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  1. As mentioned above re new boilers and showers, agree some plumbers just throw a combi in as it is easy money however without prior testing of water pressure and flow rates problems such as hot water going cold if somebody opens a cold water tap whilst you are in the shower can occur. I am a trusted member of a good plumbers forum so if anybody is interested in learning more send me a pm and I`ll send the link to it.
  2. Causing installers all sorts of hassle from customers who think they are trying "to sell extras" though.
  3. So size does matter, nudge nudge, wink wink.
  4. Re the stat and other stuff, this came into law April 2018 http://registeredgasengineer.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Boiler_Plus_Are_You_Ready.pdf
  5. House boiler- Yes? Then don`t get talked into having a combi boiler as they don`t suit all. Wouldn`t go with BG and their expensive powerflush either.
  6. Probably thinking "Silly sod"
  7. Hello; My name is Razza and I`m ringing about the accident you had, is this right? Me; Excellent, which one? Funny how the call always ends right there.
  8. From France? That has to be a few £`s, it is around 600-800 from Oxford.
  9. Thanks again, yep looked at both and prefer one over the other tbh.
  10. Tamaris looks nice in the photos, excuse El Thicko here but which one is the Connoisseur?
  11. Thanks Paul, I had a look at the start of my search but didn`t understand how you could buy unless you went to France to view and then didn`t see how you brought the boat back here tbh which all seemed a lot of hassle.
  12. Yep, they crab if not set up square and can be an inch or so out. Could of been made longer as well.
  13. I've seen so many boats I honestly can't remember.
  14. Thanks, looked at that one around the start of my quest. Will contact Faircraft Loynes though, see what they say.
  15. Thanks, just had another look and nothing new there today. Find them generally overpriced for what they are, as an example the Alpha 35 has a major roof problem (been dragging an experianced person around with me to viewings) and their customer service re "It`s in the workshop at the moment, I`ll get back to you" needs some improvement. Ideally 4 berth.
  16. Hi all, After scouring websites and marinas for two months I thought I had my first boat only to be outbid or undone by some underhand nonsense by the broker so can I ask you all to keep your eyes open for anything that has a single engine, is around 35-37ft in length with low airdraft, easy to get on and off with minimal steps inside. Don`t mind travelling to view so wherever you are in the country please keep your eyes open. Finders fee offered and thanks in advance.
  17. Could probably be attached to another thread if mod wants to move it. javascript:PopWin2('https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/norfolk-suffolk-broads-moorings-closure-1-5903295');
  18. Can you remember what sort of price?
  19. Is it a Bounty or something else, still learning here.
  20. Thanks, St.Olaves are selling half their moorings spaces at Beccles, moorings are freehold but the access to the moorings are leased with conditions attached.
  21. Hi, Was enquireing about buying a mooring this week and one thing that was mentioned was "As the owner you would be responsible for dredging the mooring". So the question is, is this correct and how easy/ hard is it too do or find somebody to do it?
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