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  1. Hrimfaxi

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    Dangerous to be stuck in Lathams!
  2. Hrimfaxi

    Guess The Beach!

    Hemsby it is!
  3. Hrimfaxi

    Guess The Beach!

    Close, up the coast a bit..
  4. Hrimfaxi

    Guess The Beach!

    Going through my collection and found this... shot on 35mm
  5. Hrimfaxi

    An Evening Paddle

    Looks a fine way to spend an evening!
  6. Hrimfaxi

    Can Anyone Recommend A Good B&b?

    We've used the Trotwood in Great Yarmouth many a time, always been great. Plenty of on-site parking, too.
  7. Hrimfaxi

    New To Forum, Not The Broads!

    Thanks all!
  8. Hrimfaxi

    Can Anyone Help Me Find This Track Please

    If I can find the trailer, I'll try an shazaam it for you!
  9. Hrimfaxi

    New To Forum, Not The Broads!

    Certainly is, Grendel! Yeah, a static caravan was another idea of ours, since the move has been put off for a little while. We've become quite the regular at Cherry Tree in Burgh Castle!
  10. Hrimfaxi

    New To Forum, Not The Broads!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Grendel - That's correct! Hrimfaxi was originally the name of a music project I had some time ago and coupled with my interest in Norse mythology, it has stuck around!
  11. Hi! New to the forum, but certainly not the broads. Been taking family holidays there since I can remember! We were due to move to Norfolk this year, but family health has postponed it slightly. But it's safe to say the love for the broads and boating is strong! Anyways, we still visit a few times a year, including a trip in September Looking forward to getting stuck in, especially in the photography side of the forum. Cheers!

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