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  1. Yes I clearly remember that too
  2. Welcome. The Sancerres were built by and originally hired by Bondons at South Walsham, though I believe they may have been bought by other yards later and retained their names. I think all Bondons boats used to be named after French wines.
  3. Helian

    Mobile Wifi

    Stood on the flybridge seat I can sometimes, but not always, get a Vodo signal in Brundall, not far from Psychic. Down the road, in Kingwood, in open country, the signal is just as bad.
  4. You can't, nor can you effectively legislate against it 🤔
  5. They now sell a few things at the riverside fuel kiosk, but not much.
  6. Back to the original question I have a Chargemaster 12/25/3 that individually charges the domestic, starter and bow thruster batteries. I have just replaced the original, like for like. I also have a basic battery charger (but would only ever connect once the offending battery had been isolated). Also carry one of those jump start boosters for off grid emergencies...
  7. Yes, in particular around Horning
  8. Helian


    I think ours was about £165 for a 32' all electric vessel in April.
  9. Nope, just 12v, from battery, cigarette lighter socket, etc.
  10. Assumes you can get a decent phone signal....
  11. Think this has been discussed before. I use a 24" cello which is designed to run off 12v with dvd and usb, and a small magnetic omnidirectional aerial on the (grp) radar arch 😉. Perfectly adequate. Also note the stand fixings on the back are computer monitor standard so easy to replace with a heavier stand, swing out wall mount or similar. The cello we have is designed for boats, TVs, caravans etc.
  12. You could try phoning BGM and asking them to pass on a message, if they do moor there.
  13. I moved away from Norwich in 1997 and think their anti car policy had been manifesting for a good 10-15 years before then.
  14. I used to be in the motor trade and saw many vehicle fuses so encapsulated 😳
  15. Hardley Mill is probably our favourite mooring.
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