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  1. You can’t get experience from a book. You can kill an industry by making too many regulations to enjoy the operative word here is experience and you can get that by doing sometimes mistakes get punished too harshly but that is life. I earn a living clearing up after people’s mistakes
  2. My only worry is you want pubic money and the public to care but they won’t if they can’t see it Not a huge loss of votes to the government if the funding gets cut then by its nature the Broads are very secretive in its special places but it belongs to the country not us and it will be the country that decide the future Ancient rights can be swept aside easily done by any government with a majority and then your standing on sand so I fight for access for all, crowds and all because if the spark of love for broads is lit then that’s one more person in the army
  3. Yup. A sort of natural selection. Ive encountered this attitude while ditching. Any sort of change, any sort of introduction of anything man made is resisted. The thing about certain aspects of conservation is that it’s cheap, in fashion and attractive to money
  4. I like the idea of pontoons in the middle of nowhere
  5. Moorings oh the moorings as said, larger moorings very hard to find
  6. In my experience of semi governmental organisations is you will like what we give you unless you really make bad publicity and the general public get upset. until then just write strongly worded letters and we will take note and do what we was going to anyway
  7. Brings to mind a post I made several years ago about a couple new to the Broads who turned it in due to the lack of mooring anywhere near where they wanted to go. just ended up going between potter and acle when Richardson’s had a base there. Me and the mrs spent a couple of hours talking with them, found out they never knew about the other boat yards at wroxham they could use and yes, they was sold on the image of just pulling up alongside a pub and eating and apart from the co op in acle and Lathams that was it for supermarkets
  8. As future note, I partition my HD into separate portions, one having just windows on. Normally if anything goes down it just effects the windows partition. Rare in this country but maybe more in the countryside is surges so I run my pc through an anti surge plug. Another idea is to use a usb thumb drive for storage for photo back ups
  9. Ours uses about 3 to 4 amps after start, so my battery is 110 amp and the alternator is 70 amp. so all night operations plus lights and fridge plus tv takes it the battery down to around 70 amps cold weather. Most craft can easily last the night and a couple of hours running on good batteries and all’s well.
  10. Amateur here, if the local sea level is rising, how much would that effect The Broads in terms of drainage speed and level?
  11. Don’t plan. That’s the plan. chances are that Horning will be full then what? we sort of aim for a destination and if say, a gap at Horning, we stop to eat otherwise we got food on board and Wroxham ahead. I guess what I’m trying to say, happy stumbling seems to work better than a plan. Many times moorings are full, bad weather, the full English breakfast have delayed things. I’d rather wonder and wave vaguely in a direction to go. As long as we have eggs and bacon
  12. Don’t be assured of a continuing supply either. Our fleet used to be duel fuel but struggled when several station got rid of gas due to the rise of hybrid and electric cars
  13. Beware of the wood on top of moorings, very slippery when wet. so with that in mind run through mooring routine with crew. electric cards buy plenty. Before shower really warm boat up! if it rains a lot then drying coats will be problem and towels so dry them by hanging them in warm air flow from heating while going along. Your making power so why waste it it rains inside your boat as well so we keep cabin doors open to even out condensation Bring gloves for wet mooring ropes when cooking open a window to let out steam Torches remember them. long cruising
  14. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Since returning to The Broads, I’ve had the feeling anything with a motor in it is being marginalised with the environmental hammer used to beat us down. Even down to the argument how natural is The Broads. The greatest danger is complacency. Rights can always be changed or lost, mission statements changed with enough public backing
  15. As an aside, you don’t. Most important to keep legs and arms warm. And the feet. We stumble around the motorways with either thermals on or slightly small tracksuits bottoms under trousers and the same with the trunk building up the layers, tight tee, tee jumper coat. On Forever Autumn we bought something called an oodie a massive oversize hoodie made of sleeping bag stuff and fur and comes down to knee. well warm. why isn’t the heating working? A call on the yard perhaps?
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