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  1. Breydon

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    It could be handy, especially since the toilets at Acle have been closed for a while.
  2. Breydon

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    Isn't it time BA stopped wasting the licence payers money on silly flags and all the rest of the b******t that goes with calling The Broads exactly what it is not? As for having an erection at Acle, why? There are enough information centres already on the Broads and they are usually empty of tourists most of the time. This is another case of jobs for the boys and quite unnecessary. Perhaps we should be thinking of saving money and closing down information centres and putting the money saved into dredging, maintenance and perhaps knocking a few bob off licence fees. It would be interesting to see a balance sheet regarding the cost and income of a visitor centre and a head count of the visitors.
  3. Breydon

    Lake Lothing Memory

    No Ray, that is definitely not Anacapri. Nevertheless your picture is still a sad sight.
  4. Breydon

    Lake Lothing Memory

    It really is sad to see such a vessel in that sort of condition especially if she has seen much better days and given lots of pleasure or had been a good workhorse for her owners. I remember seeing "Anacapri" which was moored just upstream of Stokesby deteriorate and rot to pieces over the years. She has gone now but I wonder what her story was?
  5. Breydon

    Doctor Who

    I am sure my boat is a Tardis. The theory of a Tardis is that it is powered by a Black Hole at its centre. I am sure I have a Black Hole on my boat. Things like petrol, beer and money just disappear never to be seen again. Other things like combs, mirrors, mobile phones, the wallet, tools and a myriad of other stuff disappear only to materialise days later. Very strange, or is that just me? DON'T ANSWER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Breydon

    Doctor Who

    And what about the wobbly scenery? Mind you a Dalek could be handy if you could not find a plumber to unblock the bog.
  7. Breydon

    Doctor Who

    Oh dear, somebody else has lost the plot. That is what happens once you get your bus pass. What about The Doctor and poor old Bradley Walsh?
  8. Breydon

    Doctor Who

    What is going to happen now? The Doctor has completely muffed up the attempt to get to the tardis and dragged Bradley Walsh with her and they are now floating in space. Will The Chase have to find another presenter? Come back Mr Pertwee. He would have sorted it out.
  9. Breydon

    Doctor Who

    Nah! Its in her handbag along with the kitchen sink.
  10. Breydon

    The Woolwich Ferry

    How in heavens name did you manage to get the car through the foot tunnel then? Sorry, I just could not resist it.
  11. Breydon

    The Woolwich Ferry

    I have used the foot tunnel many times when I was a kid. Also, I am fortunate to live in Greater London and have a freedom pass which I can use on all transport in London at any time of the day and on buses outside London I think after 9.30am. What a great present that was on my 60th birthday, I use it all the time and the car sits in the driveway and saves me buying petrol.
  12. Breydon

    The Woolwich Ferry

    I am now 70. My young nephew, 18yo thinks I should be a fossil in a museum! Cheeky little so*.
  13. Breydon

    The Woolwich Ferry

    Ahhaa! Another member of Dinosaurs Anonymous.
  14. Breydon

    The Woolwich Ferry

    I realise I am going to show my age now but I can remember the old Woolwich ferries powered by steam engines and with paddle wheels each side. The engine room had big viewing holes in each side and us kids used to be enthralled by the sight of those big shiny crankshafts rotating. The engineers were very proud of their engines and they were always spotless. Aah! Happy memories.
  15. Also, your name and address is on the EA authorities as having a fishing licence even if you do not have a copy of acceptance. All you need is to supply proof of identity. It is a bit worrying that those scam websites will have all your card details too if you use them.

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