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  1. Willow

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Looking forward to trying this, sounds great, Congratulations on 12 years, We're down this week, Will be in several times,
  2. Great updates, Will be trying some of these when we're down in a fortnight, Is it to much to ask for list of places for evening meals with moorings within walking distant? We all have our faves, and why so let's see them !!!!
  3. Good luck & have fun to everyone in 3 rivers today ,sorry can't be with you , Don't forget the sunscreen! !!
  4. I remember the very first time seeing the 3 rivers race we were in a bungalow at potter, we'd never heard of it with 3 small lads sat on the front watching these yatchs racing up & down the river what a magic site, we sat up all night watching these big sails coming across the lawn , the lads were hooked ,that was back in the mid 80s,
  5. Thank you for that very good explanation, It should be kept for future posts on that " bridge "
  6. As I read it it was something to do with farmers loosing their water licenses in the Ant valley, it was in yesterday EDP web page , wish I was clever to put it on here,
  7. I also forgotten scotters ( I think that's what it's called ) the cafe in acle , nice walk down the path from the bridge, very reasonable price, cooked when ordered, gets busy, All items for a British brecky,
  8. On way down to broads we stop at Bennys dinner on the Way just before Sutton Bridge, lovely Breakfasts, thick cut toast a big Benny does us all day, Reasonably priced to,
  9. I picked this up yesterday on EDP site, water pipe proposal from Norwich to Ludham Can someone put on this site for all to see, No plans yet where it's going , Their is quotes ,about environment not important, Good to here your views
  10. Willow


    Willowcroft at repps staithe, does get very busy, so book early, short walk to staith, another one at potter down towards post office sorry don't know what it's called, Site near thurne pub was a camping club site ,
  11. Hi all from reading EDP and your threads why couldn't they have done it last autumn or early spring, We have simlier issues with builders taking down house sparrow / marting swallow & swifts, on over 40 houses they've put up 20 boxes on the back of houses , It's case of not understanding birds coming back to same best site year after year, if the nest site gone birds gone, We need to protect what we have got look at RSPB bird count,
  12. On way down to broads we stop at Bennys dinner on the Way just before Sutton Bridge, lovely Breakfasts, thick cut toast a big Benny does us all day, Reasonably priced to,
  13. We like flour & bean at potter for breakfast ,fresh cooked when ordered, also some nice scones, You can't beat bridge inn at acle for supper,
  14. Hi all,'re 'That Bridge' we were on countess of light a few years back & wanted to go through that Bright the pilot said now tide to high , river showing 5ft -4 so we say & watched him take several other centre cockpits through and asked again he said yes ,what had changed we didn't know! !!! He also said we had to be back the next day by the same time 4pm ish or we wouldn't get back through, Looking at the tide tables that was low tide time for that area & this was summer time not much rain, Question does the pilot regulate how many boats go through the bridge? Fair enough a lot of the bigger ones can't but if river's low and heights right why not, Look forward to your answers
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