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  1. Barnard Castle, Specsavers...
  2. Our first, and so far only, trip on the Broads was two years ago. The advice on here about crossing Breydon was very useful and if followed makes for a stress free and fairly easy crossing. We crossed on our third day and moored overnight at Reedham, before returning north the next day. We're back this May and September (pre-booked last year) and fully intend heading south again, but staying in the south for longer this year.
  3. I use a box, much quicker and far less mess.
  4. Pattie and chips, had them last week.
  5. It reminds me a bit of the boat Laurel and Hardy 'renovated' in their Towed in the Hole film!
  6. Not seen his yet but I'll be sure to have a look. This restoration is top class, also lessons in chemistry.
  7. I've had a Youtube fest, watching Hub Nut, the Admiral, and car and motorbike restorations.
  8. Ian, it may be worth a try having dispersible paracetamol. I know paracetamol is only a mild/moderate painkiller, but a few years ago I found the dispersible ones worked far better for me than the ordinary tablets, could have been psychosomatic but as I said perhaps worth a try.
  9. Your starter for ten, Doncaster's record attendance was against? Bonus points, Chelsea's first ever home league match was against?
  10. If it had been blue it SHOULD have been Tranmere Rovers.
  11. On a downward curve at the moment, hey ho. I wasn't born in Munich, Barcelona or Madrid, nor did I have a distant relation whose paperboy's next door but three neighbour had links to one of the 'big' teams. So, I'm stuck with my home city football club.
  12. I don't like football, I'm a Hull City supporter!
  13. Apart from the fact he's smiling it looks like Ken Bates, the ghost of Christmas past!
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