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  1. Nothing to do with fuel duty. The current rise in fuel costs as the above post says is the rise in the price of oil. This time next year however you can blame the rise in fuel duty for the rise in cost of fuel
  2. That looks like it could be a nice little set up. Will need a bit of investment to get it up to scratch and ready for letting but it does look like it has the potential to be a nice little earner that one. I like it.
  3. 100% agree with this. And the only way to keep that choice is to use them.
  4. It's funny how people view things differently. We went to the Fur and Feathers last time we visited and can't remember it being overly expensive. We both had a steak and a few pints.
  5. That's what we were thinking. We know what we want at least. Now just have to find it. The few that are currently for sale are too old (they vastly improved the spec from 2017 onwards) or have far too many miles on them.
  6. For the first time in a long time we have absolutely no idea what we are doing for holidays this year Our Easter trip on the Thames has been cancelled and we had nothing else booked for the rest of the year. It will very much be a wait and see year for us. We don't really want to book anything because we don't know when we will find the right motorhome for us. If it starts getting a bit late in the year with nothing cropping up we will probably book a week on a boat on the Broads.
  7. I'm not sure how true that is. Someone with the virus can easily spread it around a supermarket for example not knowing that they are doing so and not breaking any rules. The same applies to public transport and facilities. I agree that there are some bending the rules or blatantly ignoring them but I do believe that the vast majority of people have been following the guidance which is evident in the massive drops in new cases.
  8. No I have not and I have no plan to either. There are two local testing stations but they are for people who can not work from home. I can work from home so see no need to take a test.
  9. It is not quite so simple as that. If someone is displaying no symptoms then how are they to know that they should be getting tested or should be self isolating? It is easy to blame other people and their behaviour but with a third of people who have tested positive displaying no symptoms it is difficult to isolate this group to prevent the virus spreading.
  10. They can stay in the shed or we have a couple of tents to choose from. In fact, given how busy holiday accommodation is going to be this summer you might be onto something there...............
  11. It's on my property so I assume so!
  12. Very true. Either way it is too late for our Thames trip so we are taking a full refund and buying a shed instead. We know how to live
  13. Holiday freedom starts on 12th April
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