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  1. Go find another of the same year and "Test drive " it for a comparison.
  2. Think I`ve seen 3 on travels between Norwich and Bracknell, Berkshire. Do we need a Bike talk thread?
  3. And mirrors Last time I checked copies of the original exhausts were around £1100
  4. Nice looking bikes however the dye in the wool purists would argue with you on being original. It is funny how much people want to tell you their stories wether it be bikes, cars or boats.
  5. Nice to see Kawasaki have re born the Z900 right down to the colour scheme. Sold both my old Z900 & the Z1000 last year.
  6. Hi Stephen, Can`t see two Bounty boats on the broads being named "Sally`s Dex" so if it was sold last year then proceed with caution. After months of searching I brought a Bounty 37 last week but I got lucky because it had only been placed with the broker for 2hrs when I walked in their office.
  7. Thanks, It happens on all forums NN just a pain when you`ve just been blown in to Norfolk and being new.
  8. Hey guys n gals, please stop using abbreviations you're driving me nuts!
  9. Problem you have now is when the new buyer say`s "You`ve only just brought it so why are you selling?"
  10. Thanks NN, still too new here so easy to pull the wool over my eyes Paul, I hate you!!!!!
  11. Nice man is Paul, he has been helping me out a lot lately and he knows his boats. Straight talking guy.
  12. What happens when the hirer swaps the nice duvet for their old lumpy stained one or decides to remove the coffee table, clock, table lamp etc because they like it? Or say they have an accident causing a small hole in the GRP then proceed to fill the hole in with say putty and cover it up with a can of spray paint from Halfords. I`ve been told all these things have happened in the past.
  13. Or what about this? https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/lubricating-penetrating-oil/3-in-one-professional-silicone-spray-lubricant-400ml
  14. Crayford, the kings of convertables.
  15. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/list/21/corsair/
  16. Everytime I see whitewall tyres I think of that Billy Joel track. https://www.songfacts.com/facts/billy-joel/its-still-rock-and-roll-to-me
  17. Oh yes the aggressive water clause used by every boiler manufacture as a get out of jail free card because either you didn`t have the very expensive system powerflush carried out or you haven`t got the mag filter fitted.
  18. See if your boiler has a pre heat function to cut down on the delay you mentioned
  19. Ah, sorry don't know what to suggest on an open vented system unless there is a F code showing on the boiler front.
  20. Red bottle thing is the expansion tank, removable pipe is Silver braided flexi and you fully open one valve and slowly open the other until pressure gauge is at correct pressure then close valves and remove pipe although people often don`t remove. If pressure is greater than desired then bleed a radiator to reduce pressure. Generally 0.9 bar at cold and 1.5 at hot but can vary from boiler to boiler.
  21. It is becoming confusing because you said water tank then combi boiler and problems with hot/ cold shower plus asking about running a bath. If I may, google the make & model of the boiler when you get home you may even find info you can follow up on.
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