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  1. Many many thanks all for your advice, speedtripple, Vanessa’s, Mr Nog ( regards to Mrs Nog and any other Noggins) ransworth, Swan R and Hylander. On reflection, better to have a relaxing and enjoyable time rather than stress about tide times aircraft, bridge heights etc. Thanks again.
  2. Hi sorry to ask , been looking on the forum, which is most excellent. Can anyone provide links from previous posts or give advice about traveling south to north the end of July start of August. As I understand it is a very very busy time. Starting broom boat yard. Hope to head to Norwich then perhaps Beccles and or North. Any suggestions. Andrea my wife has never been in the south Broads, it’s her 50 th Birthday. We have hired a broom cadet. .. I have posted earlier and had some good suggestions for places to eat, esp for her birthday.
  3. Some fantastic photos. , loving the chat, buzz in the forum.
  4. Is it ok to ask the hire company for an additional mud weight.? Also if I decide to stop put the weights out in a large broad. Any tips or can it be dangerous. What should I do when outing the wights out. What do you need to do or recommend to make is as safe as possible overnight. Esp in southern broads
  5. Gwan MAlenka....... love your story. Even been taking wee breaks at work to read it
  6. Sounds like you have a fine taste in Whisky Paul. I really love the knockando 18 year old . As for your cart/bogey . why not forget about welding and do it as we did when kids, wood, old pram or bike wheels, screws, nails nuts and bolts. Then build a fancy frame round it. A block of wood and bolt for the brake was only thing that kinda saved us from injury that and a pair of trainers. Good luck and slainte mhathe.
  7. Hi this might be dumb and don’t know where the Lady lives. I would contact local social work department, ask for an assessment by social work and O/T. They could and should asses your friends needs and either provide or recommend aids devices etc. I am aware that 5his might be a contentious issue. There should a sensory impairment team that could provide expert advice and support. This a suggestion from someone that lives in Scotland so not know how it might apply in this ladies area. Also it can be difficult getting the person to acknowledge and accept help esp people of your
  8. My Wife sometimes lets me wear-long trousers, esp when in company. However always gives me praise , sweets and the occasional smile when I wear the shorts she always buys for me. ... looking at this forum, threads etc and pictures if allowed then is this ok?
  9. Sounds like a fantastic grand plan almost all encompassing the possible answers to so many questions. I can see you there sitting Stroking your ***** Grendel, lol
  10. Great Dave. Really glad you got moored. Do members ever get stuck when it comes to mooring. Like no where to moor , hire craft no navigation lights. What are the options?
  11. I don’t know that much about Boats Malanka but she looks really pretty. As well as a lot of hard work. It amazes me though it shouldn’t, but the love and work that forum members in particular and boat owners in general put into their craft. It is really aspirational and inspirational.
  12. Thanks Hylander, will do re the poo.
  13. As I understand as stated earlier due to the binary system, and unexpected use many many years ago as to what all systems work today then infinity has been kind of defined and systems etc will need updated or changed, esp older chipsets, based on older algorithms , then digital or whatever. My 12 year old son has been trying to 3xplain it to me. I am not sure if it’s tru3 or just trying to confuse me to fork out more money . In order to allow him to stay in a darkened smelly room, talking to virtual friends ,living in a virtual world. ... sorry I am digressing and having a wee daddy rant.
  14. Thanks Gary and Dawn, really helpful. I am sure we will have a grand time. Please PM me with any tips or suggestions. Thanks again
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