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  1. Tesco and Sainsbury's you can pay by card at ta pump! And if ya use the glove supplied for diesel pump ya want even have ta touch gun! NO CONTACT!!!
  2. So no one saw the paper this morning where for one of the few times in my life I agreed with the writer. "Nobody knows when it will all end. That is why we need a dose of common sense and proportionality. The aim, dash it, is straightforward: to stop people getting too close to one another. So why are the police harrying sunbathers when they are yards away from other people? Why shouldn't people drive for more than 10 minutes given that in a car you can neither be infected by nor infect anyone? Why shouldn't people walk on the beach? As long as people are no
  3. Hello all and one Does anyone out there have by any chance for a small fee, have any space to keep a smallish boat on a trailer under cover and reasonably secure? I know boats are used to getting wet but I'd prefer mine to only get wet when in the river! Any info or ideas would be gratefully received. So said the etc etc.
  4. No offence and well Royalty no less and not forgetting Bob! but Ceuta has got my eye, what a beauty nearly as nice as Rupert.
  5. Now that really has got my interest. What a lovely boat I'll get in touch so we can keep track of her so thanks for that one.
  6. Well I never. So it is me and commuters or even computers. Yes a pitch pine painted hull, that was the normal Brooke way which made sense I suppose, only use mahogany if it's going to be seen. She looks like she will be a lovely boat when finished but 'm not allowed any more! Thanks again. Steve
  7. Brooke boat for sale on Facebook ? Well I can't find it but maybe that's just me and commuters!
  8. That's great info. Will try and track him down!
  9. Hi Jenny, Yes that looks like a 20 foot launch from 20s-30s Brooke made several of these. They were power by the famous Brooke Empire 10D 4 cylinder with reverse gear. Brooke made thousands of these engines and they were sold as a kit to fit in other makers boats as well as their own. The 16 foot which Rupert is is actually a scaled down version of tis boat in your lovely picture. Another one for the album then. Thanks very much.
  10. Another name that came up was Wellby and Wheeler Co. Ltd This name was stamped on a plate attached to the tapet cover on the Brooke 5hp Dominion engine that was fitted in Rupert when we bought her. We traced back to a previous owner who purchased Rupert in a sale at Bedford. We think what had happened was that a well know boat seller from Peterborough named Mr Jackson had purchased her together with several unknown other boats from Wroxham and taken them back home to Peterborough to sell them off. We know Rupert was owned by a Mr Littleboy of Wroxham who bought her from Broads Tours. We t
  11. Can't wait to see what you manage to unearth.
  12. No probably not. Mine reputedly hired out boats on Oulton Broad but not sure when or whereabouts. Maybe someone will know?
  13. Thanks for the memories as they say! Really glad that you approve of Rupert. Let me know if you think of anything else? Incidentally does the name Alf Morris mean anything to you?
  14. Well, Thank you kind Sir "She's a little beauty" That's no way to talk about your wife Come to Barton Broad in September and she'll be afloat!
  15. That's a lovely picture of our boat!!!
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