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  1. Sorry we missed you John. Have a safe trip. We will kick our heels heŕe until check-in. Cheers Chris
  2. A very nice thought John and thankyou. Our flight has been delayed by four hours too, so we will now be stuck at Norwich until 6pm. Oh, just for the record, no red light and only one precautionary pumpout in 3 weeks. Is it a record we ask?
  3. Goodbye folks, it has been fun knowing you. I shall continue to follow your antics from "the other side". We are now experiencing the true beauty of hindsight. Swmbo was determined to travel light, bringing the minimum in the smallest possible case. It was great. At the start. Since then we have perused shops and sales, all the while me muttering " i dont have a clue where this is going". Now neither of us have an idea where this is going. Certainly not in that tiny purse she termed her "carry on". Carry On is right. The bottleneck is our internal flight from Norwich to Manchester (truly the cheapest and quickest way to make the trip) and we will now have to get Logan Air to look the other way whilst we sneak on with a cabin trunk hidden under my (my!!) Jumper. Have fun. Chris
  4. Well here we are moored at Sutton Staithe for our last night in Norfolk. An incident ocurred here today which gave me pause for thought. A large cruiser pulled up about 10 metres in front of ours. One of those with a very high built up stern with external steps leading to the upper helm and a bottom step or narrow bathing platform about 30cm above the water. One of the group, a well built chap, had just fastened the stern rope and stepped back onto the boat. I was having one of my last dangles (channelling Brando perhaps) when in my peripheral vision i saw him go backwards into the Broad with the most enormous splash. I was momentarily stunned (and thinking there goes the fishing) when he popped back up spitting copious quantities of Ant. Fortunately the boat was fitted with tranverse fenders across the rear and he was able to grab those. Then his mates came and dragged him out. All he lost were his sunglasses and dignity. Now erindoors has been assiduous in her wearing of her lifejacket whilst mooring. As for myself? Not once. Barmpot is the term I think. We have been valeting the boat prior to taking her back ( cleaner than when we picked her up) and i am thinking i do not want to give her back. She is not perfect. I would like an anchor winch, rear vision cameras, and a couple of USB ports at the helm, but she is without question the best we have hired. There is no way i could check her in as excess baggage, even long-haul the allowance is not that great, but if someone in the forum could quietly suggest how I might get her to the Humber estuary and still get my flight to Hong Kong on Sunday morning, there would be a large drink in it. Nuff said. OK? Cheers Chris
  5. Shhh. She doesn't read this. Yet.
  6. I have not quite got the quoting posts right have I!
  7. Very many thanks. I am sure we will. We have Hobbiton of course, sounds as it is spelled. All six toes and banjo music. Cheers Chris
  8. Strangely enough i was a bit of a Pratchett fan back in the day, but in this context "clack fix" means that uniquely femail form of conversation where the words are endless, and oft repeated, but unintelligible to mortal males. Stuck on a boat for almost 3 weeks with only me to talk to, i think she was getting desperate. The wild look has gone from her eyes now. Cheers Chris
  9. Good morning. I seem to have been too busy to add to our holiday tale for a day or too, but i have been putting in some serious rod hours. We met up with our Yorkshire chums in Coltishall . The are staying in accommodation in Haute Bois ( pronounced Hat Box i think) so whilst the distaff side went for a walk to check it out and have an intensive clack fix, Paul and i caught up over a box of maggots. No monster perch, sadly, but enough roach and perch to keep us busy despite the considerable amount of floating weed. Another excellent meal at the Rising Sun (braised brisket cottage pie. Yum). Tuesday started well with bream and rudd and a beautiful roach of around three-quarters of a pound. I have included a picture of dawn over the rivrr at Coltishall. After more clacking and dangling we said our goodbyes and we returned to the Viaduct moorings along one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the whole of the Broads. We saw Kingfishers, Coots, and another Marsh Harrier. Fishing at the Viaduct was a bit patchy, i think there were some Pike around. Some souvenier shopping for our two grandsons back home was followed by fish and chips at Ken's. This was after reading a recommendation on these boards, but i think we both agreed that Greys has the edge. We are now on our final lap back to Richardsons to hand back Slime, sorry Swan Rapture on Friday. We have just learned that our flight from Norwich to Manchester is not departing 4 hours later than expected, which is a bit of a bummer. Anyway after breakfast we shall head for Ludham Bridge. I hope the fishing is better there Cheers Chris
  10. It has been a quiet day. I feel a sombre tone has settled on us as we approach our last few days. I had a bit of a lie in today, up at 5am. The bream in Thurne Dyke were very accommodating and i quite enjoyed myself, though they are very slimy. We left our mooring assisted by the wind blowing us away from the bank and pottered up to Potter for some wotter(sorry, could not resist it) where the same wind played havoc with my attempts to moor. Hoping no-one noticed my cack-handed attempts we headed for Fleet Dyke. We chanced upon an excellent mooring and this time we remembered to book a table at the Ship. My afternoon was spent catching bream after bream in a session such as i have not enjoyed in many a long year. But they are ruddy slimy. Lyn says i looked like an extra from "Men in Black" who had been slimed. My only concern now is getting my fishing clothes past the NZ Border Patrol because of all the organic matter adhering to them. We then (slime free) had our meal at the Ship at South Walsham. We have enjoyed some excellent meals on this holiday but the meal this evening topped the lot. It was really, really good. How erindoors managed a treacle tart on top of her roast pork dinner i will never know. Tomorrow we are off to Wroxham to meet up with some old friends from Yorkshire. He is an ex-police sergeant and a fellow Lion and he also enjoys his fishing. I hope to introduce him to the monster perch that lurk there. Cheers Chris
