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  1. Keeping beer cool would be in the same way as before craft had fridges - dangled in the river - you will have plenty of sanitisers to clean the neck before drinking! (Just not too much beer as this beverage is the cause of many falling in incidents with tragic consequences)
  2. In 2019 - 20 Flu peaked before Christmas and was a low number season 2016-17 being above average https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/885092/National_influenza_report_14_May_2020_week_20.pdf
  3. Some possibly good news on BA FB page from last evening - at least they are asking the question today https://www.facebook.com/BroadsAuthority
  4. I for one am putting little faith in a effective vaccination - Even the flu jab which is still not available to the whole community & which has been under development for over 50 years is still not perfect.Most hospital admissions in a normal flu season are from the Care & Residential School settings which are eligible for the flu jab.
  5. Its a jolly good way of bringing the issue, which was going to happen anyway this year or next to the governments attention. They always assumed that once inward immigration was stopped the unemployed in the UK who pressed for restraint in bringing agricultural & horticultural from Europe in the first place would rush to take up the slack. So in a way the current situation will concentrate minds. Its a good job place of origin is still on fresh products as I am sure some in the trade would prefer it was hidden.
  6. I had a Toledo too & it was ok when I traded up to a 1500 after 3 years (My father worked for a BMC dealer & did the PDIs & applied the under-seal which was an extra those days He told me the fitters who went for factory training laughed at the flakes of rust coming off the spray shop roof which had to be caught on plastic sheets to save the cars)
  7. A little note for those living near(ish) to Gorleston Morrisons where the queues to get out were bigger than to those going in - they have opened all the checkouts rather than alternate so no wait at all now (They are different to most stores in not being in back to back pairs) Don't tell too many people though !
  8. We had a Seagull on the work boat on the lake in Battersea Park in the 1960s & early 70s it was always a pain to start & we did not have proper 2stroke oil just SAE30 & always blamed that but the Japanese outboards on the trip launches always started first time. On the mower front when the staff claimed their mower would not start by the time I got there they inevitably started first time having dried out from the usual flooding Worse were the idle summer staff (students) who one of the fitters eventually told me when a machine was sent for repair they had put something unspeakable in the tank to waste time! (The London County Council were notorious for replacing the staff cars & chauffeur driven black Austin Cambridge's & Morris Oxfords (Top officials had more luxury than the lower ranks)but not mowers which were expected to last for ever. Those were the days. As soon as the by then GLC went in 1974 the cuts began & hardly stopped since!
  9. Its interesting to note that DEFRA (yes they who are in charge of the Landscape Review among other things) have written to Local Authorities asking them to re-open recycling centres as fly-tipping is getting out of hand in some areas & those with limited storage may be harbouring excess waste at their properties. The wood recycling industry are also concerned at the lack of feed-stock going into the system for burning in power stations
  10. Went past local Allotments the other day on the way to do shopping & they all look immaculate !
  11. Slightly off topic but watched a US oil man on Bloomberg TV( notice they are allowed to ask questions now at government press conferences maybe RT will even get in eventually) last evening he was angry that they were having to leave oil in the ground as they were running out of storage hence profits down ! No wonder Trump wants early lifting of lock-down
  12. Not next day any more - its up to 7 days right now - maybe a friend could pick up a click & collect with suitable identification which may be quicker
  13. Wilco & B & M fully open paint paper & do some plants - plenty of paracetamol & coffee to justify the trip
  14. Just read a press report from Weymouth where the people who frequent the beachside benches & shelters have been put up in a hotel on the outskirts of town where they are creating mayhem and are being moved on yet again!
  15. I thought it was just my imagination many with lorries involved and at night - wonder if they are over doing it with the extended driving permitted hours - maybe now the panic buying is over this should be rescinded. Wonder if they are skimping maintenance too as seem a lot of vehicle fires too
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