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  1. Good show went 2yrs ago when we were at my daughters in Holbeach meals were v.good and reasonable price
  2. Is that the ice cream Masserella Alan, Mr Whippy was their horse
  3. Often use that method works very well at Coltishall Lock
  4. Agree I find it works well and as you say quite easy.
  5. Think it was a bit of Do You Know Who I Am
  6. Interesting! Like all his NO PLACE FOR comments, pity he can't practice them himself, that incident was deliberate and he should be banned from the waterways. I have 60yrs experiance of ships boats tugs and canals but I am still a hirer when on holiday
  7. Anyone know which mag he writes for
  8. We have booked Conway Bridge for 2wks next May through Hoseasons, have been charged £80 for small dog who doesn't moult PLUS on the paper work under special notes QUOTE There is an extra £25 pet security deposit payable on arrival if a dog accopanies you on this boat. This is refunded when the boat is returned in good order END QUOTE. PS I have only paid £35 at Richardsons and our hols are either 10days or 2wks. We always take his bed, blankets and towels
  9. Wecome Gunnerboy, as you can see the pantomime has already started
  10. After watching the first series I would have thought the judges, a top modeler and the editor of supposedly the most popular railway modeling magazine would have had something to say about the content. After seeing a16yr old lad at a local exhibition cutting roof tiles and patiently putting them singularly on an N gauge building emphasised what real modelling is all about I won't be voting in the TV Awards and also lucky in the fact that my wife doesn't watch any soaps
  11. Reading that if they reduce the amount of water they take by 84m lts a day by 2025 there will be that much water in the system we'll struggle to get under Acle bridge LOL
  12. Can't put newer than new in and I use duracell, supposed to be the best and since the three bites I've had they just get splattered
  13. Got one, useless, not enough power
  14. See Anyone Afloat This Weekend 26/5/19
  15. Tomato sauce, salad cream, mayo??? what about tartare sauce
  16. Just make sure the spiders are not the type I meet
  17. Nice to read TT and NN's opinion on Bridgecraft we have booked Conway Bridge for 2wks next May first time at Acle
  18. Daughter lives near Sutton Bridge says suppliers haven't delivered materials not sure when work will start
  19. Took San Remo 7ft 8ins air draft through Ludham 8ft on the board loads of room
  20. Airdraft for Swan Ranger is 7ft 9ins according to Richos brochure
  21. Don't know about proper jobs, when I listen to the accents I think a lot of them became MPs
  22. Just enjoyed reading through your holiday postings, as I said earlier we have booked Coway Bridge which has a bow thruster for May next year. Thought you might like to see Bentley our 12yr old version of Rollie
  23. In 1977 we went through with Caravelle2 and one of the Constellations if anyone knows what air draft they had. Pilot said they were biggest boats to go through
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