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  1. Good point about hiring, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) I have my own, so I know I need 8' 4" or 7' 4" depending on whether canopy is up or down. I do now accept it's not possible to get accurate values in advance of arrival, but RS2021's post and the concept of % chance is quite interesting. If I know published bridge height, and the current river level below the next and previous high tide levels, I ought to be able to guesstimate current clearance on an *average* tide. That doesn't give me % chance of course, and all other factors (wind, pressure, rain, etc) notwithstanding, if it's a matter of a few inches either side of clearance on a descending tide I might be inclined to chance it. And the further away from my required clearance the guesstimate is the less chance I have of a successful transit. An exercise to try for next time perhaps.
  2. Thanks all for your contributions. First post on here but have been a regular broads visitor for many years. Always apprehensive about bridges when planning trips, whether l would be able to get under X when I get there, or whether there's any point heading for certain destinations (Geldeston, Dillham, Coltishall, etc). It seems from your posts that it's effectively impossible to predict with sufficient accuracy based on tide tables. Thanks for ending my uncertainty.
  3. Is is possible to use published bridge heights and online tide heights to calculate bridge clearance? For example, Beccles Road Bridge is published at 6'6" at Average High Water. If the current tide height (WillyWeather) shows 5ft (I assume this is above average low water) and predicted low is 0.95 feet, can I use those figures to calculate bridge clearance now and at low water, and from the graph approximately what time I would have sufficient clearance? I know barometric pressure will have an effect but I could correct for that. I don't understand the relationship between published bridge clearance at AHW and the tide height above ALW at any given time. Surely I would need to know the bridge clearance at ALW for online tide heights to be of any use?
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