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  1. Is this flooding caused by rain or just the high spring tides and a Northerly wind in the North Sea?
  2. Hi to you all. I have been boating for more years than I care to admit. Have had some 15 boats over the years from a 25ft Dell Quay Ranger to a 39m Dutch barge. Have cruised the waterways of France, Belgium and Holland since retirement and am now looking to downsize after selling my 13m Trawler Yacht. I want to go Coastal as well as inland, so a twin engined boat would be a good idea. Perhaps a Broom 35/37 so that I can wear my carpet slippers, but a Birchwood 31 Commodore, being newer and smaller might be a better option. I am hoping to read about cruising adventures both inland and coastal. Happy to talk about all matters boating. Looking forward to talking with you all, Mike
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