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  1. there are a number of things which make me feel that these guys may not be quite as honest as they should be. I'm told by several people that finding filings in the oil on the dipstick is extremely unlikely and that one should checks with the oil filter which I can do. The quote for overhauling the engine was 4 1/2 thousand pounds and they want to charge me for the quote. I think I need to get somebody else in to check it out
  2. I have checked, the website is pretty simple, there isnt an awful lot of information and nowhere is their mention of charging for quotes
  3. It's 7 miles he spent about 20 minutes with me and there was no mention of deduction from the final charge
  4. yes the oil analysis was rubbing his finger along the dipstick and feeling and seeing bits of metal, Im not convinced of this You're exactly right. there was no mention of charging for a quote and there is no mention on his website either. My a level law suggest to me that have a contract both parties must agree to the terms before it comes into being
  5. I had a couple of engineers come over yesterday to assess the engine. I'm beginning to think they might be scammers, there was no agreement for charging for the quote yet they charged me. they took the dipstick out and looked at the oil on the dipstick and said there was white metal in the oil, the initial quote for overhauling the whole engine was £4500. It's a standard old BMC 1.5, I would have thought I can find a reconditioned one for a lot less than that.
  6. I wasn't clear, he came and gave me a quote and charged me for the quote without mentioning he was going to beforehand
  7. I asked an engineer to quote for a job on my engine which he did, then he sent me an invoice. Without mentioning it beforehand!
  8. Seems like I've got bottom end bearings breaking down. the actual replacing of the bearings wouldnt be that expensive I guess, but I'd have to lift the whole engine out. Does anybody have any experience of the BMC 1.5 engine?
  9. That was a picture on the ad as you say but it turns out is not the same boat
  10. I've been looking through various brokers to see other safaris, to see what they look like in their prime etc. I'm surprised by the price, I don't think I've seen anything under £10,000! I bought mine for considerably less than this, obviously I'm fishing to know whether I got a very good deal 😁
  11. Ahhhh, sounds about right. Do you know anything about the hydraulic drive? I've only had a straight shaft drive before and this does seem somewhat complex
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