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  1. Looking for a small non working boat sized fridge. Preferably cosmetically good inside and out in Norfolk /Suffolk areas. Thanks in advance.
  2. It is clear on my website and I also tell customers verbally when talking to them before I go that there will be a charge to diagnose the situation and this charge will be deducted from the final invoice should they instruct me to continue. Double check that it isn't mentioned somewhere.
  3. Can I ask would you know how long it took him to reach you and how long in total including talking to you was he on site for? Lastly is there any mention of deducting the cost should you go ahead with the work?
  4. Didn't they say that when the first gas street lights were lit😂
  5. Thinking you`re on the naughty bench here CC.
  6. Isn`t it all under redevelopment? Isn`t it all under redevelopment?
  7. Out of respect to the female members and the rules of decorum on the forum there will not be photographs, not that have any you understand.
  8. Right pot of marmite you opened here Andrew !
  9. Same applies for opaque & frosted bathroom windows, a fact my new neighbour in her new house doesn`t realise so forum members do I or do I not inform her?
  10. Oi! That`s only on the third Sunday of the month.
  11. C'Mon out with it who told you
  12. There are some things that a gentleman never speaks about black out windows or not.
  13. You`re half right, I just used the term out of lazyness
  14. I`m not a pretty sight eating cornflakes in my PJ`s.
  15. I guess I`m alone not liking to feel like a goldfish in a bowl when moored then and a lot of materials used internally fade in colour from exposure in time. Won`t have that problem with a light tint.
  16. Oh I have those new fangled things you mention as well.
  17. I`m wondering if people realise that with the lighter tints the view from the inside looking out is hardly restricted at all.
  18. Hi ST, Hear you however as I said I believe they will be offering a mobile service to do the job with the windows still in and to be fair I didn`t mention the last bit earlier.
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