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  1. The Charity Commission website is only showing five trustees currently rather than 9 listed in the 2018 accounts (there were a number of changes that year too)
  2. Here is today's EDP info https://www.edp24.co.uk/business/what-now-for-whitlingham-country-park-1-6325279
  3. As an observation - is there not a world of difference between a visitor centre at a specific venue eg Stonehenge and one in the Broads. which are scattered over what is quite a large area which of course takes days to cover by boat (bases for which are of course scattered across the area) and even quite a long time by road and even longer by the much diminished but allegedly sustainable public transport. Which with the seasonality of the Broads for other than the hardiest souls who would be unlikely to visit a centre even if open makes the need doubtful. Schools for practical reasons have quite a small window for full day or even half day trips even if they can afford the transport which seems unlikely in the reasonably near future ( as someone has said a mobile service may be more sustainable with field trips if essential for say, 6th forms and the like) As an aside I do wonder what use the current Brown Tourism road signs are which state For the Broads follow - then different locations dependent on which direction you are coming from.
  4. I have an ad blocker but most newspapers refuse to download properly unless you switch it off for their site
  5. We have visitor moorings too. Stock up on supplies in our shop, cool down in our swimming pool and enjoy and evening meal in our restaurant. FREE to stay during the day £12 overnight serviced non-mooring £20 overnight serviced mooring with electric and water From their Twitter page (Aug 2019)
  6. Here are some the new posts on their way through Reedham towards Breydon on Wednesday morning
  7. Unlike in Planning Guidance where the "The Broads" are mentioned alongside "National Parks" the Glover information so far has so far made no such differentiation ! I am sure someone has explained the difference
  8. Info is here - It is up to date as Dunes cafe at Acle is on it https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boating/facilities/electric-boat-charging-points
  9. WRC published terms for the Cruiser section does not mention after dark but Day Boat terms further down clearly state - "Not use the boat after dusk (no hire boats are licensed or insured for use after dusk)".
  10. How about someone organising a bulk purchase & installation service to install suitable GPS equipment in both private & hire boats which would solve the problem especially for craft with rev counters indicating a supposed speed?
  11. There is some hope that reliability of the bridges could improve when some of the equipment from the 1940s is replaced during the closure at the start of February 2020 (additional information from Greater Anglia Management) https://www.edp24.co.uk/motoring/norfolk-and-suffolk-railway-lines-closing-for-upgrade-february-2020-1-6218265
  12. Comes up on rightmove its the area to east of Berney Arms between the railway and Breydon Water - no doubt of interest to RSPB?
  13. I notice the bins at Neatishead are mentioned - for those who have not seen the new set up put in by North Norfolk District Council here is a recent picture Waste - Recycling even food waste and the original Bottle bank is still there - an example to all of the Norfolk & Suffolk Councils
  14. It appears that since parking charges were introduced at Reedham & Brundall Stations their use has dropped and certainly the cars have not just moved to the free parking spaces nearby at Reedham - If this has led to less passengers using the railway does not bode well for the future.
  15. Bearing in mind they are for 60+ they could have mentioned the nearby boat hire yards. I always smile when they describe their lounges as being "Sociable" as at this stage that really depends on who moves in ? A far better description would be "A spacious comfortable lounge is provided for residents to socialise"
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