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  1. I fear we have jinxed it guys. We had our patio extended on Monday (just in the nick of time) and the new gas BBQ arrived yesterday. Of course it was going to get colder after that.
  2. Here is our little mongrel Sydney. He is a lively little fella,.
  3. If nothing else we can bring her to the Broads again next year
  4. BOAT OFF THE MARKET. We have decided with the current climate we are unlikely to get a sale so we will do a few more jobs on her with a view to keeping her for a few more years.
  5. No the buyer has had to shut his business due to coronavirus and quite rightly has decided that he can't warrant the outlay at this time.
  7. It has taken us longer than anticipated to get it ready to put on brokerage. It was due to go on brokerage next week. First person to view it has left us with a deposit and a very good offer.
  8. That's a fair comment where signal is poor but I can't think of a single place on the Broads where you can't get a decent signal.
  9. We are spoiled with that. We get the cuckoos and owls at home and have spent many an hour on the boat at Fiskerton Fen on the Witham watching the barn owls hunting.
  10. Seems a lot of boat for the money but it does want a complete refit which won't come cheap. 43hp should be fine for the boat provided it is geared and propped appropriately. It is never going to be a racing machine!
  11. Same here. We have hired several times from Barnes and the boats have always been ready early. Earliest we picked up was midday.
  12. We never mind if we are moored side or stern on, but then we are used to rafting up in coastal harbours and ports so are used to having close neighbours.
  13. We hired our first dual steer boat, Swan Ranger last year and it was well worth the extra planning to get under the bridges. The views are amazing. Depending on the time of year you are hiring it can be a bit nippy up top though. We hired in October and it was a bit cold a few days for driving up top. We have hired a dual steer in Belgium this year just before Easter. Hopefully the weather improves before then!!
  14. We have never had a problem mooring at either Barnes Brinkcraft or NBD when stopping in Wroxham. Unless the water levels are unusually high you should get under Ludham Bridge with an air draft of 8'6". As you say Richardsons have plenty of taller boats nowadays.
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