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  1. Breydon

    Eel In Thruster

    I hope it was still fresh. Delicious either stewed or jellied!
  2. I remember years ago in the stone age I hired a little steel boat from a company in Leicester. I am not complaining as it was quite a nice little boat at a reasonable price for what I got and it had one of the first Honda four stroke outboard motors fitted to push it along. There were no frills, just a basic little boat for a basic price. As I was a keen camping and fishing bod and used to roughing it, the boat did me fine. I single handed took it around the Leicester/Shroppie ring. In the last few days of my holiday I was having my supper and I noticed water coming up through the floorboards. Oops! I pumped it out and next morning the water had returned. I pumped it out again and chugged to the nearest boatyard a few miles along the canal. The boatyard told me there was a welder nearby who could probably fix it so I phoned my home boatyard and told them of the problem. The very nice boatyard owner arrived and happily told me that it had happened before apparently the crusty old previous hirer was most displeased as the boat had completely sunk on him! Well, it was not what he paid for and the boatyard did not supply him with a wetsuit and snorkel just in case when he took the boat out! (my words not his) It had happened before too! The problem was that he and his boatyard staff built their small fleet themselves and the stern of the boat had a right angle seam with no reinforcement angle behind it and being bashed about in the locks the seam had cracked thus letting in water. So! the owner borrowed a scaffold plank from the boatyard and with me sitting on it and levering the stern if the little boat out of the water he happily whacked a load of Plastic Padding into the crack. Well, Plastic Padding is great stuff and what a bodge! The boat did not leak for the last few days of my holiday. I made sure that I did not whack that bit of the stern on my way back. I did not make much of it when I got back to the boatyard, I was in my late twenties and just put it down to a life experience as the rest of my holiday was perfect and I was and still am a rough and ready sort of person. The boatyard owner who as you may realise was a bit of a lad to say the least told me he will whack a load more Plastic Padding around the damage from the inside as the boat was due to go out again that afternoon. I still look back on that experience and chuckle, especially as I told the very nice boatyard owner that I was thinking about buying a boat. He phoned me up about a year later and said the boat was for sale. I politely declined for some reason.
  3. It sounds like the battery was knackered, there is no way that you would need 8 hours cruising to keep it charged. On most Broads boats they recommend about two hours to keep the batteries charged. As to the steering, yes, at times you do get a bit of vibration especially if there is something around the prop. At sharp bends you need to slow right down and then put the tiller down in the right direction and open the throttle to turn the boat. As to the rest of the faults the boatyard owners should be ashamed of themselves for putting a boat out in that condition, it sounds disgusting. Possibly, if you paid by credit card you may be able to go to them and get some compensation. With regards to hitting things on the bottom, the water levels are a bit down due to the drought this and preceding years, so this is inevitable considering canals are considered a rubbish dump by some people. Unfortunately the Canal and River Trust (CaRT) do not have so much of the taxpayers money to maintain the canals as they used to. The money they had when they were British Waterways Board was wasted in employing people and not giving them work to do. I have seen this with my own eyes when a dredger crew spent days on end not dredging, making loads of tea and sarnies and disappearing around the pub! That is why there is so much rubbish in the canals and CaRT can't afford much dredging now. I fear that in the next ten years we are going to see the canals going to rack and ruin due to lack of funding. It is no good CaRT going to the government cap in hand for funds as there are much more important things to spend the taxpayer's hard earned money on.
  4. Breydon

    BA And Their Tide Tables

    It is rumoured that Noah had one that is now currently relevant.
  5. Breydon


    Thanks for your reply ChrisB but at one time I never saw a jackdaw or very rarely. One that I do remember when I was a child and one of my neighbours used to feed one and it was very tame despite that it was free to fly. Obviously he called it Jackie and it always came back to visit him. He used to clap his hands and it would call to him.
  6. Further to my post regarding jackdaws I thought I might recount a couple of experiences a few days apart when I moored at White Slea near Hickling. Just before dusk there was a whooshing noise behind me as I was sitting there having a dabble with my fishing rod. Hundreds of starlings in a long line swooped at around 12ft above the river and began a murmuration in the field opposite. I only saw a small piece of the murmuration as the trees obscured it and the starlings were quite low but it was interesting as I had never seen one in real life before. Has anybody experienced this at this spot and is it a regular occurrence?
  7. Breydon