  11. Hello. Indeed there are those that do hold that view but it is a beautiful country with a great climate ( i can play golf in shorts in winter) and some awe inspiring scenery, but nothing like the Norfolk Broads. We love living there and would never consider coming back to live, but we do have to have our Broads fix when we can. Great day fishing at Thurne Dyke and a good meal at the Lion. What a transformation has been wrought there! We remember it from 40 years ago and we did have some times. Anyroadup, time for quiddler and we will see where tomorrow takes us. Cheers Chris
  12. Good evening. We had a conversation, which is why we are now at a mooring above Acle bridge. On the plus side i have just enjoyed the best steak and ale pie i have had since arriving in the UK, and that is saying something. On the minus side, the fishing is rubbish. On the bomb and my reactions are not what they were. Hard to believe but we have been on this boat for 2 weeks now and we are on countdown for the return to Aotearoa. Still, another week to enjoy our favorite places. May be Thurne Dyke tomorrow? Cheers Chris
  13. Just a quickie. We are now moored at Upton Staithe. A very pretty looking place. Friendly too. A strange thing happened on the way here. We were the recipients of manically enthusiastic waves from a private boat. A forum member perhaps? I think the boat was Autumn Gold. Oh, and i saw a Marsh Harrier. Brill. Cheers Chris
  14. Dawn over Ranworth. Ah, but (those paying attention may say), that should be dawn over Upton Dyke. True, but whilst cruising slowly down the Thurne, we had a conversation. We agreed we must have one last night at Ranworth as it is such a special place and the weekend will be manic and we have to meet friends at Coltishall early next week. So we turned right instead of left and on such decisions, the fate of nations can rest. Though not in this case, obviously. So i spent a happy afternoon fishing and watching reversing 101. Not as a critic, take away my bowthrusters and i can be as cack handed as the next Johnny, but interested. More interesting was watching the people watching the reversing. There were those who will offer words of advice "tell him to shove it hard over and boot it love", those who get involved and offer to take a rope, and those who, regardless of the drama unfolding next door to them, just stay on their duffs sipping Prosecco or something. Fortunately they are in the minority. Anyroad up it looks like the rain is easing so i am off to dangle a few more maggots before we head for Upton. Or we have another conversation. Cheers Chris
  15. The only box that will get ticked is my skull!! Chris
  16. C Closed. (I am not sure what just happened, fat fingers perhaps) . I am sure it had nothing to do with the variance in our flush rate. Hers being 3 or 4 times that of mine??? Chris
  17. Hi Brian. I did like the flush counting idea, it appealed to the empiricist in me. However, when i suggested to swmbo we count our flushes, i got The Look. This brooks no arguement and the subject was
  18. An update on THE NOISE as we have come to call it. Well, i say we but erindoors has a minor auditory deficiency, in that she is a tad mutton and can't hear it and wonders what the fuss is all about. Anyroadup, it started again around 5.20pm (about the time it started yesterday). We did a Boston Strangler act on every tap to no avail. So acting on the wise counsel of the august sages haunting these boards, i turned off the water pump. Silence (for me anyway, no difference for swmbo). After a little while i turned on the pump . It re-pressurised the system and not a peep since. Ah well, i have caught a very good roach, had a glass or two of a passable shiraz, and i am gazing on the peace of Womack. Not a bad world sometimes. Going to have another go at Upton Dyke tomorrow. Cheers Chris
  19. I think the general concensus of water pump must be correct as there has been no repetition and we have not quite employed a torque wrench but we are now making certain all taps are turned off tight. We are on Womack Water, mainly because: 1. There is something in a shop here she simply must have and the shop keeps eccentric hours; 2. We both think the carvery in the Kings Arms is worth the trip; and 3. What's not to love about Womack? Don't let anyone convince you that fishing is relaxing. I have spent the past 3 hours trying to catch roach and bream on breadflake. I have a tension headache and every muscle hurts. I am prescribing a cold Hobgoblin. Cheers Chris
  20. Thanks for the suggestions. It does seem to have a very different tone to the water pump, but i will ensure we have no drips. The blighter went all night but stopped about 6am. All is quiet now. I had still best call the yard. Cheers Chris
  21. Hi, yes they replaced it with a new one which works. A very efficient team. Now we seem to have a problem with what sounds like a pump (bilge???) running for half a second every thirty seconds or so. I can't locate the source but it seems to come from amidships. I have only found one hatch i can open and it is not coming from under there. I will just have to ring them in the morning. We lost so much time earlier we decided to head for Gaye's staithe and a meal at the White Horse. Good choice. I am going to lift the engine hatch now, just in case. Cheers Chris
