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  1. The report states that the proposed "BA" mooring is for de -masting purposes and that it- is still under consideration.
  2. It has been pointed out somewhere along the way by an expert in such matters that any dredging sufficient to lower the water level at Potter would have the consequence of increasing the effect of salt water surges.
  3. Plus the mooring posts at the Yacht Station have a ring on top so you can feed your rope through and back onto the boat so they just can't lift your rope off the post even if the end is taken back on board.
  4. Nowadays they only use the flags to indicate an closure due to a fault or hot weather the LED signs give a fairly up to date indication the trains in each direction are fairly close so they usually keep closed till both have passed so always worth checking the Norwich to Lowestoft timetable.the delay on opening seems slightly longer since the signal box at Reedham Junction closed. Ultimately only the two swing bridge boxes will remain open with authority to open/close from Colchester. On Friday trains are due at 18.59 & 18.22 so you could get an opening between but don't rely on it in case of late running.
  5. Or is it https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/broads-authority-acle-bridge-not-on-hold-1-6145170
  6. There this morning a perfect spot just as it is - busy with customers too
  7. As with most Planning Applications it is worth taking advantage of the Broads Authority Free advice service & reading the New Broads Local Plan - Some authorities charge for advice now but not BA . They get processed quicker if submitted with all required information anyway
  8. Brundall Level crossing will have barriers and CCTV so no need to hoot with the operator sitting in the dry in Colchester.
  9. The railway through Brundall is currently being re-signalled with control moved to Colchester and remotely controlled barriers will be installed when the new disabled friendly pedestrian access is finished on the river side details here https://planning.broads-authority.gov.uk/PublicAccessDocs/planningDocs.aspx?doc=/sites/planning/2019/Documents/Development Control/BA20190023FUL/planning statement incorporating design and access statement(1).pdf I suspect getting planning permission from the Broads Authority for the Yare Pub area is likely to be difficult due to the flood risk
  10. As others have said the Environment Agencies Tide Gauging Stations are all over the Broads and most are reliable and in bad times are updated more than once a day but can certainly show a trend over the 5 days as the tide change from Springs to Neaps not withstanding wind rain and North Sea conditions of course. For example the rains of recent weeks have had little effect on the height of tides in this area There is also a tide prediction and confirmation for the sea at Lowestoft https://www.ntslf.org/data/realtime?port=Lowestoft this is quite interesting to follow.
  11. In the South - Reedham Quay can get full but always worth cruising slowly past & catching the eye of the BA Quay Ranger (9am - 6pm) as they may know of someone about to leave or with the other crafts permission you can double moor. Reedham Ferry Inn has many fewer moorings available now as the up- stream ones are now all too dangerous to be used.
  12. I got a chip a week ago last Sunday near Wroxham and had it repaired last Thursday the operative seemed quite pleased he could repair it so he could dash off to the next job
  13. I doubt much has changed in past few years hence the project - Good to see Broadland DC being pro-active in providing facilities for river users.Still has proper bins for boat waste
  14. For those members not aware Reedham Quay, other than the section outside of the Lord Nelson is owned by Broadland District Council and leased to Broads Authority March till October.
  15. Not quite the lost railways but for rail enthusiasts there is some info here about the Wherry Lines 175 years events there is nothing on the main website yet
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