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  1. Hrimfaxi

    Brundall From The Air

    Cool photos! I'd love to try my hand at aerial photography one day.
  2. Hrimfaxi

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Picked up a few bottles of that in Lathams recently. Certainly goes down well!
  3. So a couple of weeks back, me and a friend went along to the classic boat festival, it's held every year and definitely worth a trip into London for. I posted a couple of photos in another thread about it - but my friend does all this youtubey wizardry and made video of the day, which can be found here..... Contains silliness and photography
  4. Hrimfaxi

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    No worries, I don't mind. Afterall, that's what forums are about. Interesting reading through this though, I thought we were all on a level plane when it came to that bridge!
  5. Hrimfaxi

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    Thanks for the comments! I didn't mean to spark a debate on the bridge haha
  6. Hrimfaxi

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    I know this has been photographed many a time, but here's two more from earlier today!
  7. Hrimfaxi

    St Katharine Docks - London

    I was there! Fantastic day, even went aboard "Lady Daphene" for a couple of hours - Having Tower Bridge lift for us was amazing.
  8. Hrimfaxi

    The Golden Galleon!

    Thanks for posting those photos! That's exactly how I remember it. Those later photos, with the shark mouth around the bow, I wonder how that came to be. Also, that nationalhistoricships.org website is a great read.
  9. Hrimfaxi

    The Golden Galleon!

    So she was scraped in the end, shame. Got some great memories of it, both aboard and sailing past.
  10. Hrimfaxi

    The Golden Galleon!

    I'm sitting here, thinking about my trip to the Broads next week, when I remembered a day trip that used to launch from Great Yarmouth aboard the Golden Galleon... I want to know what happened to her and have done a little research. I've found some posts on other forums that she is still afloat, although derelict, moored around Reedham? Talk of it being donated to the Sea Scouts? Last post I could see was in 2009... Does anyone know anything further? Would be great to find out some recent updates! If she's still afloat!
  11. Hrimfaxi

    Real Boats!!

    Fantastic photos!
  12. Hrimfaxi


    There's a few at Oulton Broad that I've often wondered about. They're just tucked away in the reeds , I think, on the west side. I think they're privately owned, could be wrong! I, too, could sit there with my guitar for many hours!
  13. Hrimfaxi

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Looked a fantastic day!
  14. Hrimfaxi

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    Dangerous to be stuck in Lathams!
  15. Hrimfaxi

    Guess The Beach!

    Hemsby it is!

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