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  1. 16 minutes ago, KaptinKev said:

    You never ever charge for a quote or estimate for repairs unless you have diagnosed a fault. When you are in business, whether it be boat repairs, electrical or heating/plumbing(heating/plumbing mean they print their own money :default_biggrin:) the money you charge for actual work, allows for you to cover the costs for time and fuel for quotes for work you might not get.

    In the good ol days Kev, doesn't work like that now with the interweb. 

  2. 44 minutes ago, Amjams said:

    I wasn't clear, he came and gave me a quote and charged me for the quote without mentioning he was going to beforehand

    Can I ask would you know how long it took him to reach you and how long in total including talking to you was he on site for?

    Lastly is there any mention of deducting the cost should you go ahead with the work?

  3. Isn`t it all under redevelopment?

    2 minutes ago, Coryton said:

    Good grief - it's gone downhill fast!

    Being pedantic, it looks like something from a ground control tower at an airport (but a bit too low down).

    It certainly would be nice to see something done with it - it's not exactly the most pleasant welcome to Great Yarmouth (not that the yacht station is a thing of beauty)

    Isn`t it all under redevelopment?

  4. 1 hour ago, Smoggy said:

    Best post the pictures you took here first so we can help your decision.

    Out of respect to the female members and the rules of decorum on the forum there will not be photographs, not that have any you understand. :default_eusa_naughty:

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  5. On 17/08/2019 at 20:29, Andrewcook said:

    As to New Cruisers have got Tinted Windows I believe would it make any difference  of the Older model  Cruisers with its Hired or Private or Syndicate'  have them flitted as it does gives it some privacy while on board plus it may cut down any intruders at the same time? What are the Forums opinions on this issue?

    Andrew Cook 

    Right pot of marmite you opened here Andrew !  :default_biggrin:

  6. 8 minutes ago, TheQ said:

    People with tinted windows, should remember when the light is switched on they are perfectly visible...

    Same applies for opaque & frosted bathroom windows, a fact my new neighbour in her new house doesn`t realise so forum members do I or do I not inform her? :default_icon_redface:

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