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  1. Barton broad now at its highest recorded level. https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/6216?direction=u
  2. Sutton is a great slipway but if your boat is of any size you might want to give the yard a ring first as there is often boats moored along it, struggled getting a dingy in before.
  3. Have a picture of the Blackheath (I think) going through reedham in the late 90s heading to Cantley, will try and find it.
  4. Will catfield Dyke be open at weekends like meadow dyke or completely shut 24/7?
  5. Lessingham star has a large beer garden, also a campsite behind it now!
  6. Bernard


    Last time I saw it was with the sunken thing on the sutton/stalham cut through.
  7. I may have just got back from there after a couple of fine pints.
  8. Bernard


    All the liveaboards I know or know off do a great job of keeping their boats and surroundings in good order, apart from a well known one in the stalham/sutton area who treats it like a dump, don't think I need to say any more!
  9. A bit further but worth it, all down very quiet back roads and footpaths.
  10. A great pub about 30 mins walk across the fields from Stalham is Lessingham star, great food and great beer, all social distancing in place, can not recommended highly enough.
  11. It seems on here the BA could offer 10 years free tolls and 2 gold bars each and someone would find fault!
  12. I'm not talking of legalities, I have seen the water below the freeboard of that vessel on more than 1 occasion, and when it is it would make refloating much easier.
  13. So is the water always this high then, check this page https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/6216?direction=u You will see it rises and falls.
  14. I never said I had the funds or kit to do it, why the hostile response, just saying how it could be done, have seen it with low tides with the freeboard above the water, it's not an impossible job.
  15. Or on a low tide 2 or 3 high power fire pumps, board over any obvious holes, would soon rise, seen broads boats deeper than that raised using that method. Drag to Richardson's or sutton and crane out.
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