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  1. My father always reckoned that a sharp metal spike in the centre of the steering wheel would encourage car drivers to pay attention to their surroundings...
  2. Useful link - thanks. That company also has the Nicholson Waterway Guide - does anybody know if that is any good? My limited experience of boating has been on the Shannon and Erne where you need a good chart (and binoculars to read marker numbers) to make sure you know where you are and make sure you don't end up on the rocks. I get the impression that the Broads are a bit more gentle in that respect.
  3. Very useful for visiting Theme Parks in England without all the crowds.
  4. They offer to sell them in advance for £4 - I don't know if that's only for people who have booked one of their boats though. They also have an interactive on-line map at https://www.herbertwoods.co.uk/norfolk-broads/norfolk-broads-map/broads-map/
  5. Yes - I recently clicked on a link to a video which I expected to be a walk-around of a hire boat...instead it just showed it cruising along. (Including several children not wearing life jackets). In my limited experience of hiring boats, where there has been more than one of a class there hasn't been any way of knowing which one you are going to get.
  6. I know someone who deliberately gave Facebook the wrong date for their birthday, because they didn't see why they should hand over that information. The problem is that Facebook then sends out messages on their not-birthday. I expect (or at least hope) there is a setting somewhere to prevent Facebook from doing that sort of thing. Whether you like Facebook or not, sometimes it's the only practical way of getting information you need.
  7. Yes! At the very least you might think they'd update the list of bank holidays on the gov.uk web site, which is still showing May 4th. It nevertheless seems to be real - there is a government press release here confirming it so it's not just the papers getting the wrong end of the stick. The whole thing seems ridiculous to me. Surely it should have gone into the "A good idea but we left it far too late to do anything about it now" box? Edited to add: Here's some more people this is a problem for: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-48575410 It includes the quote "The UK government said it made the decision "as soon as practicable"." - I'd like to see that justified.
  8. I have to say in those circumstances I'd let the school know, and if they couldn't or wouldn't authorise the absence I'd go anyway. It sounds as if you've done everything you reasonably could to play by the rules...but they got changed on you.
  9. School holidays certainly aren't the same everywhere in the UK, which can be useful.
  10. Utterly ridiculous. I would hope that companies and schools would be understanding...but they should never have been put in this position in the first place. Some things need to be planned well over a year in advance and moving bank holidays around ought to be one of them. I see it doesn't apply to Scotland...but they very much do their own thing on bank holidays which tend to happen on different days in different parts of the country.
  11. For those interested in where old railway lines went, or how the country has changed in other ways, I'd highly recommend the National Library of Scotland web site at https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=5&lat=56.0000&lon=-4.0000&layers=1&b=1 They have lots of old OS maps, which are "georeferenced" so you can overlay them on modern maps or, if on a device with GPS, show where you are on them. I followed along on a recent bus journey across the South Wales Valleys and was surprised at how much of the time the map showed us running along a railway line. In some cases it was fairly obvious (road on an embankment with lots of underbridges), in other cases you'd never know. In the centre of Cardiff there is a pedestrian underpass of a rather unusual design - this is because it used to be the now defunct Glamorganshire Canal.
  12. And that was nothing like...
  13. Yes I was just thinking that. Rather like companies that realise all the people with a particular skill are about to retire and start to panic, as if it's something they couldn't possible have planned for. Anyway they can't move the bank holiday back now without causing more trouble, so the only answer is for us to have two bank holidays that week. Sounds good to me! (As someone with a contract that gives a fixed number of days leave + bank holidays...)
  14. I've just seen that on www.broads.co.uk they say "In peak season, try to get moored up by mid-afternoon, or even earlier to bag one of the more popular spots." From what people have said here, that seems a bit over the top (whatever "mid-afternoon" is), which is good because it would be rather constraining.
  15. I'd like to think that a head would be understanding under the circumstances. If they made it an INSET day it would sort the problem out for parents...but not for the teachers of course. I can see the logic to moving the bank holiday, but I'd no idea they could (or would) move one at such short notice. I'm sure this is going to mess quite a lot of people around. It's not as if the anniversary wasn't predictable.
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