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  1. That's not one of those Norfolk jokes, is it? nothing to do with me
  2. Thanks, I'll take a look at the fleet nice and nostalgic if I remember right :)
  3. Sorry, what a can of worms I've opened on this my first post, perhaps I should have just asked what could be done about getting through the Potter Heigham bridge. Oh no, I think I,'ve done it again! sabbatical for me I think
  4. Vaughan- What you say seems logical I appreciate your views.
  5. Thiswan

    Thiswan Says Hi

    have regularly hired on the broads since the early seventies but haven't been much lately just booked for next year the lure is too strong.
  6. I was thinking if any thought has been given to having some sort of control lock/barrier at Great Yarmouth to limit excessive tides as it seems that craft that could normally get under Potter Heigham and some other bridges can no longer do so and I believe some people are also experiencing more flooding than ever before. It would have to allow vessels to pass in and out to the sea of course. How such a scheme would be funded I have no idea ;) I suspect this subject has been broached before but I haven't been able to find any details.

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