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  1. 1 hour ago, ChrisB said:

    Life changes, good luck with your sale.

    Thank you.

    Yes things have moved on a little this year. 

    We think we will have a short break after selling the boat as we have a few holidays booked for the next 18 months but after that we are thinking we will look into buying a 6m motorhome and do some exploring in that.

    We will still visit the Broads on hire boats and in the motorhome of course.

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  2. For Sale 2003 Sealine S23 with Volvo Penta KAD32 engine (170hp) and Volvo Penta DPE Sterndrive.

    • Engine serviced July 2019. 
    • Drive serviced May 2019.
    • Hull and superstructure polished and waxed May 2019.
    • Antifouled May 2019.
    • Last owners since October 2007.
    • Will have new Boat Safety Certificate at point of sale.
    • Minimum air draft 6’6” allowing increased inland waterways cruising.

    Usual standard Sealine specification with too many extras and upgrades to list but to include:
    • Brand new Raymarine A74 plotter (with radar module) installed July 2019 with brand new Navionics Platinum Plus chart (28P UK, Ireland and Holland)
    • New 12v fridge December 2018.
    • Teak cockpit table and shelf.
    • Recent cockpit upholstery in Charcoal Silvertex with Sealine embroidery and matching cushions.
    • Webasto Airtop 2000ST diesel heating (Unit serviced with new ducting and duct lagging installed Winter 2018)
    • Snap davits.
    • Holding tank.
    • LED cockpit mood lighting.
    • Turbo boost pressure gauge.
    • LED lighting and bulbs throughout.
    • USB charging sockets to cockpit and cabin. (2 in cockpit. 1 in cabin.)
    • Electric anchor winch with chain to suit.
    • Uprated alternator.

    Naughty-Cal has been a much loved boat and has benefited from a programme of ongoing maintenance and upgrades during our ownership. She is only for sale as we have sadly found that we currently do not have the time to use her as often as we would like and it is a shame to leave her sat idle on the mooring when someone could be using and enjoying her as much as we have.

    Will be going on brokerage with Burton Waters, Lincoln at the end of September for circa £32k. 
    Currently open to offers of circa £27k.

    Additional photographs available on request. 

    Naughty-Cal is currently lying on her berth at Burton Waters, Lincoln being prepared for sale. 







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  3. After much sole searching we have decided that Naughty-Cal is going for sale so no need for a new mooring.

    It will be a sad day when she goes as we have had 12 happy years with her and spent more hours afloat on her then we could ever remember.

    She comes out of the water just after the bank holiday weekend for a final few weeks of fettling before she officially goes for sale.

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  4. On 02/07/2019 at 08:10, Poppy said:

    Sounds like this may be more like you are looking for.


    We have enquired about a mooring at Reedham Marina. Thank you for the suggestion. It would seem to be an ideal base for us if they have space for us. 

    Fingers crossed they can squeeze us in.

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  5. On 22/06/2019 at 11:40, Coryton said:


    Still having difficulty visualising why springs work the way they do, but if works, it works...


    The two mooring lines doing the work (depending on which way the tide is flowing) will hold the boat against the bank side. As the tide changes the opposite pair of lines then do the work and keep the boat alongside.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Poppy said:

    This may prove useful.  As you will see, Horning is 4hrs 30 min from the sea at Yarmouth, Stalham is even further. Even Brundall is nearly 4 hours.



    We are a good 7 or 8 hours in either direction to the sea at the minute so almost anywhere on the Broads is quicker than that!

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  7. We are about a days cruising from the sea where we are based at the moment so as long as we are about a similar distance or time away from the coast then that is fine. Which probably covers most of the Broads. We are not put off by a long days cruising to get to the coast.

    What we would like is to have a good choice of places to visit for a lazy weekends cruise on the boat. At the moment we are pretty limited on that score and it is wearing thin. So a location with plenty of choice of places to visit within say an hours cruise of base would be great.

  8. 10 hours ago, JennyMorgan said:

    A great deal depends on how you use your boat, in my opinion. If you want space to move and really nice pubs to visit then coming South has a great deal to recommend it. 

    Fifty-five years ago I had a live-aboard narrow boat moored on the Fossdyke, good memories!. No marina back then.

    We have found that since we have moved house that our use of the boat has changed greatly. We no longer use it every weekend, it has gone to maybe once every few weeks. That has also meant that we are now just trotting up and down the same stretch of river every time we visit the boat which is becoming a bore.

    Time for a change and a new cruising ground. Although we know the Broads quite well we love it and it seems the right choice for us at the moment.

    Thanks all for your mooring recommendations. We will look through them all and thin them out a little.

  9. Funny old thing selling houses. We have had to move our Belgian hire boat holiday from this Easter to next year. 

    We suddenly found ourselves moving home unexpectedly after trading our old house against a new build. Four weeks from reservation to moving in. But the moving in date was the same as the start date of our holiday!

    Le Boat have been really good and moved the holiday for us at short notice with just a £50 admin charge.

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  10. We have decided that it is finally time to move our boat. We have had 11 happy years moored at Burton Waters, Lincoln on the Fossdyke but it is definitely time to move on. We have looked at alternative moorings on the Trent and other local waterways but nothing seems to tickle our fancy. So our attention has turned to maybe looking for a mooring on the Broads.

    We have always been put off mooring on the Broads by the drive and travel time to get there. But now that we are not using the boat every weekend we think that we could cope with moving it further away from home.

