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  1. It was nice to see Liverpool and Barca fans getting along so well the other night, Barca fans were even kind enough to give Liverpool fans directions to Anfield!
  2. "The" Tigers, no Allam tripe thank you very much.
  3. Many thanks, we'll certainly let you know how we get on, can't wait for June to come.
  4. We're visiting the Broads, for the first time ever, in mid-June. We're both approaching 60 years of age but I've always wanted to have a boating holiday on the Broads and have finally got round to visiting. We're hiring from Richardsons in Stalham, and I've read this thread with interest, and have watched several YouTube videos including nearly all of the excellent and informative Captain's Blog ones. I fully intended to cross Breydon Water and will still do so. I'll be following the helpful tips on this thread and am really looking forward to it, but will also treat the waters with the respect they deserve. Steady as she goes seems to be the overriding message.
  5. The Mondeo may be, as you put it, a mobile skip, but that on the trailer looks like a very rare and very desirable Ford Corsair estate. :-)
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