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  1. In the first phase or the second phase of the moment in play?
  2. Bet you are glad you didn`t have to explain the "away goals rule"
  3. The steaks are nice as well as the burgers, been dropping in there after a spell on the boat on the way back to my lodgings recently whilst the boat is reworked to my specs.
  4. Bit of friendly banter from the plumbers forum. .. Yorkshire plumbers wear trousers from Burtons with pockets from Chubb.
  5. I`ll listen to it tomorrow Malanka, is it a Swiss tunnel looming ahead?
  6. Had a Peugoet 306Gti with the K&N air induction kit, below a certain rev band it sounded normal however above certain revs and on over run it sounded like a flame throwing BTCC racer. Was fun in the right places.
  7. Haha, German measels as a five year old in my case lead to perforated eardrums that said I also wear glasses!
  8. In certainsituations I have the advantage of being able to turn the hearing aid off!
  9. Seeing as the first plumber quoted high and let you down twice this indicates that he didn`t want the job. This is a well known stunt in the trade.
  10. Who mentioned the word fun? And sorry to say this but it is a slightly different world to the one that you grew up in. Flick knives are now machet`s and loud motorcycles are more likely to be the cars you mention.
  11. All they will get is an Anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) and wear it as a badge of honour!
  12. If you know the choice of boiler there should be a list of local approved people on the manufactures website.
  13. Having looked at the map I`d say it was under the bridge at the A146 or the A140 interchange heading towards the A11.
  14. All I can say is that it was a fair sized cabin cruiser with motorcycle and van escorts. Guess not all the bridges are the same height on that road.
  15. Sorry for vagueness, problem is towards Thickthorn services with Postwick behind you. Looks like it has cleared others but is a good few inches too tall for this bridge.
  16. Not every club has a billionaire Israeli owner Ian, they have tried but as much as the wage bill keeps increasing the gate receipts keep falling hence a £95m debt.
  17. I used to do around 200 miles a day as part of my job, I`ve been through the leaning on the horn button and the finger waving phase but since having a 10" knife waved infront of my face I now record on the dash cam and mutter "x*#*!!!" then calmly carry on to my destination. It is better for my blood pressure as well
  18. Some forces have a webpage where you can send the footage to them, then they view it and send a letter to the vehicle owner if they deem the incident warrants it.
  19. That is all well and good but when it uses the word "may" as in may qualify and many people wrongly believe that their van is car derived because schedule 6 say`s a lot without helping at all it is there in black and white on the logbook.
  20. Around 4 lines down on left hand side on the logbook is class of the vehicle, think vans are either M4 or N4 and from this you can Google speed limits.
  21. Yep it turns out the system didn`t like the space bar lol Pumpmedic now renamed as OldBerkshireBoy, thanks to all.
  22. Really thought this thread was going in another direction tbh.
  23. Thanks Sounding like it didn't like the space bar. Will try later
  24. Thanks I'll try again later when I'm back.
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