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  1. Intolerance should never be tolerated
  2. Oh erm... which Aldi would this be JM Sir? I think I need to pay it a visit.....for some, erm, sugar you understand
  3. Nah much love to MnM He makes us all feel better about ourselves....... Erm...I mean, our boats
  4. Do you think anyone would even try to find it?
  5. Just messing MM, I'm sure a caravan looking like your boat would look great really, you could be confident that noone comes along and Nyx it
  6. Not me Hells Bells, I love identifying and then handling birds
  7. If it helps work it all out, I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever on my Samsung Galaxy web browser
  8. I can't imagine why there is no Waitrose around me....is it just for the spoilt, rich, posh shandy drinking suvverners???
  9. I have supplied one on Moonlight Shadow for that very purpose since you left Sue
  10. I know what you mean Ray, although when the 20 minute trip in the car from Brundall to Wroxham was suggested to me once, I had to decline. "I'll meet you there" I said, and I did, 8 hours later. Loved it
  11. Hi Ray, The White Horse at Neatishead takes about 30 minutes to walk to, although I walk fast so maybe 40ish minutes. Not as handy as Gaye's Staithe or Neatishead of course, but there is a pub available should you want it Actually I believe Horning is only about an hour's walk away too although I've never walked there, which gives me an idea for December
  12. And after the Unofficial Official start to Christmas last night it's now just...
  13. I guess the answer is the same as my own car, it only knocks a bit more paint off and exposes more rust anway. It's always fun watching the kids try and avoid all the mould growing inside too
  14. The bag of chips for tea won't help either. Still, you're on holiday
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