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  1. Drop Paul @Swancraft an email, water, electric and toilet, no shower facilities but full workshop facilities and top notch craftmanship.
  2. In a lot of cases you can keep the light and just change the bulb/ element. Never know it might already have been done.
  3. Wouldn`t say pestering, more like preparing!
  4. Well if you do then please use a net to bring it onboard, handle any fish in a cloth whilst you remove the hook and dont just lob it back in to the water.
  5. Ex hire boats are like second hand vans. One careful owner & 20 couldn’t care less drivers.
  6. Would permission to convert pub to housing be refused if the pub was shut and boarded up? Seen so many shut down and then be brought by the likes of Tesco and McDonald's around Oxfordshire in the last 10yrs
  7. I had a couple of slow pints there this afternoon and as there was only Paul and myself in the games bar I took the opportunity to ask. The pub was built in 1857, it isn`t a listed building and going by his reaction it is a load of bull. That said if it does turn out to be true then I`m never playing poker with him!
  8. Can`t see the point of building new boats and then selling off unless they were building to order, surely that is a loss making excercise so what am I missing?
  9. Maybe the system doesn`t like me then rather than you.
  10. I get the message from time to time however my "like" is left on the post so guess it is a little blip in the system now and then.
  11. Paul once told me it was freehold not leasehold and for me it is the best pub in Brundall by far.
  12. Broadly speaking it is down to the bean counters from the goverment down to us, yes even us. Again broadly speaking every year we all need more money and for some time now the goverment has been squeezing councils until the pips burst so departments such as refuse collection have made alterations. Gone are the weekly bin collections and some councils happily gave contracts to companies to carry out the service for them and allowed these companies to set out a list of things that they charge for which some people object to and found other ways of disposing of their rubbish. Tradepeople now need a waste carriers licence for anything bigger than a sandwich bag found in their van and when they do go to refuse collection points the costs have increased by a large amount of late and that is passed on to the customer ie you and I. There has always been cowboy fly tippers but because of the above reasons it has now become worse and as for which type of plastic can go where, well not all plastics are the same and to get people to comply they can and do fine us which kind of takes us back to the start.
  13. Was once doing a restroom refurb for a small office block, despite the door being locked somebody once used a brand new toilet pan which was in the middle of the room unconnected to anything and being installed the next day!
  14. Sounds like one I viewed earlier this year where the top of the canopy was all warped.
  15. Really! How good is the intel?
  16. May not be as good now as you remember Howard.
  17. Hi Ray, How are things with your dog, is she coping any better since losing her sight?
  18. Can anybody recommend somebody that does this sort of work? Before anyone shouts out for Robin it`s not really his sort of thing.
  19. There is a roundabout below the M40 where traffic flows both clockwise & anti-clockwise!
  20. Also, there an excellent short video here somewhere showing the easy way to get them in and out of the ground.
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