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  1. received this today from tingdene
  2. samsung a7 lte tablet 10.4in £270 agree not a laptop
  3. Friends of ours had covid and were told that they will have to wait 28 days after covid before they can have jab
  4. Breedon needs doing it'll soon be that narrow in the chanel, it'll be one way
  5. Overnight stays and hire boats allowed as long as you follow the rules https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/news/coronavirus-covid-19
  6. It looks like Jennings at brundall
  7. Don't know what I'm missing but why not leave both bridges open?
  8. I normally get 4g on my phone with vodaphone, but never really checked on its reliability. My mooring neighbour as a WiFi hub so I will ask him next time I see him what network he uses
  9. I've spoken to Mark several times over the past year, despite new routers etc, you still keep losing the Internet, add the fact that everyone it goes down you have to log in again, makes it a waste of time for security use. you need a mobile 4g for that purpose
  10. I use this set up and have had good results www.wifi-antennas.co.uk/wifi-hotspot-boosting-kit-ideal-for-caravans-boats-yachts-mobile-homes-wi-kit-12
  11. After several thefts where are the police, better still what are they doing about it
  12. Heard on a another forum some boats hit at nya Monday night
  13. Female just pulled from water apparently, don't know details
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