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  1. 26 minutes ago, vanessan said:

    Nor me - they’ll be closed if there’s anything people shouldn’t see! :default_norty:

    I`m not a pretty sight eating cornflakes in my PJ`s. :default_biggrin:

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Coryton said:

    I think what I don't realise is the benefit from tinting windows at all.

    In particular I found it quite odd to pass a boat and not to be able to see the person at the helm.



    I guess I`m alone not liking to feel like a goldfish in a bowl when moored then and a lot of materials used internally fade in colour from exposure in time. 

    Won`t have that problem with a light tint.

  3. 3 hours ago, marshman said:

    You see, I don't have a problem with those few fangled things called curtains! Much less hassle and it gets the wife,partner, girlfriend,boyfriend more involved too!!

    Oh I have those new fangled things you mention as well. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, SPEEDTRIPLE said:

    Hi OBB,

    it`s not just the tinting, it`s the cost of labour for taking the windows out, shipping them to the operatives site, then reversing the whole process. 

    Also, with Lightning having silver annodised frames, tints my look like a cheap (well, not really) and very tacky afterthought, unless we go for the added expense of either removal and re-anodising the frames, or painting them. Not cost effective either way, and even more time required out of owners allotted weeks. 

    Hi ST, 

    Hear you however as I said I believe they will be offering a mobile service to do the job with the windows still in and to be fair I didn`t mention the last bit earlier.

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  5. Just now, SPEEDTRIPLE said:

    It`s something which was raised in our AGM, but i think we dropped it. I think it would cost too much for very little gain, plus, being a syndicate boat, the sheer amount of time required to do the job around our annual service and maintainance schedual would eat into owners holiday times, which would`nt bother me, as we never use Lightning in December or January, preferring to donate our winter week for other maintainance work if necessary.

    I don`t think it may cost as much as you think. That`s the tinting not the window sealing which is a whole different ball game.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Londonlad1985 said:

    I like the overall look of them, but I feel it makes making eye contact and waving more difficult if you're passing someone on the river. In some lights it's hard to see who's at the helm....friend or foe? :default_smile:🤣

    Good point you raise but for me the pro`s outweigh the con`s.

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  7. Decided that all my very old and leaking windows needed looking at so whilst they were out a local car window tinting company has been tinting them. Went for the full limo black out in the rear cabin and a lighter tint for the remaining, it`s still ongoing but to me it is looking good and will help to protect the interior from fading in colour.

    They want to come and photograph the boat when it`s finished and it will be on their website and I belive they will be offering a mobile come to you service for those not confident in doing it themselves. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, Coryton said:

    As in my previous post, I believe there will be.

    But there are plenty of level crossings in the UK which don't have anything to prevent a train approaching with a vehicle stuck on the crossing - these are the ones with "half-barriers" that just cover the side of the road for traffic about to enter the crossing.

    In the area where I used to live the crossing had these barriers however it didn`t stop a man killing himself when he sadly parked his car on the tracks late one night.

  9. 1 hour ago, ranworthbreeze said:

    The sad thing regarding the level crossing at Brundall, is that the cost of the new system would keep the 4 staff that cover the shifts on the crossing could be employed for the next 50 to 100 years at a fraction of the price that the new system will cost when completed.

    A man on the gate knows that he can let the odd car through before closing the gate, a automatic system just flashes the warning lights and closed the barrier , it does not take into account that a low loader has bottomed out just over the crossing and is blocking the crossing, it does not happen often but it does happen from time to time.

    There are over 90 trains per day that go through the crossing, we always say on turning into Station Road, will it be open or closed.




    The man/ women on the gates has waved me through a few times so agree with you there but there must be a system in place for the stuck low loader.

  10. Believe that station parking at Brundall is £3 a day which all things considered isn't too bad. Noticed that lots of Norwich fans use it for home games or did, now they park on the hill so expect double yellow lines anytime soon.

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  11. 11 hours ago, Mouldy said:


    Friday 9th August

    So we arrived at Brundall at about 21:30 on Friday evening, stopped at the Chinese (again) for some food and drove round to the yard where we are moored.  

    Incase you don`t know it is worth the short drive to Blofield for fish n chips. 

    Opps, something went wrong with the edit.






  12. 15 minutes ago, Trev said:

    Thank you for the advice. I will make sure there is a slight drip. I didn't realise that. Others suggest about one drip a minute.  I'll aim for that 

    Just take your time to achieve the one drip per minute as it is easy to overtighten the packing. Once completed you really want to check on it for a few days until everything is bedded down. Graphite is easier to cut than PTFE however both need a sharp blade.

  13. When repacking the glands on commercial pumps we cut the ends of the packing rings at a 30 degree slopes which helps to seal the joint better than a straight butt joint and the other thing was to stagger the postion of the joints. First joint at 12 on a clock face, second joint at 4, third joint at 8, fourth joint would be 1, fifth at 5 and sixth at 9 and so on.

    In the worst case`s we replaced the shaft due to it being worn away and undersized by as much as a 1/8" because people thought they shouldn`t drip and kept tightening the packing ring.

  14. 1 hour ago, CambridgeCabby said:

    Considering almost everybody* nowadays has a smart phone I fail to understand why the hire yards don’t tell the hirers to download a free speed app or even the Aweigh app which gives speed and a live map 

    * yes John (MM) I know you still use a steam powered model 


    25 minutes ago, Regulo said:

    No, he's still on wind power.

    Did you mean wind up power like a wind up radio? :default_biggrin:

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