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  1. The broads by its nature are a series of rivers, lakes, broads and marshland. The are very few places to build so called entertainment for people. Lack of mooring at Yarmouth,Norwich, Oulton Broad and most Riverside pubs is a subject the broads authority needs to address first. What sort of things are people asking for. As the broads tend to be empty during the cold months most entertainment venues suffer a few lean month's so it's most unlikely things will be built in the middle of nowhere next to a river. People who hire boats that want more do not see the downside of the entertainment industry. They would be better off going to a holiday camp thus leaving the broads to those that appreciate the peace and tranquility. Moan over David
  2. Hi Mark. Hired from Topline quite a few times through Blakes i think it was and then direct from the boatyard for a better deal. Found it to be an excellent boat for our needs. It had a camera at the rear with a small screen in the cockpit as rear view a bit obscured. Seen a couple of private ones on my travels so was very surprised to see a couple still available. regards David
  3. Amazing and varied ideas from various people. I'm been looking at Barnes Brink craft Topliner. This is a boat i use to hire from the now defunct Topcraft fleet in Oulton Broad. Found it comfortable, easy to drive, bow thruster for mooring.Thought they had all gone into private ownership so was pleasantly surprised to see 2 are available.A bed that goes across the boat not up against the side plus easy access to get off all round the boat. A nice spacious place to relax and fish off the stern.My wife has difficulty jumping off and getting up the steps on centre cockpit boats. Since there is only 2 of us i would have to let my wife off and then run to the back to get off and grab a rope. At least with a bath tub i can get out of the front quickly. Don't need to rush to get a mooring at a pub. Too flipping noisy with selfish drunk people coming back after closing time and tripping over ropes. Peace and quiet and a fridge full of food plus a few bottles are all we need.
  4. I have a saying which i use for holidays "5 weeks in 1 star i.e tent self catering rather then 1 week in 5* all inc.Time away is more important to us. Don't need the frills . Have used Silverline and quite pleased with them. Have not heard of Freedom. Will have to look them up. Thanks for the replies. p.s Still one thing, if less hire boats it will be more quiet which does for me
  5. Having been on the broads for a number of years(over 50) i'm thinking of returning after several off due to the discovery of the Captains Blog on YouTube I previously been on boats out of Beccles, Oulton and Somerleyton plus the Brundall and Stalham areas .I prefer the south as its less crowded but I have noticed a few hire companies missing. Whats happened? Whilst looking online i have noticed a new beed of upmarket and expensive boats available. Certainly out of my price range. I know there are the older types still being refurb but as they are pensioned off will they be replaced by more expensive ones. Mood lighting, solar panels. expensive furnishings and head lining all add up. Are the companies trying to go for more upmarket clientele ?
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