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  1. 44 minutes ago, Coryton said:

    Yes a rubber mallet is on the list of things that Herbert Woods suggest you take with you.

    I think somewhere I read that they give you an extra rhond anchor to use as a substitute mallet, which doesn't sound as useful.

    Depends on how much time you want to hammer away at it, rather use a small club hammer.

  2. 7 minutes ago, brundallNavy said:

    Hele’s car has just been written off by Hastings the first offer was £10400 which was declined next offer £10440 which was also declined, next day email to state that case was now closed and payment on its way. A like for like replacement is £12000 but they won’t budge. 

    Been there, when asked how they arrived at that figure I was told based on for sale adverts of similar car in your area. Note the work similar. They were all older with higher milage.

  3. 2 minutes ago, chameleon said:

    wasn't it maurice-mynah?

    That is a likey suspect, hopefully it has  been cleaned by now as it has it has been awhile since the last newbie under went the ceremony. Are the batteries fully charged?

  4. Got out bid on one of those at an auction, later on I passed by as the new owner opened the boot to find self leveling cement, something in his face made me look over my shoulder as I passed, Oh thank you lord!

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  5. 1 hour ago, dnks34 said:

    When considering the sheer number of birds we have on the Broads its very sad we don't have an organisation interested in looking out for their welfare, especially when they are getting tangled up in man made fishing tackle its a very sad state of affairs.

    I have managed to remove loose tackle from a Swans neck before  and a size 12 hook that was embedded in a ducks upper beak, somehow the hook had penetrated from the outside in not the inside out as I’d have thought.  

    The difficult part is catching them

    Having had to deal with one angry swan whilst taking a fountain  pump out of a lake I take my hat off to you for getting that close.

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  6. Without eyes on,

    Could the seat foam base be removed back to the wood base then a new padded seat with it`s own wood base be fixed to the original base. Either screwed from underneath or possibly strong velco?

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