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  1. Sharing a bevy and having some good conversation sounds perfect
  2. That sounds good to me , thanks
  3. good evening to everyone on here , I’d just like to ask a question . If I purchased a NBN window sticker for my hire boat , does that sticker grant me any special privileges on the broads such as , cheaper mooring etc.... may sound like a dumb question but I was just wondering lol
  4. Wish the view from my office window looked like that , lol
  5. Thanks to everyone with there advice , it’s appropriated
  6. hi , I am new to this forum and I’m coming to the broads in September on brinks omega , can anyone please advise me of any good moorings for the first night , we are coming from Wroxham lol
  7. hi , I am new to this forum and I just wanted to say hello and ask for some advise . I’ve book the brinks omega boat for sept, can anyone give me any advice on this boat . Thanks
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