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  1. I got a chip a week ago last Sunday near Wroxham and had it repaired last Thursday the operative seemed quite pleased he could repair it so he could dash off to the next job
  2. I doubt much has changed in past few years hence the project - Good to see Broadland DC being pro-active in providing facilities for river users.Still has proper bins for boat waste
  3. For those members not aware Reedham Quay, other than the section outside of the Lord Nelson is owned by Broadland District Council and leased to Broads Authority March till October.
  4. Not quite the lost railways but for rail enthusiasts there is some info here about the Wherry Lines 175 years events there is nothing on the main website yet
  5. Sunday breakfast sign gone from The Ship at Reedham so looks like it was a Easter Sunday Special!
  6. The Post Office Tea Room at Reedham (next to the Lord Nelson) is now open 7 days a week for "Light breakfast" from 9am through the season, they do not have the space to do "Full English" but from an earlier post that's not what everyone is looking for
  7. The Ship at Reedham are doing breakfast from 10.30 this Sunday (not sure at this stage if its a one off or more permanent) The quay has been pretty full all week even a double up last night so I hope there are some takers
  8. BridgeStones at Potter Heigham Plenty of room for breakfast business meetings! Good food too of course
  9. There are almost always a line of cabs at Norwich Station then book with them for journey back
  10. The Post Office counter is open Mondays and Wed + Fri mornings - at least it was earlier this week The Tea Room is opening soon (could be this weekend) They did teas etc as a sideline for the past two seasons The shop on The Hills 5 minuets walk away is open 8 till 8 every day and now sells papers
  11. I do often wonder what Broadside villagers think about the boating fraternity You often hear criticism of the number of holiday homes and holiday lets and its effect on the availability of homes for locals and the effect on local shops (if there are any left) but boats especially the hire fleets rarely get a mention.(Unless they leave their rubbish behind)
  12. The report says its the Boatyard Manager (rather than the Boatyard, ex Aston) that wants to manage the Staithe as it queries what would happen if he left, presumably he is freelance rather than employed hence South Norfolk District Council who own the Staithe being nervous.
  13. Are the tolls on other waterways not higher than for the Broads - no doubt to pay for the enforcement? (Genuine question as I don't the answer) '
  14. The February minutes from Loddon Parish Council probably sum up the current situation - http://www.loddonpc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Minutes-February.pdf
  15. Thank you JM - Indeed it is a somewhat weighty document but it would be difficult to decide without personal prejudice what the most important bullet points would be. When I first read the 2008 document, found by chance, it answered many of the questions raised in various quarters which came up again in this topic particularly the siting of possible residential moorings needing to meet the criteria for land dwellings on access and facilities, waste disposal and the like.
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