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  1. I did notice as well, having done some repairs I’ve noticed that there are different screw hole patterns under our current rails which seem to indicate that they have been changed. I guess the wood didn’t stand the test of time! We have never been that far north so it must have been someone else. I have seen anotther Aquafibre 38 just like ours headed north on the Lee. I don’t think it is lived on though. Our survey concurs :) Thanks to everyone for the interest and the interesting facts and pictures!!!
  2. Oh this is amazing!!! Thank you so much :) So is it you the kid on the picture? It definitely is the right model with the front bench. Our Broads reg is F867. They don’t change so they? Thank you again for fishing this out for us :D
  3. Hi everyone! My girlfriend and I are the lucky owners of a 1972 Aquafibre 38 that we’ve moved to London and are converting into a houseboat. Currently named Apollo it has gone through a few name changes and has been a rental for most of its life according to broads.org.uk, starting as Gleaming Light 2 at Herbert Woods. http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=3704&BoatHistory=49462 I’ve emailed HW to ask if they had any vintage doc but no cigar so far. I also checked a couple of other threads here as well as broadlandboats.co.uk. I was wondering if anyone around here had 70’s pictures / brochure featuring our baby. Would be lovely to see her in her prime ! Thank you for reading!
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