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  1. That's one of the things I like about the broads, people are always willing to help. First timer last year with San Elena trying to moor stern on at Ranworth between two other cruisers with barely enough room. I managed to line up fine second time round but by then my movement had caused the bows of the two moored boats to move closer together. The occupants of both boats quite happily jumped up walked down the side of their boats, grab our stern ropes and helped guide us in. Very kind help. I'm also glad to say I had the opportunity to return the favour with two other boats that came in the following morning.
  2. Fantastic video! Smoking will always be a contentious subject. As a smoker even if a boat, cottage or hotel allows smoking I always tend to smoke outside. I force myself to smoke outside at home to cut down how many I smoke. I look forward to watching more of your videos
  3. @MauriceMynah I did that last year at Wroxham - or should I say Hoveton? I never am sure if I'll end up upsetting someone for calling it the wrong name!
  4. Thanks Jean. We hadn't booked the holiday for just us yet and glad we didn't! After looking through the Swan boats we'll be booking Swan Radiance. A good size cruiser with lots of good features (I think Zo was sold on 'whirlpool bath'!). Happy days, now can I squeeze in an extra week at the end of this year... Thanks again Dave
  5. What a very kind and warm welcome, thanks! I found these forums via the Youtube channel 'The Captain's Blog'. @Wyndham thanks, I'll look into that as we've been impressed with the service from Richardsons. Do you know which of their fleet are ex Swancraft?
  6. Thanks for letting me join the forum. My history with the broads goes 40 ish years when I was a child on the Northern broads in a traditional wooden boat (apologies if my terminology is miles off!). I remember mooring up back then was a case of finding a tree or two and hoping they would hold! As I grew up the trips to the broads became fewer and fewer and with college and university they stopped all together. Fast forward to May last year and we had a chance for a family holiday, myself and wife, parents, sister and her children on San Elena from Richardsons. I was nominated to be captain, actually I think the others didn't want to make a fool of themselves during the training run. My first time at the helm of a 40 odd footer but I was surprised how well she handled. This year we are booked during May / June, again with Richardsons, this time aboard Majestic Gem and have already booked for April 2020. My wife and I are also looking at the two of us having a quiet week at some point,. We're thinking possible Barnes Brinkcraft's Brinks Sonnet for the added bonus of bow thrusters to help with mooring. Hopefully 2020 may be a good time to look at either buying a boat share or our own small boat, we'll have to see! Thanks again Dave
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