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  1. i was actually done for being 1 minute over time in an aldi.the reason i was taken ill.collapsed low blood sugar cost me 70 quid
  2. wow its fantastic.thankyou herbert woods
  3. i went into pedros to book and that was information lyndsey who deals with boat bookkings gave me
  4. i only passed on what lyndsey told me last month
  5. this is heron cottage was used as holiday let
  6. it came from lyndsey in a face to face chat a couple of weeks ago
  7. yes they are building new boats.lyndsey also told me they wont be ready till next year
  8. i was in bbc recently talking to lyndsey they are only going to run 3 boats this year.rest remaining on dry land.they are using hickling,ranworth and upton
  9. iim with you on that skodas are the busness.we have had 2 octavias.2.0 petrol and 2.0 diesel.cheap to maintain and very reliable.im driving a c5 now worst thing i did getting rid of octavia
  10. a real pleasure to see her and so pleased shes still about thankyou
  11. omg yes we hired phoenixbeautiful boat.wish i owned her
  12. its done very nice and food is of hornings standard
  13. we had a friend and his front passenger seat was never used cos her in doors was put in back with a book to read
  14. unfortunately not but ive since been told the daughters name and can confirm that so think im on a winner lol.thanku everyone for your help its very frustrating.
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