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  1. I'm not sure what you're saying that public transport has never been included in. There are strict emissions regulations for diesel trains, but as with road vehicles they aren't applied retrospectively so 60's built diesel locomotives can continue as they are, just as vintage cars and motorbikes can. Indeed, locomotives built as late as 2014 can no longer be built for the European market as standards have moved on since then. But compared to road traffic in Norfolk, I find it hard to see how boats could be a significant contributor to emissions - the total number of boats must be minuscule compared to number of cars, never mind the difference in speed. I don't think the small number of rail services in Norfolk hauled by 60's locomotives are significant either, other than at a local level, but I could believe it's more than the boats put together. Anyway the diesel locomotives are on their way out very soon to be replaced with Swiss-built trains meeting all the current regulations.
  2. It really isn't as bad as that...there are plenty of practical things that still go on in school lessons, including soldering and using acids. Even hammering nails into wood in infant school. No doubt there's a lot more paperwork required these days, but it doesn't stop things happening with an element of danger.
  3. But possibly balanced out by losing out on visitors from overseas. And if uncertainty in the economy means that someone fears for their job, they might decide to do something less expensive than boating for their holiday, or indeed not go away at all.
  4. Yes the second week might work out better. Well, we don't have to choose now - that's one of the nice things about boating...
  5. No dogs, and yes it sounds like a lovely idea. As I've mentioned elsewhere, my limited boating experience has been in Ireland, where we were strictly forbidden from using the anchor except in dire emergency. So the idea of being on the water with the engine off and nobody having to watch where we're going is very appealing. And as I'm planning on cooking most nights lack of access to a pub isn't a problem. Though the idea of spending the night like that does seem a bit scary, especially as we aren't going to have a dinghy with us.
  6. Well given that - for us - it's the end of the line , I'm not expecting to be calling in between the start and finish either.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I expect we'll be in the Herbert Woods marina at least twice because that's where we're hiring from...
  8. Coryton

    Heading North

    I didn't in fact, but the dates are (now) on a thread in the members area.
  9. I understand that hire boats are allowed to moor in other hire boat federation boat yards. I'd imagine that - except for Saturdays - there ought to be space at least in August. So does one just turn up? Then again in the "Skipper's Manual" it says "subject to availibility." (their spelling not mine...) So would a phone call beforehand be a good idea?
  10. Coryton

    Heading North

    Well given how the tides play out, if we want to go South and have a decent amount of time there (and we do) we'll have to head there pretty smartly. If we like it enough, we don't have to head north again until the last day...
  11. I suppose it depends on whether there is any intention of actually fining people or whether the fines are threatened to encourage appropriate use and mollify people who complain about abuse.
  12. Maybe you need a chart stuck to the wall and every time someone flushes they tick off another box?
  13. This seems a bit of an odd scheme to me. Red = go. But two reds = stop. (Also, if one flag falls off, you've gone from stop to go, though I presume one does actually wait for the bridge to open before attempting to go through if too tall to go under).
  14. I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader. I was a bit confused by some of the activity going on (boat noses briefly into the side then goes straight off again, another one pulls alongside a moored boat and someone jumps into it from the other boat) till I realised I was watching the bridge pilot at work.
  15. Coryton

    Heading North

    Definitely! The only boating I've done before has been in Ireland where - at least on a hire boat - the anchor is strictly for emergencies only so it's certainly something to try. Not sure about overnight...though it should solve the problem of getting a mooring. Something else we weren't allowed to do in Ireland. Happy to give that a go too if we can - generally planning on cooking on the boat so not fussed about being near a pub in the evening. I think we should be able to get under Wayford, but Herbert Woods say we can't which presumably means they don't want us to. Maybe I should ask them. If the people we meet are as helpful and friendly as those on here, I'm sure we will.
  16. Coryton

    Heading North

    Maybe that's why they tell you the boat won't go under Wayford..
  17. Coryton

    Heading North

    Yes I thought going up to Coltishall might be rather nice. Herbert Woods say we can't go under Wayford, though the opinion here seems to be that it should actually fit.
  18. Coryton

    Heading North

    No! If only.... But I did spend a week on it on Lough Erne a few years ago - the only time I've hired a cruiser. For the Broads we're hiring a Herbert Woods "Beam of Light" which I believe is an Aquafibre Diamond 43 which should do most bridges. Not Potter though.
  19. To go with the recent "Heading South" thread, does anyone want to share their must-see places on the Northern Broads? I don't want to plan a rigid itinerary - had a (non boating) holiday like that last year - but it would be good to know what we shouldn't miss...
  20. I found this video rather entertaining. Apologies if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find any mention of it.
  21. It reminds me of a bit from Coot Club: "It was very lucky he knew you," said Starboard "E didn't," said the skipper. "But he called you Jack." "They calls all sailormen Jack" "And you called him Bob," said Port. "Is 'is name Bob? I didn't know. I 'ad to call 'im something"
  22. Had a week in Portmadog a few years ago - did the Ffestiniog most days, and the Welsh Highland once. The Ffestiniog is good, but the Welsh Highland is amazing. Then we got the ferry over to Ireland and spent a week in a cottage which came with a day boat, taking it out every day on the Shannon. That gave us the confidence (and desire) to hire a cruiser for a week on another holiday. And now we've got two weeks planned on the Broads...
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