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  1. 42 minutes ago, MauriceMynah said:

    Now gentlemen. I don't wish to complain but I'd been keeping away from TV and radio so's not to find out anything about the race. Sadly you've rather given the game away. Just the title alone did the trick.  Pity!!

    You may not wish to moan so I`ll do it for you. For those of us motor racing fans that can only watch the ch4 highlights I`ll say :default_2gunsfiring_v1:

  2. 2 minutes ago, ranworthbreeze said:

    Hi Monica,

    I do not eat chicken but for Tan, I used to cook chicken breasts in water and cut them into strips, dried off I would put the strips into a frying pan with a little fry-light and sprinkle chicken Oxo cubs over the strips to give them a coating.  



    Always looking for new ideas me, was that boil the chicken breasts and if so for roughly how long Alan?

  3. Evening all,

    Using an online company mentioned in other threads it all started out ok. I answered all their questions and received a quote, replied to accept the quotation and was asked to pay the premium which I did however then received forms to fill out, sign and return and this is where I`m now thinking what planet are they on.

    There is nothing special about the boat. It is a 37ft GRP Broads cruiser with original BMC engine built 1980. So why are they saying "An automatic fire extinguisher fitted in the engine compartment is a requirement on this policy"? I must of looked at hundreds of boat details before buying and not one of them had this system fitted. I could understand if it was large gin palace worth six figures but it`s not.

    Furthermore how many of you know .....When your mooring was laid, who by and when was the last time it was inspected and who by?

    (Personally I prefer whom but that is a different matter) lol.

    Think I shall be asking for my money back and going elsewhere.

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  4. I saw the picture before it was removed, thought it was a good picture clearly showing the boat (Including name and reg number) and just how close it passed and the wash created so could fully understand your comments, however when people do overtake in such a manner what can we do to minimize the effect to our boat?

    (Serious Q from a learner)

  5. I`m a newbie having brought my first and hopefully last boat this year, being +60 one thing I would say is consider how easy is the boat for getting on and off but as you`ve been boating for many years I guess you already know that. :default_dunce:

  6. 7 minutes ago, KaptinKev said:

    If I'm a legal owner of a shotgun, I doubt an owner of a drone is going to prosecute me for shooting at his or her drone illegally surveying my property!

    That depends on the height of the drone above the property I believe.

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