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  1. Without eyes on,

    Could the seat foam base be removed back to the wood base then a new padded seat with it`s own wood base be fixed to the original base. Either screwed from underneath or possibly strong velco?

  2. 3 hours ago, TheQ said:

    Only for commercial boats is it a law,  and it doesn't say a "gas safe registered person", The law says a competent person. Even then the company could be "gas safe registered" but the person not.

    It is perfectly legal to do you own gas work on your own house or boat, however if you are not competent, you are even more liable.. and even more of an idiot..

    The engineer is the named gas safe person working through the company so should he be the only gas safe guy they have and he leaves then they shouldn't advertise as being gas safe registered.

  3. Just goes to show my point in another thread. I wouldn't buy a Vivaro due to bad reports however my 08 125k Vito doesn't owe me a penny.

    Weird isn't it?

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  4. Don't forget mine are old s5 and 7 models, the works phone handles sat nav all day and many calls and messages.

    I do hear you but hasn't every manufacturer released a bum model at some point whether it be a phone, a laptop a car ....




  5. Sorry to read your troubles and yes I recall certain model had battery problems. All I can say is that it hasn't effected either of mine both will go 24 or 36hrs between charges.

  6. 2 hours ago, NorfolkNog said:

    Anyone got a spare £32,800 they could let me have? :default_norty:

    My all time favourite hire boat is up for sale


    The very rare 32 foot centre cockpit version. Built by Alphacraft but with many Swancraft improvements including bow thrusters, new engine, stainless tanks, front deck repaired, new cleats, inverter etc etc

    Lovely boat to handle and ran on fresh air. Very roomy inside, really good layout. Looks to have been well looked after since being sold by Swancraft in 2014 :default_crying1animated:

    Very nice boat for some lucky person!



    See you have the £200 balance, do you have a boat to sell?

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  7. Plumbers mait (mentioned earlier) will always stay as a putty if used under the rail mounting points but doubt if boat builders use it tbh.The problem with silicone is if it doesn`t work then you have to remove all of it which can be a lot of hassle removing the last little bits.

    Whilst far from being a boat builder I`m thinking along the lines of removing screws and let the holes dry out completely then fill with grp epoxy and drill new holes as said above.

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  8. 17 hours ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

    Well done Man city,although a Chelsea fan,I am sorry Liverpool did not win the premier.However what a great season for both teams.Just a bit more silverware to be decided. Of course I hope we win the cup.England playing next month and the Lionesses in action during the summer. Let's hope they both do well.

    As a Chelsea fan why did you favour Liverpool over Man city Ian? One hell of a season for both teams either way.

    Did anyone listen the the two Liverpool & Man city fans having a ding dong about the premiership v`s champions league and which is better to win on 606 yesterday? Brought a smile to my face it did.

  9. 12 minutes ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

    Football has often been a bit war like,in recent years has got better.There seems to be a problem with Sunday league and even some school age children. Players, refs and line officials being verbally abused. This must be stopped. I think players young and old should take part without fear.Good old banter yes,anything else is unacceptable. 

    Sometimes one persons banter is taken by another as rudeness.

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  10. 23 minutes ago, Jayfire said:

    Just getting the ticket info for the final and as usual its lovely to see the details.

    It's a 68000 seater stadium in Madrid, 13000 tickets have been assigned for each team's supporters.

    That's not even half of the ground filled with supporters who have watched their team every game.

    I have no doubt our fantastic supporters will be filling at least 70% of the stadium come match day by hook or by crook but...

    I (and many others) have been to every one and wanting to get a ticket for me and my boy seeing as we have been there from the start but unfortunately corporate and sponsorship greed will account for over 40 odd thousand nobodies who take the seats off of true supporters, which to me shows everything that is wrong with football.

    Anyway, rant over, we still have a league to win on Sunday and then number 6, come on your red's :default_trophy:

    As usual?

    Tut tut, twice in two years is good I grant you, however sounds like the typical Liverpool supporter there Jay.

  11. Where I am moored getting a wifi connection seems to depend on which way the wind is blowing so thinking of buying the TP Link Mobile router or the EE router. Do these work simply because they have a better antenna and if I used 2 mobile phones and a tablet connected to the router (all with their own sim card) does the card in the router take the hit of data used or the sim card in the phone/ tablet?


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