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  1. 6 minutes ago, VetChugger said:

    Have to admit that, for me, the only place the ale tastes as it should is at the pub! Be it inside or outdoors! Daft and odd I know, but I had a couple of my favourite tipples by bottle in the garden (Kronenberg) and didn't really enjoy it at all! But that is just me!



    In much the same way fish and chips taste so much better at the coast.

  2. 1 minute ago, ScrumpyCheddar said:

    Ah what if it’s pouring down with rain your not going to slide the roof back And stick your head out then .. :default_norty: 

    We found with all of the single level sliding cockpit boats we hired that there was a line of sight from the helm to the stern if you left the cabin doors open and the rear door open.

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  3. 13 hours ago, Mouldy said:

    I can hear the sound of my wallet sighing at the thought of the end of the expenditure as I type!!:default_biggrin:

    Mine is sighing also!

    The OH has just dropped the prop shafts off for repair, I am ordering more Volvo Penta parts this morning, we have got 11 months of storage ashore to pay for and mooring fees.

    I know why we were selling it now :default_rolleyes:

  4. On 14/08/2015 at 07:12, ranworthbreeze said:

    Hi Neil, 

    There wouldn't be shares available in Lightning by any chance:naughty:

    You are correct of course and I am surprised that more syndicates for boats are not being formed on the Norfolk Broads, we see reports of people hiring two or three times a year.

    We were thinking of Hiring on the Caledonia Canal a couple of years ago in May and a Birchwood 340 similar to Ranworth Breeze was £1650 per week plus the usual average £400 add on's by Le Boat, Because there were three couples we needed a six berth plus! and at £4000 for a week we ended up hiring a Narrow Boat on the Scottish Canals at less than half that cost.

    All in all the Broads offers cheaper boating, be it private, syndicate or hired.



    That's why we took our own boat to the Caledonian. Even factoring in the £1200 road transport it was cheaper to take our own boat then to hire one!

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  5. Sounds like Norfolk Lady is also under propped if you need to be getting up to 2000rpm!!


    The one we hired in Brittany, which looks very similar to yours with the cream stripe and rails on the coach roof was doing about 4mph at 1300rpm and about 5mph at 1500rpm. 



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  6. It won't be expensive to run of you keep the revs down and don't thrash it around.


    We hired a Broom 29 with a Nanni 50 in Brittany a couple of years back and it used less than 1.5 litres per hour on a weeks hire which included some use of the heating as well.


    The engine was well suited to that boat but it was under propped as most hire boats tend to be.

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  7. 23 hours ago, MauriceMynah said:

    As we both know Vaughan, different boat styles appeal to different folk. That style doesn't do it for me, but I'm not necessarily sure why.

    Me neither. Something about the shape just doesn't do it for me. Too square at the back and far too pointy at the front!

  8. A group of our boaty friends and us have a weekly drink at "The Stay Inn" on either Zoom or Messenger. 


    It wastes a few hours and keeps us all in touch with each other. We have been doing it since the start of lock down. It was quiz night last week.

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  9. 35 minutes ago, SwanR said:

    I’ve never moored up at Stalham other than returning the boat to Richardson’s on the morning of departure. 

    The staithe is lovely if you can get on there and bathed in sunshine. Very quiet as well.




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  10. On 26/04/2020 at 13:57, SwanR said:

    I’ve only been to the Lion once but could certainly see the attraction. And the run to Thurne Dyke from Salhouse is something that we enjoyed a couple of times last October. But I think that on a blue sky day like today I would be turning up the Ant, destination Sutton Staithe or Paddy’s Lane, two of my favourites. 

    Stalham Staithe on a day like today.

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  11. We really like Commisioners Cut. 


    Lovely walks for the dog. A great curry house just down the road and it was really nice and quiet by night.


    Hope to get there again next summer now we are keeping the boat we may as well bring her to the Broads again for another summer holiday :)

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  12. I fear we have jinxed it guys.

    We had our patio extended on Monday (just in the nick of time) and the new gas BBQ arrived yesterday.

    Of course it was going to get colder after that.

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  13. 46 minutes ago, vanessan said:

    I’m sure the App is great, I keep meaning to download it. Having the booklet to hand is very useful we find, if signals are poor paper can’t be beaten. (We use the Broads.org tide tables in conjunction with the booklet too.) We have one copy of the BA booklet on the boat and one at home for planning  purposes - although not too much of that happens!  

    That's a fair comment where signal is poor but I can't think of a single place on the Broads where you can't get a decent signal.

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