    Has anybody noticed lately that the Jackdaw population in most parts of the country has proliferated? A few years ago it was also the case with Magpies. Hopefully we have a naturalist (or even a naturist ) on the forum who could explain this phenomenon.
  8. Breydon

    BA And Their Tide Tables

    Sounds about par for the course with BA. Mind you, you could congratulate them for using up the old stock before issuing the new stuff. I just have a look online if I need to know anything about the tides. Simples! You can pick up the Broadsheet all over the Broads and amongst all the rehashed stories (are they still doing the story about the lion in the reeds at Hickling Broad ?) there are the current tide tables.
  9. Breydon

    Banks. Don't You Just Love 'em ?

    Santander and Cheltenham and Gloucester B/S are also in the same category. They both failed to send me the final balances of the accounts for weeks thus delaying the execution of the wills and then lost the death certificates for months. The certificates were finally returned after much correspondence without any explanation or apology. Incidentally, Santander lost a friend's life savings which were in a bond. It took months for him to regain his savings. I told him to take his money elsware and they talked him into taking out a tracker ISA. The ISA lost quite a bit of money but it was on a rapidly rising stock market, heaven knows where the money went. He withdrew the money that was left, closed the account and bought some Government bonds.
  10. Breydon

    Banks. Don't You Just Love 'em ?

    Having executed the two wills of my parents I have found the best thing to do immediately after a death is to get enough sealed copies of the death certificate. I know this costs money but saves a lot of grief. Send the copies of the death certificates by "Royal Mail Special Delivery" to all financial institutions the person has dealt with with covering letters saying the person has died and to freeze the account until you or an executor has the appropriate documents to close any accounts and release any money. Make sure you make it clear that you want the certificates returned promptly. I know it seems a bit crude doing this directly after a person's death but it nips occurrences as Poppy describes from happening. If you continue to get problems I have found that writing to the chairperson of the bank with copies of all correspondence with the institution. don't mess around on the telephone, get written evidence. Also tell the offending organisation that you have written to the chairperson and send them a copy of that letter. It really does work wonders. I believe that MNBA is owned by Lloyds Bank so write to Antonio Horta-Osorio who is the chairman. I have had dealings with him and he really does get things moving, heads roll and bums get kicked!
  11. Breydon

    Is It Just Me ?

    MM, as always you such a helpful person.
  12. Breydon

    The Watershed Pub Wroxham

    Best of luck finding the place if you can mate. Really I cannot be bothered about the place to even attempt to find it again. I usually moor up upstream of the railway bridge and the Kings Head is the nearest pub. By the way, I do enjoy live music too such as decent folk music and trad jazz and a very small part of American country music.
  13. Breydon

    The Watershed Pub Wroxham

    You have an uncanny sense of my feelings for the place gancanny. Yep, I much prefer The Kings Head. There may be better pubs elsware but the menu is quite good and especially for us old codgers with the small plates of food. The beer is usually ok too and at a reasonable price considering where the pub is situated.
  14. Breydon

    The Watershed Pub Wroxham

    I was in Wroxham a couple of years ago and the only way I got to that place is that some staff in a boatyard let me through a gate. It is very difficult to find on land and in my experience when I finally got there rather disappointing, the beer was rubbish and the service was take it or leave it attitude. I tried to get there a few weeks ago to give the place a second chance but failed. I really will not bother in future. Apparently they accept a small number of hire boats at their moorings and do not want private boats which I have. Also, if you moor there and they have a band in the pub which can range from acceptable to downright c**p you are stuck for the night until heavens knows what time listening to what the band want to play! There are better places to go in Wroxham! Go there!
  15. Breydon

    Food On The Broads

    It is strange that "the Dog" at Ludham Bridge in Johnson Street is not mentioned too much on this forum. There are many excellent moorings both sides of the river but never too much chat on here about the pub. I have eaten there on occasion and the food has been excellent and the publican keeps some excellent local beers along with the usual fizz and spirits etc. if anybody wants it and the prices are quite competitive too.

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