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  1. Talking Picture and YouTube restoration videos, snap!
  2. We visited Auschwitz early last year and were very moved by the whole experience. I could only shake my head at people taking selfies, and taking photographs in areas where signs specifically stated 'no photography/video recording.'
  3. The bread's bigger than the 'meal'!
  4. I'd had a brand new car three weeks and backed it into a tree. In fairness the tree was a mature forest tree at least three and a half foot in diameter, so very easy to not see it! It was one of those moments where you don't want to get out and survey the damage, it was as bad as I'd feared!
  5. The last time I visited Huddersfield was for the football, we stayed in the pub on the train station, and the 'antics' of the Yorkshire Ale Trail lot were disgusting. Football fans doing the same would have made front page headlines, but it seemed it was fine for them to be absolutely blotto well before lunchtime.
  6. You should have attended a better school, much like I did, it was approved!
  7. Twice the length from the centre to either of the two ends.
  8. I'd hardly call Owen Farrell a posh boy.
  9. The polar opposite for me. Hull, Grimsby and Fleetwood (traditional fishing ports) chippies serve almost exclusively haddock. They serve up the best, and sell the rest to the unsuspecting! Each to their own taste though, apart from tomato sauce.
  10. Fizzy chemicals for me too, I've tried lots of real gravy, ermm ale, but don't like it.
  11. Spurn lifeboat crew are on-site full time and are the only full-time paid RNLI crew in the UK, I wonder what sort of wage they are paid.
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