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  1. Quick question, will we be using walkie talkies whilst on the cruise? I have VHF, CB and small handhelds, so happy whatever.
  2. Thanks all for the kind welcome. Collected the boat and motored her down to Ranworth, what a delight that was, such a fabulous place to have a mooring. Feel very lucky. Look forward to meeting you all at the event.
  3. I’m after a small rowing boat / tender, wooden GRP or inflatable. Need to row from shore to my mooring. thanks,
  4. Thanks that’s a good one to try. Another question, I have VHF on board but understand it’s use is very limited on the broads. (I do hold the VHF license for marine radio) i was wondering if CB radios are used by other boaters for friendly ‘chit chat’ whilst on the water? If so I will install one.
  5. Thanks all. Quick question, I’m motoring her from Stalham to Ranworth next week and fancy a stop off for sustenance on the way. Any recommendations? I’m going via Ludham Bridge.
  6. Morning all, Getting back on the Broads after nearly 30 years and can’t wait. My fun begins next week picking up my newly purchased Leisure 20 from Stalham and talking a very leisurely (excuse the pun, completely intentional) cruise via Ludham Bridge to the mooring I’ve secure at Ranworth. Looking to the forum for advice on a suitable recommended stop for some lunch, pub or cafe etc. Also, I have (or will have) VHF on board and wondered if many / any Broads boaters use VHF (I know some marinas and bridge operators do) accepting its not for general ‘chit chat’, or should I install a CB if this is more widely used to reach out to fellow Broads boaters? Much appreciated,
  7. Taking ownership of a Leisure 20 small yacht next week and have a permanent mooring on Ranworth Island so this seems too good to pass up. Dates: Friday and Saturday definitely Boat name: Cervinia Souls: one maybe two Special needs: none havent been on the Broads since about 1990 so very much looking forward to exploring by motor and sail over the coming months and years, starting with picking her up from Stalham next week and motoring down to Ranworth. Very exciting.
  8. Morning all, just purchased a Leisure 20 pocket yacht which I’m due to pick up on the 28th and motor from Stalham to Ranworth where I have a permanent mooring arranged. Can’t wait, haven’t been on the Broads since about 1990 and looking forward to exploring by motor and sail over the coming months and years.
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