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  1. I could be wrong, it was a long time ago but think it was orange.
  2. I can't see anyone mentioning R&C Bondon at South Walsham. Whilst I didnt' hire from them, Ray build my fathers' boat (an Elysian - Norfolk Spitfire - still on the Broads) in about 1971. I hired a Hampton (can't remember its name) solo from Royalls in the early 1980s
  3. I don't see anyone has mentioned Bilofix - basically a larger format wooden version of Meccano with large plastic nuts and bolts. A bit like what Duplo is to Lego.
  4. < Lives very close to Staines!
  5. Very quiet around Brundall at lunchtime and afternoon on Christmas Eve. Did not see another boat underway. River amazingly calm. So tranquil.
  6. Just a point, Coldham Hall is OPPOSITE Brundall, in Surlingham on the south bank. A bit of a detour required if you try to get there by road from Brundall!
  7. Yes I was referring to unleaded petrol. Brooms sounds expensive but the fuel station on the A47 roundabout in Brundall wanted £1.349 /l which seemed pretty steep given their economies of volume. The same day Sainsburys in Thorpe were selling at £1.249 /l
  8. My first post so please be gentle. Unleaded prices on Southern Rivers update: Brooms £1.55 /l on 31st July 2018. Pump out £18 / water £2 Waveney River Centre no longer supply when we visited on 2nd August 2018 Hope that's helpful Ian
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