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  1. A really quick one ...... Just looking for an up to date map/guide that details the rivers/bridges/mooring info (free/chargeable) etc. I'll get most info online before we go, but wondered if there was a recommended publication containing the above? Cheers Simon
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies, really appreciate it :-)
  3. Good point, maybe next time around. We really liked the Royale last time so will judge on the day and go for it.
  4. We have Brinks Royale for 4 nights in August (can't wait) and planning to cruise up the River Ant to Barton and Stalham. Last time we visited we had Brinks Royale but I didn't risk Ludham bridge because the height on the Royale is listed as 8ft6in, same as Ludham Bridge. I watched the Captain's Blog review on the Royale and the 'London Rascal'/Robin (think that's his name) managed it no problem. I've since researched the bridge clearance in various places and the general opinion seems to be that the height gauges are generous and the Royale should be fine, especially at low tides. Would appreciate expert opinions from those in the know please to avoid red faces in August ........ Cheers Simon
  5. Great webcam, thanks HW. Not intrusive in the slightest.
  6. Nice tips Stumpy, especially the gloves as I remember the cheap polyprop last time. Many thanks.
  7. Thanks Jeff, I didn't realise there was a calendar so that's great.
  8. Indeed, although I've seen quite a few who miss the obvious ...!
  9. Thanks v much, really appreciate the info :-)
  10. Sounds good, thanks for the info. We are there 19th-24th Aug, so will miss the Ragatta :-( Thanks again
  11. Thanks Griff, added to the list ;-)
  12. Hi All New to the forums but been on the Broads maybe 6/7 times previously so still a relative newbie, or feel it. We're back with the kids (15 and 5) in August for 4 nights starting Wroxham. A couple of years ago we had a similar break and mud weighted on Little Hoveton Broad on our last night which was great. I was initially a bit nervous but it was great and we'd like to do it again, so looking for other good safe places to mud weight on the northern broads. Also, any tips on how to 'best' mud weight safely, I've read a few people who use weights front and back to stop the movement etc. Any help is very welcome! Have a good week everyone. Simon
  13. New member to NBN although I've been browsing posts for a few weeks now, looks like a very friendly and informative bunch :-) I've been on the Broads maybe 6/7 times over the last 20yrs and love it, normally hire for 4/5 days and starting to introduce the kids who also love it. I've got a few questions, but I'll post these in the right places, glad to be on board! Simon
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