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  1. Depends what you mean by bird, I imagine...
  2. Maybe some of them cheat by not being drunk when the boat is handed over?
  3. I like it. Many years ago I traced an ominous burning smell in the lab I worked in to a mains fuse where, in the absence of a fuse holder, someone had somehow managed to fit the fuse directly into the socket the holder should have gone into. They must have got away with it for several years, but over time the contacts become more resistive, and had reached the point where they were generating enough heat to start to melt the surrounding plastic. Fortunately due to the smell we were able to take action before the lab caught fire. It was underneath some custom hardware that had taken a long time to build and would not have been quick to replace.
  4. Well it probably did make life interesting...
  5. Goodness. That could certainly make life interesting, to put it mildly.
  6. I think most people don't take privacy to the level that they never mention their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/etc. to their colleagues. So if someone is in a same-sex relationship, it generally takes some rather contorted English not to reveal that.
  7. And I believe the move is supposed to be towards all-electric houses...no gas heating or cookers...
  8. When we had our hand-over, we were told that on no account should we use a hairdryer on the boat. The message was slightly undermined by the fact that there was a hairdryer in one of the cabins. Hard-wired, and no doubt 12 V, but....
  9. Indeed. It's not just a question of how beefy the inverter is...
  10. I wonder how many people would know how to investigate the supply network? I wouldn't!
  11. To some extent I think it's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations. After two weeks on the Broads, I can quite understand the desire to charge an extra damage deposit to groups of young lads out on a boat together. Putting an age restriction on would probably be illegal. You could leave it up to discretion when booking or taking on the boat...but that becomes contentious. A blanket policy is easy to implement, but then leads to the implication that a same-sex couple are more likely to do something silly to the boat then a heterosexual one, which is unfair. Thinking about it, a policy of an extra deposit for any same-sex group of three or more might work better. At least then you'd only get the anomaly when two or more same-sex couples share a boat, rather than just one...? Herbert Woods mention damage deposits for same-sex groups, but also mention for any non-family group. But that could also be a can of worms - what is a "family"? Of course the easiest solution is to charge everyone the same damage deposit. I looked recently at hiring on the Caledonian Canal and they wanted £500 from all comers. I think we paid a fairly hefty deposit on Lough Erne.
  12. There really is an app for everything!
  13. Are you sure? It wouldn't bother me directly if everyone stopped fishing, but looking at the large fraction of boats I saw with people fishing from them, I don't think it would be terribly helpful to the hire boat industry.
  14. Compulsory viewing for (almost) the whole household last time round. I had the privilege of a visit to Fawley Hill, where it was filmed, earlier this year - that's some garden railway!
  15. I was wondering but didn't like to ask...
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