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  1. 52 minutes ago, marshman said:

    If it is a one off, you should be aware it will have a more limited appeal in the marketplace - it may also be a slightly unusual construction all of which will affect resale value.

    But whatever you do, do not think having a proper survey is a waste of money - its for your own peace of mind and quite literally your insurance.

    Thanks for all replies much appreciated and a proper survey will/ would of been done as my head rules my heart lol.

    Anybody want to take a guess at the asking price based on 1982 Broom, thorneycraft 2.5 engine, bsc march 2020, strong bank of batteries, hot & cold pumped water, meaco dehumidifier, inverter, vetus 1.5kw thruster, 4 burner gas cooker, full size 12v or 240v fridge, all singing bells & all microwave, electronic safe, trumatic warm air system, 240v/ 12v lights, usb sockets. Looks like solid wood fit out everywhere and a large folder of receipts / paperwork.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, JawsOrca said:

    The hull certainly looks like a Broom 37 hull. But it's probably a custom top as suggested. Was the Hulls sold off as just Hulls?

    Don't forget the BOC is only for "True Blood" Brooms, lol. Hopefully you get an answer, If not I can try and stick on the owners facebook group and see if anyone can shed more info although I suspect no more than advised already :) 

    lol, read about the BOC and being "True Blood" from another thread on here. I`ve sent them a few photo`s and fully expect a "Nay" in response tbh.

    Might take you up on the facebook offer.

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  3. Hi Vaughan, hope the wine didn`t splatter your keyboard.

    I did ask about a canopy and the owner only replied with a quote he had be given to have one made but hasn`t answered my Q yet regarding has it been covered or left exposed.

    (They take 2 days to reply to emails!)

  4. 3 minutes ago, oldgregg said:

    By very definition, she can't be a Broom unless they built her. If the builder was sold a full or partial set of mouldings for fitting out, then it's an Aquafibre. 

    A lot of stuff gets listed by brokers as 'Broom' because a) they don't know any better and b) it sounds good.

    The hull does look like it could be Aquafibre, certainly, and I'd agree that the superstructure looks to be DIY so it'd need to be very carefully surveyed.

    You fancy doing the survey? The more I look the more I like her for the money being asked.

  5. 26 minutes ago, scaniaman said:

    Cannot see what she`s called or any reg number.If you know any of them, have a look  at the website " the boat index" that may give some indication.


    Well according to that site she is a Broom built in 1982 however where as the site say`s 30 x 10ft the owner claims 37 x 12, at least the 2.5 engine matches.

  6. Well I`ve only been here 2 minutes however as Vaughan has said "Most enlightening", horrified about the changes to precedures as have had much the same happen to me with an employment issue many many years ago.

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  7. 23 minutes ago, SwanR said:

    I noticed that last night as well David. I had also thought that might be intrusive.

    Do I dare ask how it could just be visible to the camera Grendel?

    *Hoping for totally non-technical explanation* :default_laugh:

    Last paragraph before contents table. Or Night vision section.


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