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  1. There is a roundabout below the M40 where traffic flows both clockwise & anti-clockwise!
  2. Also, there an excellent short video here somewhere showing the easy way to get them in and out of the ground.
  3. Depends on how much time you want to hammer away at it, rather use a small club hammer.
  4. Whilst I know it has been looked into and cleared as legit bowling the arm action of one bowler is akin to chucking it down the wicket for me.
  5. Been there, when asked how they arrived at that figure I was told based on for sale adverts of similar car in your area. Note the work similar. They were all older with higher milage.
  6. Around 30yrs back a storm like that woke me up and not being able to go back to sleep I jumped in the car and drove for about 15 minutes to Beachy Head with the camera to capture shots just like that.
  7. Welcome aboard the NBN Paul (& family).
  8. That is a likey suspect, hopefully it has been cleaned by now as it has it has been awhile since the last newbie under went the ceremony. Are the batteries fully charged?
  9. Once had this one, I`m joining the major road from a minor, to my right is a bus at a bus stop still indicating left yet I`m at fault as I cross infront of the bus to turn right as the bus leaves the bus stop whilst still indicating left!
  10. Who had the apron last? Welcome aboard Chevalier.
  11. Two cars infront of the van take the exit however it doesn`t, I`m not going to swot up on the highway code but to me the van should of been indicating and the car shouldn`t have been in that lane, as already said see this kind of driving all the time.
  12. Looks like the car assumed the van was going to take the first exit and was surprised when it didn`t! Was either of them using their indicators?
  13. Presume the hydrolastic suspension was ok on yours then.
  14. Got out bid on one of those at an auction, later on I passed by as the new owner opened the boot to find self leveling cement, something in his face made me look over my shoulder as I passed, Oh thank you lord!
  15. Having had to deal with one angry swan whilst taking a fountain pump out of a lake I take my hat off to you for getting that close.
  16. Now that was one stupid idea! Sadly not the only stupid idea from BL.
  17. Also a gentle touch is required with the sort of drill size you are working with.
  18. Congrats on the birthday however the aches and pains will only become more frequent and last longer from now in
  19. Thanks, it was awhile back that I quickly skim read the post yet never went back to read it properly.
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