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  1. Ste

    Boat Make And Model

    Still non the wiser - can anyone identify the make/model of this boat??
  2. Hi, Could anyone identify the type of boat this is please. Thank you
  3. Ste


    Thanks Seagypsy, yes still very clear all the way up to North Froddingham - it’s so peaceful too 😴
  4. Ste

    Boat Make And Model

    Awesome thanks, I’m going to the mooring tomorrow so will get my magnifying glass πŸ” out πŸ‘
  5. Ste


    🀝 Thanks for your interest Grendel, we’re getting closer to finding her identity πŸ‘
  6. Ste

    Boat Make And Model

    Thank you, I have no registration numbers unfortunately unless you can tell me where to locate them on a Windboats?
  7. Ste


    Thank you πŸ‘
  8. Ste


    Thank you πŸ‘‹
  9. Ste


    Thanks Ian, I stumbled across boating when stopping smoking, I bought a little cabin cruiser to renovate on the front drive at home to keep my hands busy and mind distracted and it worked πŸ‘ I found a mooring at Bethels Bridge Boating Club in East Yorkshire and was hooked 🎣. Within weeks I part-ex’d my boat for this current 28 foot live-aboard little gem. Love the relaxing new hobby and looking to further educate and enjoy a new healthier pursuit. Love the new boat 🚀 which needs sympathetic aesthetic restoration but she’s in a safe pair of hands, now I’m part of a supportive forum of like-minded people.
  10. Hi Everyone, I bought this lovely boat last year and trying to identify what make and model she is - probably circa 1960s with a concrete hull and has an inboard Perkins Diesel engine. I was told by the seller that historically she has been moored at the Norfolk Broads. She has a closed front. Her name is Lillian but cannot find any record of her. Can anyone please help?
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