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  1. I acquired a few Herbert Woods maps last year and they are price marked £4.
  2. How about Prince of Light from 16th Oct, 7 days @ £627. Newish, compact boat ideal for two.
  3. Best wishes, hope you feel better soon.
  4. Thank you all for your tips, hints and suggestions. My partner now has new ears courtesy of the NHS, and they have changed his life. From referral by the GP to fitting took five days, well done to the NHS.
  5. You could try one of the free online hearing tests, this is what alerted my partner that he needed a full hearing test. https://www.bootshearingcare.com/online-hearing-test/
  6. We live in Martham, Norfolk. Although Specsavers are recognised Audiologists for some of the county this is not the case for our GP.
  7. My partner now needs bilateral hearing aids. He has to decide between NHS and private and before spending in excess of £2000 has anyone got any tips or advice please.
  8. Hickling outdid itself today. We took our yacht Green Forester out and saw a Bittern, four Swallowtail Butterflies as well as numerous herons and marsh harriers. It truly is a magical place.
  9. Clipper is a high peak gaff. My partner who had her last week end said one tip for you is to take the tacks slowly. If you try to spin her around fast she looses all momentum. Enjoy.
  10. Something to wet your appetite Clipper from 9.10 mins to 11.00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1kUBHj4XF8
  11. This deal is currently half price so £2.50 a month for six months due to a black friday offer. It does not show up on the Money Saving website but when you click to go to the Lebara website the discount is there. They have a cheaper plan for £3.99 a month currently on offer for £1.99.
  12. Andrew Wolstenholme credited with designing both.
  13. I think that HW dayboats are Starlight 24s, whilst Ruby, Prince and Adventuring are Starlight 29s. Ref Craig's database.
  14. She is still moored at Herbert Woods.
  15. Tyna


    Have you thought about heading back to Richardsons tomorrow you could pick up some extra blankets and ask them for some extra tuition. Plenty of shops in Stalham sell hot water bottles.
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