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  1. The polar opposite for me. Hull, Grimsby and Fleetwood (traditional fishing ports) chippies serve almost exclusively haddock. They serve up the best, and sell the rest to the unsuspecting! Each to their own taste though, apart from tomato sauce.
  2. Fizzy chemicals for me too, I've tried lots of real gravy, ermm ale, but don't like it.
  3. Spurn lifeboat crew are on-site full time and are the only full-time paid RNLI crew in the UK, I wonder what sort of wage they are paid.
  4. Hopefully soon to be replaced by a bit of Joy Division, again!
  5. Everythink instead of everything is my current pet hate.
  6. What Norwich City can look forward to this season: Referees favouring the 'big teams' to the point of myopia/bias and on occasion just downright cheated of a result, if they have a good start lauded by the media, if a bad one ignored, shown near the end of Match of the Day most weeks, goal scoring chances not shown on MOTD, patronised by the pundits, if they beat a 'big team' total focus on how bad the opposition were, enjoy!
  7. I'd like to say "that looks delicious", but I don't like to tell fibs!
  8. Luckily I was in a position never to need PPI. I have a friend who received a phonecall regarding PPI and he told them to" eff off", a week or so later he got a phone call at 3-00am and a voice shouted "ha ha now you eff off!"
  9. twowrights


    It certainly worked for us! We'll practice more for next year though.
  10. We visited the café three weeks ago, it was perfectly usable, clean and tidy. That artists impression is an awful looking building, in my opinion.
  11. Threads never drift off topic, they naturally expand.
  12. We had a pump out at Sandersons but had to wait a while as they were doing their own boats first, not a problem for us. I had a walk around the area whilst waiting, and on a pole was a planning application from Sandersons. It involved demolishing the boat shed, and building a new one, and erection of (I think it was four) four houses. I asked the chap if he thought they'd get permission and he was hopeful. The boats they had in looked fairly clean, and they were cleaning the exterior as well as interior of them.
  13. I was surprised how quiet the waterways seemed when we travelled last week, for long stretches we saw no other boats, probably down to the lovely weather! That said, come Saturday it seemed that it was a nutters paradise, speeding boats (not just hire ones) stag/hen parties with oafs diving into the water from the roofs of the boats, and many unable to take the helm without a bottle of alcohol in one of their hands! We just stuck to the speed limits, and kept a careful watch out.
  14. Well, we kept an eye on each other, travelled at the advised time, kept between the posts and really enjoyed the crossing. In our week on the Broads (finished this Monday) almost everyone we met was very helpful and we made sure we returned the help to others. A shout out to Richardsons as on the third day the engine wouldn't start, they were on the scene within the hour and fixed the fault, a short circuit on the battery. We enjoyed our week so much that earlier today we booked for next year!
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