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  1. Others may be interested to know roughly what the Taxi fare & Big Dog Ferry price is?
  2. I do wonder if some crews are not sure of the locations they are going to - I was chatting to a crew yesterday about to leave via Reedham Swing Bridge ( which they would get trough with ease) & they asked about "a bridge" on the New Cut - I assured them that the road bridge would be fine & that Somerleyton was only a few inches lower than Reedham but I did warn about St Olaves I did wonder if it was they but they were from a different yard thank goodness
  3. Here is the interim short report into the Great Yarmouth incident of Aug 2020 https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1014747/InterimReport-DiamondEmblem1.pdf
  4. The original permission was on condition the Boatshed was rebuilt prior to construction of the houses in line with the Broads Local Plan The shed is now in different ownership & is not being re-built so a new application has had to be made which is still under consideration
  5. Turned out to be nothing exceptional - no higher than the rouge high a couple of weeks ago
  6. The 80 page "Residential Moorings Guide" ( Google it) was presented to the July Broads Authority Meeting. The decision/updates will be in the Papers for the September Meeting
  7. There was a one off high tide Monday probably a combination of wind tide & atmospheric pressure it was almost up to the steps by the Rangers Hut at Reedham
  8. That particular high tide was a one off in the sequence & probably a combination of wind, tide & atmospheric pressure
  9. And an email to those of us who are Shareholders
  10. The village independents seem OK too ( as they were in the first lockdown) ! Lathams & the other QD Stores around the area & the other cut price sheds never ran out of Loo Rolls either - most made a feature of them as they started to re-open
  11. There is a video around somewhere of a craft with not quite enough power fighting the ebb up to Stracy & if there are any of the predicted thunder storms there could just be increased flow - bit hit & miss who gets them at the moment.
  12. The Ship Reedham opening today (Sat 24 July)with board out advertising their Sunday Lunches Best ring ahead though ( Check FB or Trip Advisor in case of revised phone number) Under new management.
  13. The real experts re Braydon are of course the staff at GY Yacht Station & you can ring for advice re the craft you are on much closer to the date of your visit as they will be able to advise on the conditions likely at the time.They are open till end of October
  14. BA Information Centres have a booklet on sale "Walking Close to the Norfolk Broads" The Broads Society have in their quarterly members magazine Harnser a walk supplied by the Norwich Branch of Ramblers in the July edition is a 5.5 mile walk around Coltishall & Belaugh
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