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  1. See Another Eyesore page 2
  2. Don't forget the padding so they don' t get hurt
  3. Is that the one they call world series that only americans play
  4. Did someone use a tap at that time and probably turned it off tightly, it doesn't have to drip just losing a bit of air will cause it to go as you explained
  5. Check all your taps are turned off tightly , sounds like water pump
  6. Thanks for that Ray I was waiting to see what answers if any came up to my post. Wouldn't fancy catching one at Yarmouth, tide runs too fast Tony
  7. Hope you are going to tell them when you buy some apples when you get back home
  8. Sorry but if I remember correctly a normal box of matches was 2d approx 40 Swan were 4d smaller matches but you got approx 100. Better value
  9. Flattered if your post is directed at me Ray. Birthday on Saturday, I'll be at that address on Sunset Strip if you are old enough to remember that LOL
  10. On the subject of half crowns the only thing I know that came down in price after decimalization was the toll for a lorry over the Severn Bridge before it was a half crown after it was 12p
  11. I remember going along the shallow Chesterfield Canal with the engine just ticking over, so clear you could watch the fish and surprising friendly anglers who said sorry didn't hear you coming then jokingly asking if we had the bacon sandwiches on
  12. It's possible to catch a crab if you are rowing a dinghy around the broads
  13. I went across the A66 six times a week when I was working, sounds like the alpacas have grown into camels unless they really have some now, there were also some ostriches somewhere but then you could see a lot more from a high lorry cab
  14. It does have a ladder so you can get back aboard after falling in the drink
  15. Where do you buy cheap aquatic plants, I must throw about £100 away when I clean my tank, don't know where they get their prices from.
  16. Hi Alan, I dont think you ever lose the Broads bug. We are there 7 - 17 Sept on Ibiza 1 from Richardsons if you are there at that time look out for us
  17. You indicate to turn out of a roundabout not to go round it you can only go one way I have watched people indicate three times each time different depending on which way the bend of the roudabout is going
  18. I saw somewhere on u tube some one took a narrow boat across the channel
  19. Richardsons give an excellent map when you take a boat out
  20. Keep off Ibiza 1 I've got it for 10 days in September. Clive, have you still got Magnor, we had it for a week back about 1980 lovely boat.
  21. Seagypsy


    One of Denny Walklin's boats Elizabeth Anne was an ex Dunkirk boat or at least the hull
  22. Not far from double that now what's it like Happy Birthday Robin
  23. Yes Meg I remember the model now, I was thinking of the little squarish Farina model which came out in the 60s
  24. My pic was last week I was there twice no room first time only got in second time because someone pulled out just as I got there space next to me is only one available also Gays was full on Sunday
  25. I got my first car in 1959 before I passed my test. It was a Laurel Green 1957 Vauxhall Victor Reg No NKY 776 Meg. Is it possible your Reg No was 650 WNK as the way you have put it seems too early for an A40
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