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  1. Oh yes the aggressive water clause used by every boiler manufacture as a get out of jail free card because either you didn`t have the very expensive system powerflush carried out or you haven`t got the mag filter fitted.
  2. See if your boiler has a pre heat function to cut down on the delay you mentioned
  3. Ah, sorry don't know what to suggest on an open vented system unless there is a F code showing on the boiler front.
  4. Red bottle thing is the expansion tank, removable pipe is Silver braided flexi and you fully open one valve and slowly open the other until pressure gauge is at correct pressure then close valves and remove pipe although people often don`t remove. If pressure is greater than desired then bleed a radiator to reduce pressure. Generally 0.9 bar at cold and 1.5 at hot but can vary from boiler to boiler.
  5. It is becoming confusing because you said water tank then combi boiler and problems with hot/ cold shower plus asking about running a bath. If I may, google the make & model of the boiler when you get home you may even find info you can follow up on.
  6. Combi boilers can be sensitive to that and as much as possible should be matched to the water pressure & flow (One size does not suit all). Re the bath, again it is about how much water flows through the boiler and time taken to heat it, that said there are different types of set ups and combi boilers so without being eyes on I can`t comment, going to suggest the gauge hunt again as you mentioned combi again.
  7. Ah, forget the pressure gauge then. Did you pay the last gas bill?
  8. Fully understand what you say, best you can do is talk to family (maybe not in this case lol), neighbours, work colleagues, people at the gym, bus stop etc. Probably best if I don`t go into details but I will not use web sites that claim to have have checked your trader or offer local only buildersmy.
  9. Don`t blame the engineers instead blame the fat cats that own the bigger outfits for squeezing the engineers so much that they simply don`t have the time nowadays. +20yrs back I was doing 4 jobs a day repairing water pumps, every job was done properly and mostly fixed in one visit. When I recently left it was expected that the same guy would attend 7 jobs a day (note attend) and second visits for whatever reason were chargable.
  10. Firstly look for a pressure gauge and if that is reading below 1bar all may not be lost, secondly the company you mention have a poor reputation so should you be told that parts are no longer available then I suggest you try a middle aged independent guy. Don`t get me started on having to pay before they will attend. Good luck.
  11. Of which there are good service engineers and what is known as sales engineers but that is a whole different topic. Find a good local independent guy and put your monthly contract money in a jam jar is my advice to anyone with a gas boiler.
  12. What you saw in action wasn`t a service engineer.
  13. What you describe is not a service engineer!
  14. Gonna have to disagree on the first point Kaptin but the second is nearer than you know. First up will be newbuild blocks of flats and buildings such as but in it time it will be in every house but the fuel source may not be gas.
  15. Remember having a convo with my ex brother-in-law. Your sister brought this super doper washing machine with 10 settings yet everytime I look its always on the same setting!
  16. Hi Bud, how long have you felt like this, is it a recent thing or has it been brewing for a while?
  17. Every forum that I am a member of be it boats, cars, bikes plumbing or whatever has a "Lounge area" for non related threads.
  18. Easy to tell if a man is from Yorkshire, trousers made by Burtons and pockets made by Chubb!
  19. Didn`t feel it was my place to name names mate. The pleasure was all mine to view such a cracking boat and to meet you as I just said elsewhere.
  20. https://www.nya.co.uk/boats-for-sale/dawncraft-dc30-2/ Thanks for letting me look over your cracking boat today Ray and I enjoyed the chat mate, plus I look forward to meeting you again for a lesson. lol
  21. I was visiting a forum member for the first time in Sutton Staithe marina around lunchtime, would of been good to meet another, oh well there`s always another day.
  22. Low emission zones will come to every town and city in time, it is another cash cow!
  23. This has been discussed on a plumbing forum with sparkies chipping in with comments and as things stand at the moment it just isn`t possible as there is no money for building what is required.
  24. They tried this gas boiler ban before and it didn`t work plus not a lot has changed since so can`t see it being law myself, well not in my lifetime.
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