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  1. Fun until you meet one in the dying light. Moving along How Hill, low light conditions, Nav lights on. See a flash of white, emerging at that bit at the end of the mooring that's reserved, thought it was a swan. It wasn't. Turns out to be a lady cut down white shorts. Lucky I was creeping along at 3 knots or not? she may have heard me. Fella behind her shouts, "what are you doing cruising at night?" The Enemy replies using navy terms explaining we can. one day there will be an accident, will boaters be made to pay?
  2. I thought I saw BA on Barton Broad this morning, mud anchored . Either way the boat looked magnificent
  3. Boat built in 1974. At the back of the boat above the prop tunnel I’ve got this large metal cylinder with about 12 bolts around it. It’s got a reinforced clear pipe going into it and I think it’s my bilge pump but I’ve never seen the like before. no photos I’m afraid but is this common?
  4. The equivalent Byelaws to the Colreg you mention are these ones I believe. A sort of catch all avoid collision at all cost and applies to all vessels.
  5. Thank you. One rule in the col regs I didn’t know still applied was the one that’s says any master of a vessel shall do their best to avoid a collision, I may be paraphrasing that a bit. Or as my instructor said “Don’t be dead right”
  6. Does the BA rules out weigh the col regs?
  7. Just to add, if running the motor in weed keep an eye on your water intake and weed strainer. sometimes you won’t know you have a problem until you ask the engine to work hard and that’s when you need it the most and that overheat alarm sounds
  8. The cost of moving them around the world both in energy and money just won’t pay. In real terms, how many hulls are there disregarded? Even if there are a 1000 around the Uk less than a year you will be unemployed I used to load fragmented steel from cars at Tilbury on to ships bound for China and the pile was truly massive many thousands of tonnes and it needed to be to make it worthwhile No easy answer but maybe better vessel registration to an owner a bit like a log book for cars is needed
  9. Problem is, although a lot of hulls are out there, not enough to recycle into a viable business for the long term
  10. You know I’ve found this problem in a lot “marine” environments. some say it nails your colours to the wall as to what is said others say some aren’t literate enough With the spalling still others say they are swamped with emails and it takes me away from paying work and those that say this is a face to face business Me? I say that modern life now expects new forms of communication and expect to lose work if you don’t keep up
  11. For me Richardson’s worked well. Great mooring with just about everything you need close and I must admit, friendly staff. And yes I did buy one of their ex hires. Also I did do the email thing to just about every yard and I got 2 replies. So face to face works
  12. More time than you think. Most systems are 12v (lights, pumps) fridge may be on its own inverter with its own battery or 12volt. will last all night.
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