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  1. Don't JCB make marine engines be for some of the larger sea going mega boats ?
  2. Just read this thread for the first time ... What an amazing bucket list item ... and such a shame about being let down at the last minute like you were. But it sounds like the final outcome might result in an even better experience. But on the subject, funnily enough I was in my house Saturday just gone when I heard this engine noise outside in the distance. We live only a couple of miles from a local light airfield, so often get low flying light aircraft - Cessna's etc. But it didn't sound like one. I recognised the noise - no, the sound - no, the MUSIC. What was this ? It is very recognisable if you have heard it before, which luckily I have done a few times before. Surely it was the sweet music of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine I was hearing ? So I rush outside and look and listen, and lo-and-behold a few seconds later this Hurricane appears overhead and does a banking turn right over my house ! Didn't have time to take any photos, but it was relatively low so you could see from the wing shape and tip it was a Hurricane and not a Spitfire. I am lucky in where I live (and not too far from where I moved from 15 years ago too) that I am quite near a well known WW 2 RAF location. On certain significant days they had a Spitfire or Hurricane do a fly past over the building, and both my old and new house are right on the flight path so I could sometimes get a cracking view as it flew overhead 2 or 3 times as part of it's circuit. It is certainly a wonderful and distinctive sound that you never forget ! Unfortunately the old WW 2 location was sold a couple-or-so years ago and made into luxury private accommodation, so the fly-pasts don't seem to happen anymore. I don't know what this one was about, but it was a welcome sight none the less. Griff - when your flight does happen, enjoy every second of it, on behalf of all of us that will never be able to have the experience !
  3. I've never quire understood the mass switch to battery powered electric vehicles. The current battery technologies are heavily dependant on materials such as lithium, which themselves are sparse resources and polluting / exploitative in their extraction and processing. Furthermore, the concept of throwing out one product that still has usable life left in it, for another new one that is 'greener', seems to ignore the pollution caused in the manufacture of the new product where this is a 'sunk cost' in the old product.
  4. Paul/Smoggy - I've been keeping an eye on those boatyard sites for a while now, but prices do seem to be quite high right now for what little suitable stock is around. What I might do is pick a few boatyards on the Ouse say in the Bedford area on a day trip to start, and just have a wander round and chat. Maybe later in the year I will take a weekend in Norfolk again and do similar for the Broads. I am feeling that whilst my ideal is a 32' boat like the Haines/Broom aft cockpit models, they are out of my budget as a first boat. I need to lower my sights to start with and at the same time a smaller boat might allow more travel past Wroxham (and Potter Higham).
  5. It's a tough one trying to choose what I want. The modern cabin cruisers are what I like, but I know air draft is a potential issue that can limit navigation. I also know that size and age can make it much more expensive. I've toyed with the idea of a smaller starter boat initially on the Great Ouse while I get used to the idea and can spend a bit more time because it is nearer to me. Then trade up or get it moved to Norfolk after a year or two. I think to start I probably need to visit some boatyards and see what they have in the flesh, and speak to local boat users to get a feel for things.
  6. So I have a 1991 Suzuki GSXR1100. Owned by me from new and now 30 years old. It's been laid up for a couple of years due to a leak in the petrol tank, so a bit of a project in itself now. I know I need to be a bit more organised to get some of these thing done ...
  7. Thank you all for your kind messages. Time to start getting involved in posts on the rest of the forum now !
  8. Hello all ! Whilst I joined the forum over 2 years ago, I have just been browsing until now so this is my first post. My late father had been sailing on the Broads years before and so as a child we holidayed as a family on the Broads for 6 or 7 years in a row. As I recall, we hired from Richardsons in Stalham all but once - I think it we had Superline 3 or 4 times, Escapade twice and finally Sancerre (not from Richardsons ?) the last time. Fond memories of the North and South Broads (when we did 2 weeks) including crossing Breydon a few times. I seem to remember running aground once on Breydon and being towed free by another boat. We usually hired a dingy too, either with or without a sail. We got under Potter Higham a few times and on to Hickling. I guess that is not so common these days. I finally returned to Norfolk in February 2 years ago for a weekend, staying near Wroxham. Following that trip I signed up here and pop in every now and again. We took out a day boat for the afternoon which was great fun, and brought back good memories. We got as far as The Swan in Horning and back again. It was so strange going back to Roys of Wroxham as it was always such an icon. Also going back to Potter Higham, albeit by car this time. My trip back has reignited a strong desire to get my own boat - although my constant talk of it without action is now a joke in my own family now. I know I can afford to run a boat, based on my research and calculations, but wanting a newer modern boat means the initial investment is not yet possible for me, neither is the time to make the most of it. We are in NW London, so not quite near enough to just pop over for the weekend. My preferred boat is an aft helm cabin cruiser - the ideal dream boat being something like the Haines 32 Sedan. One day, one day, my dream will become a reality ...
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