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  1. Jayfire

    Acle Bridge Inn

    It's very tough, but if you really try it can be done hic The pub moorings are free between around Nov-Easter, in season they are charged but it is refunded againt your bill inside the pub
  2. Wayford Bridge because I izzz drunk there's now
  3. Hi mate, Griff is BroadAmbition, I'm Jay, also referred to as that idiot that prattles a load of nonsense Regardless of that, thanks a lot for your information. It is pretty important that they (Sanders) are reliable so your recommendation is much appreciated, thank you
  4. Yeah that is the one I'm using Mr Nog. Did they seem to be regular and on time(ish)
  5. As we are talking about transport at the minute, could anyone tell me how reliable Sanders bus service is on a Sunday please. It's going to be very important that I know I can rely on them soon, otherwise I need to sort out some alternative and difficult logistics Cheers
  6. The rest of them, it is just after I've derailed them
  7. Glad it has hopefully been sorted for you Helen and you enjoy the end of your holiday
  8. It's just the motor has failed Sue after (so I'm told) 4500 hours of use, it's now with the dealer and will hopefully be back on the boat shortly ready for Helen to use again this week. Unfortunately sometimes these things do go wrong on every boat, but get sorted just as soon as possible
  9. Please let it be feeding ducks at Potter. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase
  10. I don't think membership to MENSA was required to know I'd have to amend my profile after Mr Nog's continuous accusations regarding my employment status
  11. It was Homer, not Bart Have a great week next week Helen. As always, you know where I am if you need anything
  12. They're all odd jokes Helen, it's what makes me, me
  13. I think Victoryv just didn't like PT (poetry)
  14. I think you're right there Hells Bells, although I never get offended by anything myself As much as I love having a laugh and joke with absolutely anyone (oh come on, someone must have noticed an odd joke I've made...) I lived a lifetime in hell for almost the first two decades of my life in many different ways and I wouldn't ever want to make anyone ever feel just 1% of what I felt back then from anything I did or said which is why I TRY and ensure my attempts at "humour" don't cross a line... I think I fail sometimes, but never intentionally. I'd be absolutely gutted if I found that had been the case Anyway JM, this 12½p pint of beer...
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