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  1. Hey, i have heard of her, though ive not been in the loop for a few years but i remember her being mentioned for the queens diamond jubilee, in the list my aunties brother had for attendance. Though will find out if she's still going. The name of the splendid little ship was called "minnehaha" though the wife didnt approce the name so she became Thamesa, last time i heard she was having a lot if work done, hopefully should be floating for henley boat rallying Thank you 😊
  2. Hey im a Norfolk Broad Virgin, heard so many great stories and also reading some of the experiences on here too, im looking forward to coming to the broads next year, boat is going to be booked soon. Dont panic i have experience of boating as i used to drive one of the original dunkirk ships as my auntys family has kept it in the family through the years.
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