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  1. Well, due to BSS you can’t have a glass/plastic filter bowl in engine bay so I can’t see and owing to space requirements didn’t bring basic tool kit ( I forgot to pack it, I know) and this metal bowl has a nut arrangement that I’m going to change for a Reccor unit when I get back. still waiting!
  2. Hopefully. I don’t want to start swinging spanner’s and make anything worse but the absence of any signs of firing, smooth running the night before and occasional pop sounds when I try to start and I’m thinking timing chain jumping or head gasket filled a cylinder. This mooring has room only for one and I feel a bit guilty for staying longer than 24hr but there you go. preparing for open wallet surgery
  3. And awaiting Sutton rescue. A bmc running fine then refuses to start no smoke just pops. damn.
  4. I had bad experience from the semi flexible panel at sea. It delaminated after six months but I may have been unlucky. The trick is a really good controller and an extra battery because you feel let down when it tells you batteries full and it’s wasting amps😀 The bigger the panel the more it makes in lesser light. I found a constant 4 amp charge would still top up my bank over time. Next time I’m going for a solid panel
  5. Captains hats, balloons and pirate hats and one dog rescue! Also the sound of heaters and watching people eat bundled up outside. Shouted orders and trying to squeeze 40 foot into 35 foot. Dead fish and hi viz children in life jackets lovein’ it!
  6. Well since I bought Tropical Gem and sitting in her now this could be interesting 🤔
  7. We use a bath mat, rubber backed and fabric on top. keep inside and when time to use place out side and the warnish rubber sticks to ice.
  8. Sorry guv! Several sections around Wayford junction and I was part of a train heading toward Barton. On Boundary farm mooring now so I might need one hell of telephoto lens😀
  9. From stalham down to Barton broad. looks as if a few wind blown trees have been chopped plus a bit of pruning. Makes it look like an attractive wild mooring that has never been one in past.
  10. Hi all, just cruising on the upper reaches of the Ant when I noticed a small boat in trouble about 5 meters out from what appeared to be a wild mooring. I noticed a lot of fresh stumps and more importantly, a network of branches just under the surface with only an odd branch sticking above the surface. The boat was alright with a touch of reverse to get out. the thing is, these look very inviting and there are a lot of them dotted around up there looking just like the regular stops.
  11. ...and then you find out you haven’t a door big enough to get it out😀
  12. My response? it’s clean on the inside and I can’t bloody see the outside when I’m inside. Hopefully it’s just a person touting for work and over egging the message. Otherwise I’d be looking for other moorings in future.
  13. I’m not against Them. It’s the “do the rules of the river apply to me?” That worries me. Ive sailed into a Cornish harbour and had throw everything into reverse as a kayaker came storming from the walls with the harbourmaster shouting at them to keep the entrance clear. it later turned out the kayak operator said something like he thought the rules only applies to proper boats. it’s the fact that these and paddle boards are used for fun and fun isn’t sitting around in what amounts to a virtual road system
  14. Never had a problem but things are restricted due to the virus. Has a launderette too which has proved handy. It can get crazy but the Moorings are out of the way from hirers and the yard is so large it isn't a problem Better still, it has a builders merchant right outside which is helpful for fixings and wood etc. I get my gas from here too. Diesel on site and pump out. There's so much space in the basin so no queuing. I consider myself lucky that when I bought my boat from Richardson's there was also a mooring available.
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