    So we are looking for some recommendations for moorings if you don't mind please.

    We are looking for a mooring with electric preferably on the northern broads but we would consider something on the south. It doesn't have to be an all singing all dancing marina with lots of facilities provided there is an electric supply that will be fine. Location we are flexible with.

    The boat is 25ft x 8ft with a minimum air draft of 6'6". 

    Thank you in advance for any recommendations you may have for us.

  11. 4 hours ago, Jayfire said:

    Completely agree, and it is only the decent thing to do to just pre warn boats moored close by that you will be setting off early. I've never had any issue from anyone about it either, hirers or private, and I have set off at some very early hours :default_biggrin:

    The only issue I have ever known people to have is running engines whilst moored at moorings for their hot water etc, which just seems bizarre to me when you can have a cruise along gorgeous rivers whilst simultaneously warming your water ready for you.

    We were in Grimsby one morning tucked up in bed after a terrible run down the Humber the previous evening. We had decided to have an extra day in port to recover a little from our bearing the day before.

    We knew the tide was early so it wasn't a surprise when the big old fly bridge boat next door fired its engines up at 3am. What was  surprise was that the owner then sat there for 45 minutes warming his engines up before he set off!

    Needless to say there were several very unhappy people the next day who had been rudely awoken from their slumber!

  12. 16 hours ago, Coryton said:


    I would hope though that by the time someone had got to the point of wanting to buy their own boat, they'd know enough to realise that it's an ex-hire boat? Wouldn't they?

    I don't get fooled by the things I know I'm not fooled by. Of course I don't know what I am fooled by...

    You would hope so wouldn't you but people tend to be overcome and have very strong Rose tinted spectacles when buying boats!

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  13. 4 minutes ago, SPEEDTRIPLE said:

    Totally agree about the space, though we found the storage space in the central en-suite was very limited WITHOUT a wardrobe to hang things in. It was also impossible for two people to be in at the same time, that`s why i prefer the central saloon layout that is on one of Richo`s Alpha`s.  I love the boats though, great to handle, look really nice, and amazing space for a 35ftr.

    There were only the two of us onboard so we didn't really use the second middle bedroom other than for storage and the OH used that as his shower room so we didn't really find it a tight fit.

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  14. 3 minutes ago, SPEEDTRIPLE said:

    Going on the comments from other respect members on here, i would go in stating how much work is needed, plus another lot of niggly bits and put in an offer of £20,000 (ish). Very cheeky i know, but them i`m a cheeky sod, and it`s only a starting offer, and then the haggling starts, but know your limit considering the work that needs doing, and stick to it.  Anyway, to offer a boat in this condition at a price for a minter, is maybe a bit insulting, so go in with an insulting offer.   I know a few people who`ve done that with cars and bikes, and they`ve got away with it.

    If you are not slightly embarrassed by your first offer then it isn't low enough.

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  15. 42 minutes ago, SPEEDTRIPLE said:

    I love the centre cockpit Alpha's, bt the layout isn't right for me. There are a couple of them where the aft cabin is as it says "aft", and the saloon midships. The downside of this layout is the lack of visibility through much smaller windows.  Another option I thought of was to have the aft en-suite repositioned on the stbd side opposite the cabin, but then this would mean making the galley a bit smaller. Then there's the other option of having a high level central saloon under the lowering canopy.  

    They say life is about compromise, boats are a classic example. 

    We hired an Alpha 35 centre cockpit last time and have to say it was our favourite Broads boat that we have hired so far. We had Viscount from Richardson's yard with the aft saloon layout. Have to say that she felt a much bigger boat than she really is inside. The layout really does make the most over every inch of the 35ft length.

    We will be interested to compare the interior space of Viscount to Swan Ranger which we are hiring this year as they are based on the same hull.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Coryton said:

    Although that's probably not true for overseas visitors.

    When looking at a holiday abroad I think people are generally somewhat fickle. If there is no strong reason to go to a particular country, why go somewhere with even a small risk of the holiday being spoilt? There's lots of countries to choose from, and you can always go another year.

    I would expect Brexit uncertainty has caused more than a few people to decide this year isn't the time to have their holiday in the UK.

    Brexit has been rolling on for several years now. It hasn't seen a significant decrease in numbers of over seas visitors for the last couple of years.

  17. 10 hours ago, DAVIDH said:

    I wrote earlier that I believed Brexit was having the effect of diverting attention from holidays in general and still think that is so. However, I think there is another factor in that after having had such a lovely summer last year, many were expecting the same this year and had decided to "staycation" .  Yet we have had no prolonged heat spell to start people thinking about a holiday afloat. Thus time rolls on and more boats stay on the moorings. From what I can tell, bookings have been falling behind month on month for quite a while now. I am due out on Goosander from the 6th July so I thought I would check Hoseasons availability so see how many boats were left to hire, to get an idea of how busy the rivers would be. Currently there are still 72 showing - I expected it to be 40 to 50. 

    None of this can be good for the boatyards, or any of the infrastructure and makes me wonder if business are really struggling out there. Lets hope not terminally. It could turn out to be a defining year.

    Is it not just a case that the school holidays have not started on 6th July?

    What are the boat booking numbers for the weeks after when the school holidays have started?

    As an example we have booked a lodge in Cornwall for a week starting on the 6th July. The following week on the Saturday that we leave the price of the lodge doubles for the same hire time period due to the start of the school summer holidays. It is booked throughout the summer period solidly!

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