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  1. Wherry Housing Association took over Broadband District Councils social housing stock about 30 years ago. Not sure if they are still operating under that name as there have been mergers and name changed with some assns, subsequently. Hope that helps.
  2. Extra fenders on order..... 😬
  3. I'm sorry to hear that too. Both very nice people. Ray of course suffered from, I think, polio, for much of his life.
  4. Thanks Wherry. She must be getting on now. I know Ray has passed away. We (family) moored in the private basin 50 years ago, approx 1970-74.
  5. Are Bondons still operating in any manner? I thought they had sold out to Russell Marine some time ago.
  6. That thought had crossed my mind too; or maybe another Brundall marina operator?
  7. I guess that "Ranked" as a rather astute buyback 🤔 ?
  8. It's when I catch sight of the pylons (originally WW2 RAF radar masts) at Stoke Holy Cross. For many years I lived within sight of them. My parents, and previously grandparents, live virtually in their shadow.
  9. Anyone have an idea of its airdraft? Wondering how it got through Vauxhall.
  10. I was actually referring to it's topography but I know what you mean...😲
  11. A lot of the school site is pretty steep, from recollection...
  12. That was my old prep school. Beech Hill House, then Langley Junior School, which merged with Taverham Hall a few years ago. Now owned by a developer and now sure enough, about to be demolished as it is now "insecure" from vandalism My old prep school too.....
  13. My local Screwfix and Toolstation are right next door to each other so not much change of scenery for me! 😬
  14. Yes. That jogs my memory. I think that was Ray and Celia Bondon's house. I think Ray and Celia used to live in the large house "up the drive" from the shop / main quay? I'm going from memory as I was only a child then....
  15. Certainly brought back memories, not least the sailing club boat sheds at Coldham Hall
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