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  1. Or it could be that the environmental scientists are right that sea levels rising, south east Britain sinking, too much rain run off, high river banks, water extraction, global warming and ignoring old time water control was right?
  2. That's the trouble. I think the idea of going pub to pub, eating out is on the decline. With a lack of mooring near popular area it makes sense to have all mod cons
  3. True, I sail a 1978 westerly Longbow, great boat, plenty of space. But I find that space being eaten up by modern life! More navigation tech, bigger batteries, solar panels. And here's the point, it can't outsail more modern designs of hull. Back to the point, as long as there is a gap for us who don't mind the more classic boat then I'm happy.
  4. I think also the "as standard" fittings are a growing consideration. Modern, economic engines, bow thruster, higher capacity batteries better 240 inverter and indeed, a 240volt hook up are becoming expected. A fridge that runs all night, higher security windows and doors and better modern cookers. These are just some of the considerations most expect for what is an expensive holiday. As I'm now a blue water sailor, I know the cost of these and probably why the smaller yards can't compete. Shame really but progress is forward. Who remembers gas mantels in woods boats?
  5. The Thames has towpaths and very accessible to the public, mooring is a lot easier and more, to me at least, open feel. As been said before, The Broads needs to be seen and used by the public warts and all. The dismal lack of mooring near popular places and as I see it, a decline of amenities will slowly strangle the area. I live about a hundred miles from the area and I ask people I work with have they heard of the Broads hardly anyone under the age of 40 can say yes, let alone take the family out for a visit.
  6. Let's see. Other park's it's all around you, then you do other things in addition to that, you go for a walk, drive, horse ride and the like. You rock up at Wroxham, see a section of river, boats then, well that's it. Acle, the same. Most won't travel a great distance to have a pub meal. Go for a walk, reeds one side normal farm land the other. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But I'm connected by my love of boating but I know others it just won't appeal in mass way like the lake district. And the only way to see the Broads is really by boat and for long term appeal this has to be made more accessible. This lovely bit of the world needs to be protected but trust me, without mass public support it will be chipped away as pressure comes on the public purse. I see it as a double edged sword you need public support but you don't want to spoil it. As an aside, EU rules help protect the Broads as a back stop, if we leave completely we are at the feet of whatever government rules they feel applicable at the time.
  7. To be honest, your really only going to visit the broads if your interested in messing about on the water. The only way to see the beauty of the Broads is really by boat or something that floats. Birdwatching, cycling, fishing and walking are at best a small number of the total users. That's why I think the broads are a rubbish national park due to the fact that there is only one effective way of seeing them. And that last paragraph could be the death of the place as we know it as less people bond with the broads and really could not care less.
  8. I must be the sad one then. Nothing I like better than knocking out a home made meal for the Mrs and watch the world flow by. I'm not tight in the wallet but the hassle of finding a mooring somewhere near or to stop moving by 2 pm can wear thin. But I do like grabbing a takeaway, mainly chips from Beccles a right pleasure.
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