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  1. I am really grateful for the help with my drip problem. I have located the grease point on my boat. I shlall try adding some grease. But not too much. If this solves it then sll well and good. If not I will look at the packing and some.of the more serious issue if necessary. I'm not sure if everyone gets my posts. From the.number of replies I think that's probable. Anyway thanks to everyone that's helped.
  2. Yes. That may be the case. I'll get someone who knows to look at it if a bit more grease doesn't help
  3. Thank you. I've heard you need to lift the boat to repack. Last option I reckon. I wonder if it's been over tightened in the past
  4. Thank you. That's the first place I will look. Hopefully it will be there.
  5. Thank you for the advice. I will make sure there is a slight drip. I didn't realise that. Others suggest about one drip a minute. I'll aim for that
  6. Thanks. I think this is what was done fairly recently. I wonder if there is an issue with the packing. I will try this again and if it fails I need someone to look at it. From the posts there seem to be several possibilities. This is an extremely helpful forum.
  7. Thanks I'll try that. Hopefully it will all be there. If not I'll look for a replacement
  8. Thank you for the welcome. Yes I know Alex. He fitted my bow thruster. I will give him a ring. He's a nice bloke.
  9. Thank you very much for your comprehensive reply. Obviously this a more complicated problem than just adding some grease. The shaft is dripping quite a lot and it is over working the bilge pump. I will get someone to look at it who knows.
  10. Thanks. Andy is nearer. I give him a try. Very useful
  11. That's good to know. Wroxham is a bit far for me but I will find someone local to Brundall where I'm moored
  12. Thanks. It is possible that there is no greaser. There us a packing gland but this doesn't allow enough grease in. Either the mechanic doesn't do it correctly or it needs something else. It drips about once a second when we're moving
  13. Thanks. There is a grease cup on the gland. The mechanic has greased it but not well. He tells me there should be a filler somewhere. I will have a look and get someone to check. He may be wrong of course
  14. Thanks. Iwill search him out. I looked in the engine bay but no luck. It may of course be there and I'm missing it
  15. Thank you. I'm on the Yare so it's a journey. As a last resort I will have a trip up. I was there last week. I'll try some other ideas first. What a helpful forum this is. Should have joined years ago.
  16. Thank you for the welcome and the info. I will try to follow the tube. Not easy.
  17. Thanks for your reply. It is a stern greaser. I hope there are a fairly limited number of fitters and hopefully options. Maybe I will be disappointed.
  18. Hi. I need to grease my prop shaft on alpha craft 35 to stop a drip. The service guy could not find the grease refilling point, connected to the shaft by a tube. Can anyone please tell me where it is. I've looked everywhere. Thanka.
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