick the boat up so that we have enough to last us on the boat without having to buy from the local shops. Same with food. We know where there are decent butchers so we use those, then we only have to worry about fruit and veg and basics such as bread and milk which don't really cost that much even in the most expensive shops. If you are hiring from Richardsons again next year then there is a big Tesco store near the yard and a cracking butchers on the High Street. We had a decent curry delivered to the boat as well when we moored on Stalham Staithe. ETA: We do eat and drink out in the pubs as well. Don't want to sound like too much of a tight Yorkshire Lass!
  8. Cal

    Marina Quays

    Given the proximity of the park to Marina Quays, if it is open next year when we pass then we will definitely be stopping there instead of at the Yacht Station. Looks ideal for walking the dog.
  9. Cal

    Herbert Woods Ray Of Light

    The air draft will be fine for where we plan to keep it. Quoted air draft, which we will obviously check is 7'8". The lowest of the bridges we will need to negotiate is 8ft with most well over 9ft.
  10. Cal

    Herbert Woods Ray Of Light

    Thank you. We are used to the one person in the galley at a time with our current boat.
  11. Has anybody hired or cruised one of the Herbert Woods Ray of Light class boats? There is one for sale that we could be interested in going to have a look at and we would welcome any thoughts on the layout, boats size, handling, etc. Thank you in advance.
  12. Cal

    Marina Quays

    I wish you all the very best with this venture. It will be nice to see this area brought back into use. It has been a depressing sight for far too long.
  13. Didn't stop someone snapping it up very quickly. Think it was the first to sell in a matter of days.
  14. Sounds like you had a brilliant holiday other than the incident at the end. Would you hire a dual steer boat again? I ask as we are hiring our first next year. Previously we have hired aft cockpit, single level forward steer bath tubs and centre cockpit cruisers. So have gone through most of the types. Our favourite so far was the Alphacraft 35 centre cockpit as the slightly raised helm gave much better views. Will hopefully be better again from the on the dual steer. We have booked Swan Ranger from Richardson's so a similar boat to what you had minus the rear bench seat on the upper helm.
  15. Cal

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    Surlingham Ferry.

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