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  1. Sorry I couldn't get there sounds like youv'e had fun, had to stay up Stslham area for car, hospital again tomorrow. Saw a taxi driver driving a boat towards Neatishead this afternoon, got a wave, back in Richos now car at back of boat ready for morning.
  2. Can't make it, stuck in Richos literally one handed, have to go back to James Paget Monday depending what they say might be referred to Norwich. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH Incy wincy spider bit Tony's finger.
  3. Back at Richos got car for trip to hospital tomorrow. Saw Chamelion at Womack and met Malanka heading down the Ant
  4. Can't make Friday have to go to hospital at Yarmouth, car at Stalham trying to work out best way to do it, in HWs at the moment been to Stalham today from PH by bus got car went to James Padget back to PH drop wife off, took car back to Richos then back to PH bit of a tiring day.
  5. Moored in Fleet Dyke listening to the cuckoo
  6. Welcome Dave I've had the experience for 30yrs empty pockets now
  7. Why not look in at Walklins when you are in Loddon I believe Denny is still around. We hired their boats in late 70s early 80s.
  8. See previous post Simon, always said taxi drivers didn' t take notice of signs LOL. 10.30 see you then Tony
  9. Sorry V should have been Villa. Not that they can be champs but if Blades win Canaries have to at least draw
  10. Down to the last game on Sunday to see who are champions. WBA??????
  11. Hello Paul, have you got your date right, Richardsons start days are Mon Tues Fri Sat 22nd is Wed. We are out on one of theirs 13 to 27 May so look out for San Remo 2
  12. Paddy's Lane moorings fit your description, about half an hour from Stalham take turn for Barton Turf moorings along right hand side
  13. Bridges below 16' 6" are supposed to be marked and drivers are required by law to know the height of their load and have it recorded in the cab
  14. Anything can happen in football, newly promoted Hull beat champions Leicester in the fist match of the season the other year
  15. I agree with Jay. Yes. Yes
  16. A reasonable substitute if you are driving
  17. Sorry Jay I have the same opinion of all lagers
  18. There isn't such a thing as a good pint of Stella we used to call it onion water
  19. Tigers nearly made the play offs, did well considering they were bottom in October and they did beat Leeds 2-0 at Elland Rd when they were top. Best of luck to Canaries in Prem. If Donny make it they' ll have to play Leeds next season.
  20. You're joking of course ! Titanic is real
  21. As they used to be when.We used to pay £30.00, that would be great.
  22. That sounds like a good way to get rid of all hire boats Griff Tony
  23. Looking at remarks on this and other topics like :- seeing on F/book and another forum better order another set of fenders, the silly season, I didn't get hit once, the likely hood of being hit by an inexperienced hire boater, I've come to the conclusion that all hire boaters, to quote an old adage are all tarred with the same brush and are incompetent and private owners are experts. I have watched many private owners perform on the canals ,rivers and Broads and have come to the opinion that if thats the best you can do sell it. I also wonder if any one thought that a hire boater might have a lot more experience at boat handling than them, finally to refer back to the remarks is there any ruling that you can't use a different name on another forum. I await to be HD&Q
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