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  1. This is the thermal cooker used on Foxes Afloat https://mrdscookware.com/product/mr-ds-3l-thermal-cooker?wpam_id=2
  2. Just in case you're not aware, A2 closed this weekend between M25 and Bean for the new bridge, put off from a few weeks back, may cause you some delays on route home
  3. Yes just got a similar message
  4. Just found this video on YouTube taken in 1959, holiday on Wild Fantasy from FB Wilds, plenty of boats going through Potter Heigham bridge in those days.
  5. From Twitter their website is https://www.buoyancybikes.co.uk says launching from Bridge Broad
  6. Well in ten years time we will all be driving electric cars (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) which unless they are able to increase the range or install enough fast charging stations on route, no one will be able to get there in a day, it's like turning the clock back to the stage coach taking several days journey from the South East to get to the Lake District. Hey ho that's progress. πŸ˜•
  7. Vaughan, I know it's been mentioned before, but you should really write your memoirs πŸ‘ I would be one of the first in the queue for it😊
  8. There is also GOBA Great Ouse Boating Association, which you can join their website gives a bit of information with an interactive map showing locks, moorings and services. If you were to join them they have a number of 24 hour mooring places reserved for GOBA members only.
  9. A few years back I had a Freeman 24 which I moored at Needingworth, good marina electric points and water for each moorings, shower block and pub within complex, further up river you have St Ives , big well equipped marina, at Jones Boatyard. Locks not manned, but almost all of them however are electric guillotine locks, so easy to operate without too much effort.
  10. Griff just as well you didn't get a Springer that would just add to the fun for them, they don't call them Springer's for nothing! πŸ˜‚ we installed a baby gate which did the trick to keep our Hettie at bay πŸ˜€ Have fun with her πŸ‘πŸ˜€
  11. Worth a watch on You Tube interesting visit to the Broads and even a private interview with Terry Waite
  12. You mean something like this from the 1960's ? 😊 didn't some of these come with an outboard?
  13. To be fair these photographs don't show the quality of the varnish on the hull, in full Sun they looked stunning πŸ‘
  14. Just a couple of old woodies from the 1970's from Summercraft, Glitter Girl 1 & 2 and Galaxy Girl, hired Glitter Girl early 70's lovely boat and boatyard :-)
  15. I think the delayed started all down to cleaning, we have re booked with Norfolk Cottages after earlier cancellation for June. Their takeover is now 7pm! So 5pm sounds like a good offer πŸ˜€
  16. Back in 72 or 73 I hired April Promise from Barnes, they also had a couple of sedans called I think Duchess and Countess left over from W.K. Barnes when Brian and Jill took over. Just looked on Broadland Memories and as you say also there were a Queen Jayne and Margaret
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