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  1. BTW I did ask on another thread about good places for quiet moorings and got a fantastic response. I'm just wondering if I can push it and get to St Benets!
  2. Good morning all, I'm sure this has been asked a 1000 times or indeed there may be something on the internet giving me the answer so please bear with me. Picking up our boat next Tuesday afternoon 21 May at Richardsons in Stalham around 2pm. I realise we won't be setting off at 2pm on the dot but we aren't first timers and we are on the same boat we've had in the past so i hope they won't keep us too long. So, if we were to get away by approx 2.30 - 3pm how long does it take to get down to St Benets Abbey to moor for the night? I've been there before but can't remember the distance/time needed. Is it realistic considering good moorings tend to go fairly early in the afternoon? We want a peaceful quiet first night and intend to light our camping bbq so I thought St Benets might be an ideal place. As always any assistance would be much appreciated. Paul
  3. As embarrassed as I am to ask would you be able to give me some directions as to exactly where Gays Staithe is within Barton? Coming from Stalham where on Barton is it exactly? Am I able to moor for the night there instead of mud weight? One more question, what is the name of the pub you mentioned? Thanks again in anticipation of your help. Paul
  4. Hi Seagypsy, apologies. Tues 21 May. 4 Nights. Commodore. Hope to see you. Best Paul
  5. All, thank you so much for your excellent responses. I'm more confident now that we will find somewhere to stay overnight suitable for some piece and quiet. We've always stopped over by a pub and ate there before retiring to sleep surrounded by other boats. We've always envied seeing people in those lovely quiet places away from it all and so we have decided to try this for a nice change. And Marshman. without a doubt I have listened to your warnings and will take on board what you have said. Indeed there are plenty of idiots in this world who don't think about their actions and the damage they can cause. But that is one of the reasons I mentioned it on here because I needed some good advice as to whether we should consider using a bbq or not. I had fully intended to bring a stand that I have and some fireproof lino to put on the floor to ensure there are no accidents. We are 3 couples all in our 50's fairly experienced now on the Broads and pride ourselves sin being careful. I may decide to avoid a bbq and just cook some burgers and bangers on the boat. But should we proceed to cook outdoors I will ensure we are extremely careful. Roll on May 22nd! Thank you again everyone. Paul
  6. Hi all, I’m picking up my boat at Stalham and my party intend to spend the first night in a tranquil peaceful place away from pubs and noise. I’m looking for suggestions as to where I can find an ‘informal mooring’. Somewhere quiet that allows us to use the bank of the river for the night. Any suggestions on how to find a list of such moorings online or indeed on here would be really helpful. One last question. At certain ‘informal moorings’ are people allowed to use temporary throw away bbq’s providing they are disposed of correctly? Any help much appreciated. Regards Paul
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