  22. We did employ pump-out delaying techniques, which were perhaps more effective than we expected. We have just been pumped out by Richardsons but no check of the red light, so i think we will continue in the same vein. Still sat waiting at Richardsons for attention to the microwave which has not worked since day one. I also asked about the electrical hook up cable in the wardrobe. This was not mentioned at handover, but it seems we can use shore power. It would have been nice to know. Not that we would have needed it much with no microwave and not having turned the TV on yet! Cheers Chris
  23. Dawn over Thurne Dyke is something a bit special. To me it has always been the quintessential Broadland scene with the low farmland disappearing into the mist, the river glasslike and reflective as the wind has not yet begun to blow, and the windmill silhouetted against the early morning sky. And the sounds. The many songbirds coughing and throat clearing, the cattle calling to be milked, and the lone duck complaining loudly and incessantly about something. A bit like Victor Meldrew on speed. Oh, and the fishing was not too bad. As some (or all ) of you will know, Swan Rapture comes equipped with electric flush toilets. A truly wonderful invention, but with one flaw. They come with a red light. At handover the chappie said that when the red light comes on you need a pump out. Of course we failed to enquire the precise nature of the situation represented by the red light. Is it "your holding tank will self destruct if you flush once more" , or you have half a dozen flushes left? We have now been on this boat for 10 days. So the sole ( it seems) topic of conversation is the red light. Every visit to the loo is followed by: Person 1 " did the red light come on?" Person 2: "no" Person 1 " you flushed" Person 2 "yes" Person 1 "was that really necessary" Person 2 "well yes it was actually". And so on. The strain is starting to tell. So we do not know if we have a loo about to burst asunder or a duff red light. Which is why we are not sat at mooring on Sutton Staithe planning to go to Richardsons in the morning to get the bulb checked ad the tank pumped. On the plus side we have enjoyed an excellent repast at the Sutton Staithe Hotel. Sadly the fishing, for once, is naff. Cheers Chris
  24. Hi there, i fear you may be correct and a dayboat may be the only way we could get up there. We have 11 days (only) left and erindoors is now drawing up a plan of places we "must" go to/ go back to before we hand back the boat. No doubt that will include the various shops in which she has spotted items we must take back for so-and-so, and the pubs with the best meals etc. The best fishing spots will only appear if i sneak them in whilst she is asleep. Wherever we go we are going to love it and take back a lot of very happy memories. Glad you are enjoying the tale. I had read so many accounts on here whilst we were planning our trip it seemed churlish not to give something back. Cheers Chris
  25. Early morning on Fleet Dyke is a rather more beautiful experience than the name would suggest, and the fishing was not bad too. Over breakfast we decided we should re-provision (one night of bread and jam is enough) and we upped anchor and headed for Potter. After an easy mooring (these bowthrusters are brilliant) we paid the pilot a visit. In response to my enquiry about getting through the bridge, and upon advising him of the name of our boat, we got another sharp intake of breath and a muttered "you have a big one there" (almost Carry On Cruising). Not for a few days was the decision. This put us in a bit of a quandary as we want to venture South but even more we want to visit Hickling. So we have decided to stay up here in the hope of getting through. Not exactly a disaster as it is so lovely up here. A quick trip to Lathams and we staggered out with several bags of items we never even knew we needed. We slipped our mooring (getting nautical now) and whilst swmbo reorganised her cupboards i took us down to Thurne Dyke. Here we discovered a charge for overnight mooring applies on both banks. An easy mooring, despite the increasing wind, a spot of fishing, a spot of lunch and a walk along the Weavers Way. This can be a very pleasant walk but after our first encounter with dog poop we spent the rest of our walk with eyes cast down, missing everything we had come to see. I went back to my fishing, stopping on at least 3 occasions to assist boat crews struggling to moor with the wind blowing them off the bank. To digress briefly, i know there is an ongoing discussion about the tensions between anglers and boaties. As is so often the case, it is the few obnoxious individuals that create an impression of open warfare. When cruising i will try and slow down and give anglers a wide berth, but it is not always possible (on the Hauraki Gulf the missile of choice is not a handful of maggots but a 4oz lead ball sinker!). After an excellent meal at The Lion, i having Lamb and Rosemary pie with thick cut chips and Lyn choosing the Halloumi bites (so many she took some back to the boat and i am thinking chub bait?). We then settled down to a pleasant evening of fishing, reading, and quiddler, when around 8.30pm two of Herbert Wood's bigger craft came tearing past the head of the dyke in close convoy. From the bow waves i would guess full throttle. I assume someone on the leading boat spotted a mooring and he must have gone into full reverse, catching the following boat by surprise as he appeared (my vision was a little obscured) to ram the leading boat with an almighty crack. After a bit of slow circling and muttering they carried on towards Potter at a much more sedate pace. I would not be surprised if some damage was not the result. Anyroadup, swmbo is stirring so i had better make her tea. Cheers Chris.
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