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  1. One of our favourites too.
  2. And so much more peaceful since it is no longer immediately adjacent to the main A47 trunk road to Gt Yamouth
  3. On the Yare this week we got a good strong signal at Hardley Mill but it depends on many things including weather, surrounding vegetation, aerial and ground plane, receiver, etc.
  4. I was rather surprised to see two red flags flying at Somerleyton yesterday by 10:30 am. Seemed a bit presumptive
  5. Marine Power at Brundall Gardens cares for my Mercruiser 350MPI / BRAVO 3 combination
  6. Still not opening. 2 red flags and what appears to be a number of large craft waiting to pass.
  7. Had an absolutely excellent meal there last night and thoroughly recommended. Pleased to hear that they had had a busy weekend. Still moored outside but I'm told they are sadly not doing breakfast. Gorgeous day
  8. Yes I'm very interested in the technical aspect. The legal / warranty / financial aspect is perhaps best avoided in public discussion.
  9. If I recall correctly there is a small play area "the other side of the hedge" at Rockland staithe, opposite the New Inn.
  10. I may have mentioned elsewhere but my plumber says electric boilers are three times the cost to run, like for like, as gas boilers.
  11. We have a proper (110v) marine cooker, NOT a domestic 240v one! 😬 It works with 240v 16a shore power via transformer and our 4kva 110v Koler gen. For the record kettle is also dual voltage 😊. No supply tripping.
  12. Generator or mains. Batteries will not support kettle. Obviously we would not start generator late at night.
  13. We are "all electric" and have 2 new 110A leisure batteries but you can't use them to cook from. We also have a factory installed (built in in the engine bay) generator for when we need to cook, but a mains plug in is not available. It's much quieter than the main engine and we try to finish by 8pm but not always possible.
  14. Helian


    Rather like when they ceased supplying unleaded quayside.... Yes there needs to be places where we can buy fuel, pump out, water, provisions etc. Truth is its not really viable and the land is probably worth more for development.
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