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  1. It would take some research to get the dates right but remember in the "Boating Boom" years of the late 1970s & 80s the larger yards were acquired by the likes of Coral & Guinness & with booking through Hoseasons & Blakes had it tied up only for them to pull out rapidly when foreign holidays boomed. On- line & direct booking with yards has put a whole new spin on the trade so who knows how it will evolve
  2. Here is the Planning Officers report (It was getting close to decision time anyway) https://secure.broadland.gov.uk/MVM.DMS/Planning Application/762000/762660/20202264 2021_01_20 Delegated report.pdf
  3. Many moons ago when I was a Park Manager in London & we had some areas with huge run off in wet weather ( most of the old streams and ditches were of course of course piped as development occurred in past 150 years), I was told that the EA (or whatever it was called then) had two schools of thought among its top people Firstly those who wanted to get rid of water fast by dredging, piling of banks, removal of obstructions on a regular basis etc and the others who wanted to hold water back in extreme weather. At the time (1980s) the policy was beginning to swing in favour of holding back.
  4. Certainly not ideal that its hosted by BA but there needs to be some way of pulling the various Authorities together especially as Norfolk County Council (as lead Authority on Flooding) agreed three additional Officers last week. With the EA, Counties, Districts and Land Drainage Boards as well as Anglian Water all having a part to play it is a way to stop the buck passing
  5. Definitely in Broadland There is an application in early Dec 2020 for demolition with BA as neighbour & Parish Council having no objection. Should it go to Committee it can be viewed on YouTube
  6. My sentiments entirely! (Two shares)
  7. I suspect there are plenty of suitable silenced Euro 5 Generators on the second hand market with the outdoor entertainment industry in turmoil and would be a stopgap which could be re-sold if the mains do arrive in due course
  8. Expensive makeovers have led many pubs to the end of the road - hopefully there will be minimum expenditure to enable it to reopen as soon as possible & hopefully as soon as the holiday season is allowed to get underway,
  9. I think most are with Riverside Holidays Ltd 01692 580496 they may be able to help
  10. For those who would like to see & hear the Ctte in action https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/about-us/committees/navigation-committee/navigation-committee-14-january-2021
  11. At £31 for 10 single crossings well worth having! https://www.reedhamferry.co.uk/chain-ferry/
  12. Its certainly brought many of the improvements of fairly recent IT progress to the fore & underlines the need for last areas of poor internet access to the notice of the authorities to press (even pay for) the final push
  13. The Ferry has been closed for a couple of hours each side of high tide twice in the past week (not been caught on the wrong side but pre-paid ticket holders get emails)
  14. There is an article on the subject of the "Swing Bridges" provided by Network Rail with the latest information in the January 2021 edition of Harnser (The magazine of the Broads Society) PM for details
  15. EA river levels published later than usual this morning (Sunday 8.45) but only upper reaches, Beccles & Neatishead are higher than on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Drainage out to sea back to more usual flows
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