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  1. Firstly look for a pressure gauge and if that is reading below 1bar all may not be lost, secondly the company you mention have a poor reputation so should you be told that parts are no longer available then I suggest you try a middle aged independent guy. Don`t get me started on having to pay before they will attend. Good luck.
  2. Of which there are good service engineers and what is known as sales engineers but that is a whole different topic. Find a good local independent guy and put your monthly contract money in a jam jar is my advice to anyone with a gas boiler.
  3. What you saw in action wasn`t a service engineer.
  4. What you describe is not a service engineer!
  5. Gonna have to disagree on the first point Kaptin but the second is nearer than you know. First up will be newbuild blocks of flats and buildings such as but in it time it will be in every house but the fuel source may not be gas.
  6. Remember having a convo with my ex brother-in-law. Your sister brought this super doper washing machine with 10 settings yet everytime I look its always on the same setting!
  7. Hi Bud, how long have you felt like this, is it a recent thing or has it been brewing for a while?
  8. Every forum that I am a member of be it boats, cars, bikes plumbing or whatever has a "Lounge area" for non related threads.
  9. Easy to tell if a man is from Yorkshire, trousers made by Burtons and pockets made by Chubb!
  10. Didn`t feel it was my place to name names mate. The pleasure was all mine to view such a cracking boat and to meet you as I just said elsewhere.
  11. https://www.nya.co.uk/boats-for-sale/dawncraft-dc30-2/ Thanks for letting me look over your cracking boat today Ray and I enjoyed the chat mate, plus I look forward to meeting you again for a lesson. lol
  12. I was visiting a forum member for the first time in Sutton Staithe marina around lunchtime, would of been good to meet another, oh well there`s always another day.
  13. Low emission zones will come to every town and city in time, it is another cash cow!
  14. This has been discussed on a plumbing forum with sparkies chipping in with comments and as things stand at the moment it just isn`t possible as there is no money for building what is required.
  15. They tried this gas boiler ban before and it didn`t work plus not a lot has changed since so can`t see it being law myself, well not in my lifetime.
  16. Must be the coffee & bacon rolls that you give him everytime lol. I`m good, prompt and reliable to customers however I do add a % mark up on parts if I supply them, this is because any part supplied by me comes with my guarantee and the quality being what it is nowadays I have to factor in return visits and you can`t expect the customer to pay twice can you?
  17. Fleabay, Friday-Ad, Preloved & Gumtree, just narrow down the search area to local.
  18. That`s me, remember stupid stuff and forget the important things.
  19. Was reverse, push away from you as far as possible, double clutch and down?
  20. Wasn`t the dashboard that was a Renault 5, gearshift was a 4ft long stick coming out of the floor near the bulkhead?
  21. Pull stick out of dashboard towards you with a twist to the right for first, twist left for second, third was twist to central and pull again for third and fourth with a twist? Reverse haven`t a clue
  22. Towards you and up for 1st, straight down for 2nd, away and up for 3rd and straight down again for 4th, gawd knows where reverse is I`ve forgotten
  23. Likewise but my neighbour of same age went for a secondhand 3 series BMW soft top.
  24. See Leclerc was told to back off Vettel so same old story there I`m afraid. Noted Coulthard said towards the end of the ch4 programme that he turned down a drive with Ferrari because the contract said he would be a clear No.2 driver.
  25. Heard talk of the London street circuit race being looked at again. Can`t see it ever happening myself.
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