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  1. Having seen the state of the boats at the Brittany yard that arrangement wouldn't be for me. There was not an inch of the boat we hired that had not hit something at some point that season. Not in our hands I hasten to add. Engine was sweet though.
  2. They are not selling the Horizons. They are leasing them back! Not sure why anyone would desire to own one though. They are ugly as sin. Perhaps we will like it more after we have hired it! I don't think they have that many of the Connoisseur boats left in their fleet to sell!
  3. The hideous looking Horizon 1 that we are hiring next year is £200k for a 2019 boat. I thought that was a lot then I read further and realised they still hire the boat out and manage it at that, so it isn't fully yours for £200k!
  4. We are relative newbies to this. Our first hireboat holiday was in 2000 on the Broads onboard Brinks Breakaway for a week. (Now used as dayboats and renamed Brinks Sunrise) It was an incredibly small boat for a week away but we loved it none the less. Here it is pictured outside the Reedham Ferry in the little cut out well aground as the tide had gone out. We had a good chat with the owners of the boat with the green hoods you can just make out on the far left of the picture in the pub that night while we waited for the tide to float the boat again so we could shift it somewhere more sensible. We met the same chap again in 2007 at the sales yard where we bought our boat Naughty-Cal and are still good friends all these years later.
  5. £70K and one could be yours! http://www.leboatbrokerage.com/brokerage-boats
  6. Agreed. In much the same way fish and chips taste so much better at the coast.
  7. We found with all of the single level sliding cockpit boats we hired that there was a line of sight from the helm to the stern if you left the cabin doors open and the rear door open.
  8. Mine is sighing also! The OH has just dropped the prop shafts off for repair, I am ordering more Volvo Penta parts this morning, we have got 11 months of storage ashore to pay for and mooring fees. I know why we were selling it now
  9. That's why we took our own boat to the Caledonian. Even factoring in the £1200 road transport it was cheaper to take our own boat then to hire one!
  10. Cal

    Nanni Engines

    Sounds like Norfolk Lady is also under propped if you need to be getting up to 2000rpm!! The one we hired in Brittany, which looks very similar to yours with the cream stripe and rails on the coach roof was doing about 4mph at 1300rpm and about 5mph at 1500rpm.
  11. Cal

    Nanni Engines

    It won't be expensive to run of you keep the revs down and don't thrash it around. We hired a Broom 29 with a Nanni 50 in Brittany a couple of years back and it used less than 1.5 litres per hour on a weeks hire which included some use of the heating as well. The engine was well suited to that boat but it was under propped as most hire boats tend to be.
  12. We have never had anything but excellent service from Richardsons. I'm sure you will love the boat as well. We hired Swan Ranger last year and it was our favourite hire boat we have had by far. Moon Enterprise looks very similar.
  13. Still in two minds about ours. It should be sold and long gone by now I'm sure when we are back on the river on a sunny day with a beer to hand we will enjoy it again!
  14. Me neither. Something about the shape just doesn't do it for me. Too square at the back and far too pointy at the front!
  15. Cal


    A group of our boaty friends and us have a weekly drink at "The Stay Inn" on either Zoom or Messenger. It wastes a few hours and keeps us all in touch with each other. We have been doing it since the start of lock down. It was quiz night last week.
  16. Looks much better to moor against and something to tie the boat too is always a bonus
  17. We have never managed to get moored at Irstead.
  18. It's a rainy day today so I think a longer cruise into Norwich is in order to stock up on some supplies.
  19. The staithe is lovely if you can get on there and bathed in sunshine. Very quiet as well.
  20. Stalham Staithe on a day like today.
  21. We really like Commisioners Cut. Lovely walks for the dog. A great curry house just down the road and it was really nice and quiet by night. Hope to get there again next summer now we are keeping the boat we may as well bring her to the Broads again for another summer holiday :)
  22. I fear we have jinxed it guys. We had our patio extended on Monday (just in the nick of time) and the new gas BBQ arrived yesterday. Of course it was going to get colder after that.
  23. Here is our little mongrel Sydney. He is a lively little fella,.
  24. If nothing else we can bring her to the Broads again next year
  25. BOAT OFF THE MARKET. We have decided with the current climate we are unlikely to get a sale so we will do a few more jobs on her with a view to keeping her for a few more years.
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