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  1. Hi and welcome, still a newbie myself as I only joined a few weeks ago.
  2. Have a bottle of Mulled wine a customer gave me, willing to donate that to the mod team as I can`t stand the stuff myself.
  3. That takes me back to a certain Mr Gerry Marshall and the flame spitting exhaust of good ol touring cars.
  4. Currently away in rented cottage with sister and two dogs, it is quite easy to rent with dogs now Ian.
  5. Well if you put it like that ...............
  6. If that was in response to the post above it then all I can say is maybe you need to get out more.
  7. Chicken in white wine sauce out of a tin, add veg such as tinned sweetcorn with boiled rice, take`s as long as the rice does.
  8. That is one nice looking boat. If it or one like it come on the market now then please let me know.
  9. Like a petrol generator but onboard? That would make sense, saw one with a chimney.
  10. As some will know I am looking at boats and from time to time I see "Generator onboard", are they talking about an electrical generator to charge batteries from shore power rather than through running the engine?
  11. No worries. There is a saying which I can`t completely recall, The Amps xxxx, the watts xxxx and the volts make you jolt!
  12. Please put the screwdriver back in the toolbox. One of these will find any signs of current in a cable, very useful this time of year for finding where the fault is in Christmas tree lights. There are cheaper and more expensive versions around however Fluke is a recognised brand in electrical testing equipment. https://www.google.co.uk/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjN07fRnpvfAhXLCtMKHd3oDXQYABAHGgJ3Yg&sig=AOD64_3fZ8MxN4jnAn8sDdsBX7qmDq-1LA&ctype=5&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjzobDRnpvfAhUNNOwKHS1MBk8Q9aACCDc&adurl=
  13. Thanks for posting, for the record I went with sad icon because having worked hard for my £`s I don`t like giving them away. lol.
  14. As long as it doesn`t turn into Keyboard Warriors kicking off at each other as often happens on forums.
  15. Was it this one, seems I got the dates wrong.
  16. You wont believe it but I think I`ve just read that thread, older ones being angular rather than rounded giving more space, was it pre 1990`s? (Gonna have to come back another day to add a thanks, apparently I`ve run out for the day! Haha).
  17. Haha, I`m on different plumbers forums and yes some are like that, in fairness you do often see that after a DIYer wanabie plumber has posted bad advice.
  18. Many thanks for a different perspective on this. I had read about being easier to control when mooring under certain conditions which I thought as a bonus for a newbie without having thrusters and was suprised nobody mentioned this but then the general consensus was that my "bargain find" was generally unsuitable. Oh decisions, decisions!
  19. Ah thanks, thought it might be new point that I was missing.
  20. Thanks for the reply and the links, much appreciated.
  21. Thanks, have noted your points, time to reset the compass I think.
  22. Thank you, can you elaborate on the point of what & where.
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