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  1. It is all scaremongering, if they had their way all food would be boring, life is for living. I for one do not want to live to be 111yrs old.
  2. How was the Indian? Hear it is good but haven't tried it myself yet.
  3. Hopefully the new Italian in Brundall will be open and do takeaway or even better a delivery service soon if people like Italian food.
  4. Canal and river trust was I believe the same at 2.9%.
  5. Quite surprised to see low profile 50 sides fitted to a working Transit.
  6. I've one screen with up to open 10 tabs along the top, one click and it's open just keep the email one live to get notification when new content posted elsewhere.
  7. Well it wouldn't be under cover but I have a garage sized lock up at Wenshum Barns, just off A47 and there is open areas there. Gate is secure and if you are thinking long term then the owners might arrange something for you to secure it too.
  8. https://www.shadowboats.co.uk/brokerage/ Something a bit smaller then from the same people? Nice ex demo Shadow 24. The very smart Hampton is now sold.
  9. Anyone ever witnessed Lock rage? Can get a little bit feisty.
  10. Looking at the photos does it need a complete refit? Paul said something along the lines of needs attention which knowing him and his eye for detail other brokers might say it's ready to move on and use.
  11. Depends on what you want at the end of the day. I brought cheap ish but now have something that I could of spent years looking for without finding it.
  12. Not sure you can get ahead more than a week as they update daily.
  13. Always fully open a gate valve then close it half to three quarters of a turn, then should it stick you can normally release it by turning the handle both ways a few times.
  14. In domestic situation I have left the valve in place and swopped the internals over.
  15. To free up the big gate valve you can try backing off the top nut then spray pentration oil on the stem and leave for an hour. Then try gently turning the handle one then the other several times to free it up. Sometimes hitting the top with a lightweight hammer can shock it free. Be gentle though.
  16. Have never experianced that unlike gate valves which seize, snap stems or don`t fully close.
  17. 90 degree turn lever valves are quicker, easier and more reliable than red handled gate valves. Very handy in domestic airing cupboards and in kitchen cabinets, infact anywhere where access is limited.
  18. Agree the phone makes a difference
  19. Not sure 24gb will be enough but then I don't know how much it will be used. I've just tried a mobile router and it did need an antenna (stuck to inside of window), on the southern broads I got speeds of 6 & 0.7 which sounds low but I've been researching something on the Internet watching lots of videos without any buffering but 3gb only lasted 3 days. Hope that helps
  20. Have a tinge of a red sky tonight so hopefully a better day tomorrow.
  21. Looks like I`m going to be rocked to sleep tonight.
  22. Any chance that the man who forgot about the cleaning also forgot to refuel?
  23. Southern B&B, Paul and Linda Mustoe, 6 Laural Drive Brundall. 01603 716547 paulmustoe@icloud The Ramblers, Brundall, self catering accommodation up to 4 people. the-ramblers.co.uk The Trotwood, 2 North Drive, Gt Yarmouth, 01493 843971. B&B open all year round. thetrotwood.co.uk
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