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  1. Looking at their web site you can choose between printed and sown flags.
  2. I was told they had 20 boats (if I remember correctly). I can assure you that their hirers are not expert helmsmen because they've hired a boat to us. To be honest when we hired on the Broads before and the boat was looking less than immaculate it didn't bother me. It was quite reassuring in a way because any extra scuffs we picked up wouldn't show. But not below? I don't know....standards these days.....
  3. From what I've seen the boat yards still have every boat they have out - so can half term be any busier with hire boats?
  4. I think it says something about our society that supermarkets work very hard so that we have the same fresh food all the year round, and then we have artificially "seasonal" food like Cadbury's cream eggs.
  5. Interesting. My understanding was that it was deliberately introduced to France by an estate owner and then spread across Europe - almost certainly with some help. But the government's role was a futile attempt to prevent the spread. See this for example.
  6. Fair point - not much time to do maintenance while a boat is being turned round. And I'm sure if they can have the boat out every day in the season they will.
  7. It does sound like a lot! Our incident on the Broads last year where we completely lost steering near the start of our two weeks certainly didn't put us off boating. (Then again we weren't complete novices - it was our second go at hiring a cruiser). It was dealt with (out of office hours) quite promptly, though it did require the engineer to commandeer another boat to get out to us. It was all a bit of an adventure really. The only other thing that went wrong was the spring on the engine cooling fillter cap going sproing into the bilges and that was worth it for the chance to visit the Sandersons building where a replacement was found for us. If we'd had even more things go wrong I don't think it would have put us off boating, but it might have made us consider a different boat yard next time. (On the other hand we really liked the Beam of Light and there aren't many other Diamond 43's available to hire).
  8. OK somebody has to say it. 2921 is a long wait.....
  9. A fascinating web site, that.
  10. As so often with accidents it's not a single cause, it's a set of things that all line up in the wrong way. Fortunately this time without too drastic consequences.
  11. I thought I understood the situation, as you described it as above (and the exclusions to what are covered by the waiver (gross negligance, intentional damage, whatever) presumably mirror the terms in the boat yard's insurance. Although I could imagine that a yard might be large enough either to self-insure entirely or to take out insurance with a huge excess - effectively buying re-insurance. But then I got the invoice with the wording I showed above, which is either extremely badly worded or suggesting that the damage waiver is in itself insurance. I appreciate I'm not buying insurance for the boat - it looks from the wording as if I've been sold my own insurance policy to cover the excess in the boat yard's insurance. Hence my confusion.
  12. I have not (knowingly) paid for cancellation insurance. I don't follow that - if the alternative to paying the damage waiver is leaving a deposit and losing it if necessary, then unless the deposit is set at the wrong level don't the costs work out the same if everyone takes the waiver, everyone pays the deposit, or something in between?
  13. I was surprised when I first hired that fuel wasn't included. I don't know why - I wouldn't expect to have unlimited petrol included with a hire car. I suppose it's because when I rent a cottage I expect the price to include everything (though now I come to think of it, we were handed an electricity bill after a week in a cottage in Ireland as well as paying for fuel we'd used for the day boat that came with the cottage).
  14. I'm pretty sure that when we rented a cruiser in Ireland we just went to the office at the end and paid for our fuel. I don't recall a specific credit card pre-authorisation beforehand either. (No collision damage waiver either, just a hefty deposit). I wasn't aware that a collision damage waiver could be optional. I'd seriously consider taking the risk on myself. I don't consider the fact that I've paid a wavier gives me carte blanche to go around bashing the boat into things.
  15. Some years ago when working in a lab I smelt a very acrid smell. I traced it to the fuse box. It was a design where the fuse went into a carrier which then clipped into the fuse box. Somebody had managed to get a fuse in without the carrier. It had worked for years, but eventually the contact resistance must have got too high and it acted as a rather effective heater.
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