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  1. I'd just like to be able to get under Potter Heigham Bridge I used to in my younger days but it's been so long I've forgotten what it's like (Like a lot of things in my old age) but I do remember it being nice and different.
  2. Is this what happens when you get older all the things that you enjoyed are no longer acceptable whereas the things that you hated are all the rage. The important things are ignored and silly unimportant trash is hailed as the Holy Grail. Sometimes I think I've landed in a strange world where nearly everything has been reversed and nitpicking self-appointed Do-Gooders have all the power.
  3. Many Congratulations de GW4RXO Peter.
  4. Not Breydon so much but I had a nasty moment at the Dolfin at Yarmouth once. ( I must have miscalculated the tide) going toward Breydon on a Hampton Safari 25 we stopped dead just like we'd run aground then began to turn around like a slow whirlpool I managed to get out of the "Spin" by using full throttle but only just and soon was in calm water. with a big sigh of relief! I have remained very respectful of the tide conditions there ever since.
  5. What's up with the Car Manufacturers Bulb changing should be easy as it's a consumable part. Cars of yesterday one or two screws to undo and it was done, We have gone backward as the Bulb is most likely to fail on a cold wet night and you want to spend the least time replacing it as possible! I had a company Vauxhall once that you had to take out the Battery to replace the headlamp bulb Crazy!!
  6. What put me off Amazon was getting enrolled in the "Prime" thing by stealth I really didn't remember ticking anything! only knew when the fee money appeared on my bank statement in fairness to them one phone call and I got my money back. And as for waste what about Barclaycard they send me a letter at least every month about transferring all my credit cards to them. Why don't they pop it in my Barclaycard bill or e-mail it .been going on for years now, a whole rainforest worth! BTW I only have ONE credit card anyway!
  7. Thanks for the tips everyone I'll make notes in my Broads book for next time Some very decent folk on here I must say. You wouldn't believe how disappointed I was when I went to turn into the Cafe Carpark to be met with a wall of concrete blocks! And to cap it all we eventually picked up Sandwiches in the motorway services which were awful and I think gave my Wife food poisoning, not a nice trip back.
  8. Disappointed to find the transport cafe "The World Famous Comfort Cafe" (Cambridgeshire) closed down on route back from a week on the Broads. Apparently been closed about a year it was really handy for us when traveling back and forth now there only seems to be Fast Food or expensive places. The good old transport places are really rare!
  9. Seasickness has to be one of the worse sensations you just pray for deliverance!
  10. When my Daughter was little on a rough ferry crossing with her school she was the only one able to stand I put this down to our regular Broads holidays even before she was born!
  11. Now that's my problem not enough time on the water! sounds a good cure to me !! Peter,
  12. Faced the Cold and the wind even the rain and the huge waves but could not walk to the New Inn Rockland from the Staithe without falling headfirst into the road! bruising and grazing myself all over and spitting out a tooth Thank you to the people at the Pub who helped me up. I had a good time despite the accident but now must face the Dentist! Has anyone else felt unsteady on land after being a few days on the water? BTW no alcohol had passed my lips before the tumble!
  13. For goodness sake Norwich easy on us Swansea City Friday night our owners sold us out to American so-called investors who have sold the first team and left us with the reserves and under 23s at least Norwich have a reputation as an attacking team and deserve to be doing well If it's too bad a result I'll be incognito when I arrive in Norwich Saturday to start my week on the Broads!
  14. I forgot I'd used it at Norwich once! never again, you live and learn no damage done but a nicely plowed riverbed I bet!
  15. I know I'm getting on but the last couple of times I've used a Mud weight I had the devil of a job retrieving it afterward I've been advised to lower it gently so it doesn't sink too far in the mud, Ill try that next time!
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