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  1. Thiswan

    Pmr Licence Free Radio On The Broads

    ChrisB- Fair enough Chris but I wouldn't dream of using the Marine Band VHF but having listerned to the local fishing boats they do natter about everything ! X-rated some of it!! I can do The Free licence PMR analog channels or have a Rig for Two Meters and 70 cm FM Hamband only to Hams on that one of course.
  2. Thiswan

    Pmr Licence Free Radio On The Broads

    Griffs right !All changed since I started, contact your local club I think you can even take the RAE Radio exam there these day's and morse no longer requiered for the HF Bands I've lost interest a bit (Maybe just got old) so not very active I used to like a chat when I was working as a mobile service engineer but since I retired don't get around much. and strangely seem to have less time. Never mind a week on the Southern Rivers in March God willing! GW4 RXO Peter,
  3. Thiswan

    Pmr Licence Free Radio On The Broads

    I'm actually a licenced Radio Amateur but the bands are so quiet (at least in my neck of the woods) I thought it might be nice to talk boat to boat to someone with a simular interest I'll put in the frequency channels and scan during my tea breaks Great response btw this Forum's really good!
  4. I hear that the above system is in use on the broads does anyone know if it's being used for communication/chats between boaters? and if so what Channel or frequencies are used . Thanks in advance for any possible replies.
  5. Thiswan

    Adventure Vi

    The captain's and the Admirals video blogs look like fun I think I'll have a go, first of all, win the lottery (how else can this be afforded?)then pick a name Commodore or Commander are they taken? Like the idea of a glamorous crew member (Not so sure the wife would though) never mind solo it is! but being ancient who would help me moor up as I'm doing my bit to the camera? thinking about it what camera? think I've got an old Kodak Brownie somewhere? Oh well, I'll just leave it to the boy's and enjoy! the experience with the family and leave the blog s to the young uns pity I can waffle like Russell but I'm just too old.
  6. Thiswan

    Adventure Vi

    You'll either be a huge Hit or taken away by men in white coats better than Keith Lemmon though.
  7. Thiswan

    Is Your Dog Spoilt?

    My Wife has pointed out to me how unobservant I am "The Dog does not sleep in the bed but some times when it's cold sleeps on the bed if there's room "Don't ask me I'm asleep!
  8. Thiswan

    Is Your Dog Spoilt?

    All of the above. There's a stand off at the moment between my Wife and our dog Tommy a Choccy Lab she had to put Drops in his ears which he hates he has ignored her for two days now she,s ignoring him I'll be glad when their friends again I can't stand the tension.
  9. Thiswan

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    When did the Ladies stop speaking like that?
  10. Hell when I first read the title I thought The Incredible Hulk had visited
  11. Thiswan

    Ready Meals

    Yes but always remember to puncture it ,unlike poor old Fred Astaire. with a can of Ambrosier " Pudding on my top hat pudding on my tails"
  12. Thiswan

    Low Tide

    Quick get under all the bridges NOW!
  13. Thiswan

    Calendars 2019

    Just got mine, it's great! I know most of the locations but not all. Could someone name the locations Month by Month unless of course this is going to be a competition later and I'm not going to spoil it
  14. Thiswan

    Calendars In Print

    I ordered one a few day's ago but the internet was playing up so I'm not sure it worked I had no e-mail back is that normal? Thanks Peter,
  15. Thiswan

    Lpg Induction Hob, Anyone?

    Like the idea of a cooking hob that doesn't normaly get hot with no pan present but what if you get over familier and put your finger with a ring on too close. silly I know but!

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