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  1. I had a boat last time out with an electric winch, it was only when I was winding out that I thought how do I know when it hits the bottom practice I guess . ;)
  2. It,s all clear now Crystal Horizon 1&2 have become Broadway 5&6at least one of them having a P before the number for Pet. Least that,s what I think?
  3. Early Seventies my first hire boat Angelina Bee , Bees Boats out of Brundall wooden cruiser ( not sure about the hull) but I know it had a Petrol Engine. Second time out White Dolphin 2 a big lump mostly wood from Hippersons Beccles have hired hundreds of times since some yards are even still going!
  4. No sensation is like the old Crystal Horizon (Now Ibiza I think) this one is new posh bath tub type very nice boat. with two Tele's and bow thrusters fore and aft.
  5. The above seem to have disappeared from the horizon at Richardsons (pardon the pun) I know nothing is currently available but these are shown as Unit unavailable or such. If they are sold or something I'll be disappointed they were ideal for my lot when using the north. although I would be busting the bank to hire them.
  6. Thiswan

    Space Station

    It doesn't half rip across the sky not as fast as a Meteor but quick
  7. I used the enquiry one on their Website they came back quite quickly.
  8. Hope it all works out for you guys. My problem now is getting hold of the Bank an hour delay at least costing £30 with the old phones you either got through or busy not costing a fortune with no result at the end of it.
  9. Thanks folk all sorted with Richardson's yesterday they were waiting for me to get in touch, a misunderstanding. A refund and I'll re- apply when the nightmare ends all being well thanks to all on here and Richardson's were more than helpful.
  10. Sorry I meant my planed holiday has already passed 30/03/2020 it's a lot of money to be doing nothing in these troubled times although I would re-book when this nightmare ends all being well.
  11. Regarding Refund or Rearrange for lost holiday. Their website says not to contact them they will contact you but how long is it reasonable to wait?
  12. That's interesting I'm waiting to hear whats going to happen about the booking I had on 30th of last month with all the uncertainty I think I'd prefer my money back for now at least.
  13. No No I like Boris If I break a rule and be a little political I'm glad it's him at the Helm I just want someone to make up my mind for me as at the moment my Wife is winning . and I've nobody to back me up
  14. Very good point but I cant see a booking for the boat the time before online I Wish Boris & Co. would make it legally yes or no like he's now done with Pubs etc. would then there be no argument but that's politicians for you eh. I'd like the chance to maybe switch to October before it's too late, I can't afford to lose £800 odd who can?
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