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  1. Perhaps it is time to re-advertise. I am selling because my wife struggles to get in and out of the boat. We last used it last year in Plymouth. Sleeping on the boat in Sutton Harbour. I am retired now and it is not a financial decision. Just needs to go. I also had a clearout in my workshop and was going to car-boot a load of stuff. That was January. Clive.
  2. ..A broker in Cambs. That would be nearer to me. I'm on the Beds Cambs border. You have given me hope! Clive.
  3. I want to sell my boat. I had plans for this at the end of last year. I did advertise it but this damn virus came along. So it is stuck in the 'boathouse' at home. I don't see much chance of selling it in the next 12 months now. I will get it out every few months and run the engine up. The batteries get an hours charge every day. I built a charger into the boat and the shore power is plugged into a timer. Just me thinking aloud! Clive.
  4. It crossed my mind that we boaters have mainly older engines. Volvo Penta, BMC, Evinrude etc. Usually over 20 years old! And, I will admit that the outboard on my boat is a 1978 Evinrude 35HP 2 stroke. It smokes a little even at 50 to 1 fuel/oil. I would love a 4 stroke but I just can't afford one. Clive.
  5. The farmer I shoot for and me were concerned that the next thing was going to be the mammals that we shoot. But we got the licenses back.
  6. There you go! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150N-ADULT-AUTOMATIC-MANUAL-INFLATABLE-LIFE-JACKET-SAILING-BOATING-AID-VEST-/132997997167?var=&hash=item1ef74c626f
  7. "Deploying the life belt I hauled the lad in and onto the boat then sent him for a hot shower while I made him a cup of hot sweet tea. Out of the shower and the lesson had been learned". That reminds me. A few yeas ago Rosie my wife and I did a training session with Beds Fire and Rescue. We were training to rescue people in water, the river Great Ouse, We had people in the water and we used 'heaving lines'. These are a bag wth a length of rope and enough weight to be able to throw it about 30 yards. I had a life ring on my boat but it took up space and kept getting in the way. At the training session it was pointed out that a life ring MAY rescue someone but it could also hit them and knock them out sorting the problem permanently. The heaving line takes up so little space and if you do hit someone it won't hurt them. If you decide to replace a ring with one make sure the line is a floating type. A fireman died a while back when a non floating one was used and the line sank and got hooked under something and he was pulled under.
  8. If there is one thing you will need to know it is the rating of the jacket. At least 150 Newtons. Anything less is a bouancy aid. If you are planning to go out in the big blue, Look for 250 Newtons. Auto inflate or manual is your choice. I also carry a spares kit for mine (in the boat). They should have a whistle inside and I have added a torch. Clive.
  9. There was a bit missing. I took too long editing it! Just quoting the 3 words can cause confusion, Remember the mis-quote that is often quoted? "Send three and fourpence we're going to dance". For those that don't know it; it should be " send re-inforcements we're going to advance". It could take an age to get three words understood if comms are difficult or you are not familiar with the phonetic alphabet. A post code on the other hand, seven letters and numbers and a house number. Clive.
  10. I apologise if I am wrong. But how long is this looking things up then going to another app etc then transfering it to the e/services all going to take? 'Phone the e/services, give them a post code and house number (yours or nearest) and all sorted. Post code comes up in most mapping software. I am not convinced that W3W will replace what we have and I don't think it has legs. Just my opinion. Clive.
  11. So here is a screenshot of a post code finder. Free on google play on a mobile. And, below that is a gps fix on my house, actually taken in my conservatory. Bang on. I agree that post codes are not acurate. My post code covers about 1/2 mile of the High street so you just add the house number. Works with any sat nav and I believe all the emergency sevices have sat nav. The amercans did away with the offsets they set up on the satelites about 8 years ago. W3W will not tell the responders the route to get to the location. As an aside, I use digital charts coupled to a gps in my boat. I have a binacle compass, I also carry paper charts for the area I am using my boat in. As Smoggy said, On the water use the emergency services the are there for the job, the Coast Guard. I also have a fixed DSC VHF radio in the boat and I carry a hand-held too. Both registered on the international register and with the Coast Guard. The coast guard also has pictures of my boat on its system. Ofcom supplied my call sign, It's on my ships radio license. (MRHA6) The radio is programmed with an 'MMSI' number (stands for Maritime Mobile Service Identity, mine is 235064399) which identifies the radio (hence the boat) to the Coast Guard. I also have an AIS receiver attached to the charts on the screen. I won't explain that here, I'll let you google that one. Clive.
  12. Well I have 'Memory Map' on my 'phone. 1 in 50 and 1 ni 10 scales. OS mappinig of the whole UK. At home in doors on the 1 in 10 maps the gps location indicates which room I am in. If you gave the emergency services 3 words they will never find you. Alternatively, you could download onto your phone the app that uses gps to tell you the post code of your location, then the emergecy services can use it on their sat-nav. Clive.
  13. I'm happy with my Shetland 535 but, when I needed a quote for a new screen I found them imposible to deal with. I got a quote but it was in a text from a mobile. And they wanted over £200 for a piece of perspex. I needed a proper quote on paper because I was claiming the cost back from Cambs Police. I ended up getting a writen quote from Engineering and Design Plastics Ltd in Cambdge. It was under £100. Shetland only did the screen in tinted perspex. I wanted clear and i also wanted Polycarbonate not Perspex. Others have had trouble dealing with Shetland too. The reason it got damaged was that I was moored up in St Ives on a Saturday night.Planning on staying overnight. Around midnight it was getting a bit rowdy, so we decided to moor the boat out in the river. Drop the anchor over and hang off it. About 2.30 am there was an almighty bang on the boat. A police person thought we were adrift so he threw a life belt at the boat damaging the screen. If a boat is adrift it generally goes downstream with the current. We were stationary. On the paperwork it said I was making the claim against the Chief Constable of Cambs! They did pay up. When the sea is like this below, you don't need a tinted screen! Clive.
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