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  1. Don`t know the dear lady but is she nuts?
  2. Whatever it is you are "feeling" I promise you it is nowt to do with me, best look behind you my friend.
  3. Would I be correct in thinking that this is not your first marriage JF
  4. Can confirm the puddles on the footpath were ice this morning around 12am
  5. Bring whatever music you like, if I don`t like your choice I`ll take the hearing aids out!
  6. There is a 30ft x 60ft water supply only mooring for sale @ £19k (think it was that) on the web, maybe St Olaves area, can`t remember now.
  7. Thanks JM, perhaps volunteer wasn`t quite the right word, really meant fully paid day rate with full English and use of my wallet for in return for teaching me as we travel, bring your own choice of cd`s!
  8. Evening all, So if/ when I find the boat where do I find the right person to carry out the survey? (The forum sub section is empty). I presume I don`t want somebody that the broker recommends is that correct? Secondly if the boat was a full day or more away from the moorings as a beginner that is a daunting journey I wouldn`t want to undertake so could I pay a skipper or would you put it on a lowloader? (Any volunteer skipper want to step forward? either here or via a pm please do so.) Thanks in advance guys n gals.
  9. In this case my head ruled my heart, that said I never did she her close up and maybe that was for the best eh? By the way the hull moulding number I mentioned earlier is on the Transom in small numbers. What is a Transom?
  10. From day 1 the help and advise given has been fantastic and much appreciated. Connoisseurs eh, I`ll going looking.
  11. I`ve decided to walk away. Why are Aquafibre Diamonds 35ft so darn expensive? Looked at one this afternoon, 1998 with Nanni engine, plenty of space for two, nice enough layout but asking the best part of £60k!!!
  12. Hehe, somehow I don`t think you will be the only one.
  13. Afternoon all, Think we have a definitive answer after I shared the photos with the owners club who`s response was excellent as was the response here. One member I spoke to had actually viewed her last June but didn`t like the layout however was really helpful sharing what he knew and what he thought it should be valued at, other members including the Vice chairperson, the Eastern area rep and two long serving employees also helped and then finally today the owner replied to my questions and the answer is.... (Long drum roll please) Yes the superstructure is sheathed marine ply built by another builder and she has been 90% refurbished over the last 5yrs. According to the owners club even if the build plate is missing if you look closely on the bow of the boat just above the waterline there will be a small Broom mould number on a Broom hull and internally remove any drawer and there should be a number written underneath or on the end. Thanks to all that helped.
  14. On that note anybody have a ballpark figure for a yard to gut and replace everything in two heads in an Alpha 35? New wall panels, showers, taps, the complete job.
  15. Morning, Thanks for all comments guys n gals, all of you are really helping and it is appreciated. Owner is taking forever to reply to me but I will update you when I can, in the meantime please post anything that comes to mind. Thanks all.
  16. Thanks for the concerns, I had made a note of the wiring and it is one of several points I am awaiting a reply on.
  17. Sorry but I`m not able to advise on what it is worth as I`m still learning myself but for me it would be new flooring throughout, both heads need new walls etc, rework the V cabin, find and cure that leak, new mattresses all round, and rework the seating in the saloon plus I did notice parts of the veneer lifting away in places and the inverter is only really for the TV. Understand the owner is open to offers if that helps.
  18. NBS Sedan 37 & £29,950, is that one of them? Recent Nanni engine, Brown strip along bow? I looked at that last week and agree it needs modernising, the V cabin was very wet and if I recall there isn`t the sunroof fitted on that one either, did you look in the engine bay and see all the water in the bottom? Around 3k for a good canopy as well. Jury is still out on that one as reckon it could be a nice boat with TLC & £`s.
  19. Good point JA, So first, then with and and perhaps a happy ending for me
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