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  1. Still, if either of you...... or both need a 'Bath' I'm up for joining you if you can fit me in
  2. Iz makin me way round to em all I promizzzz
  3. Is this ex colleague female? And if so, is there room in that 'Bath' for one more?
  4. Nah Helen. My thread, absolute bonkers You want a you have a but you're going to lose your mind at the same time
  5. Again??? Really??? Now once more, who's fault is it when a low lying wall jumps out at you on the way home from a broadland establishment (that I don't frequent because I just said I didn't to Jean above) down a dark alley on the way back to the boat? Should we discuss salads? Eggs? Your infernal snoring habits? Or would you like me to pull out the big guns???? Yes Grace, you know what I'm talking about....you want to shut up yet???
  6. Ooh Jean, I thought you was offering me a slow dance there I do wonder what my Grace would make of that however Who me? Are you thinking of MM perhaps? I dont think I've ever set foot inside any of the establishments you seem to be referring to
  7. Stay. Obviously I know how to say away
  8. Thank you Mrs SwanR, how could I say away really?
  9. I'll take you and your camera in with me too though, you know that don't you
  10. We have? Only the last couple of days whilst I haven't been around I believe Not yet, I'm apparently at work so just having a few quick looks in throughout the day
  11. Edited that for you G
  12. I realise I'm on thin ice right now G so I am resisting making any comments about "doing it" and "camera's" just now, but I want you to know how hard it is for me to resist such comments. I hope that gets me some brownie points back (Oops )
  13. I couldn't possibly bear to tear myself away from you forum ladies for too long now Mrs V could I? And I couldn't ever let you miss out on the possibility of me falling overboard and clambering back out of the water all soaked in my shorts whilst "someone" reaches desperately for a camera now could I
  14. I'll be a perfect saint every single day Sir. Especially when my gorgeous one is around
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